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Weekend recap

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello all my sparkly friends!!!
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This is kinda going to be a rant, so stop reading if you hate rants!
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Saturday morning, I was so excited to get to Curves with my 'Smart' key to do Zumba and see if I burned twice as many calories as my regular work out. A woman mentioned last weekend that she was.. so I was dying to see for myself.

Well, first machine with the smart key it turned off too soon and the owner said 'oops, forgot to change the machine, don't use your smart card'.
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Where should I start?
First you can't use the smart key because it isn't timed right. Great, so while I'm there working out, I'll still get the annoying message that you don't work out enough next time I log in as it won't count this one.

Second, she (as in the owner of this Curves) figures out how to set it up so you can use the Smart key but doesn't bother to tell anyone so I didn't have my key with me the Sat before.

Third, she shows up at 9:00 a.m., when the class is supposed to start, and starts lecturing us that we have to be there on time. emoticonhuh? WE WERE all there on time, she is the one walking in at 9 a.m.

Then, she proceeds to tell us all this stuff that the Zumba instructor just told us, and told us opposite what the Zumba instructor said. So now, we are late, because she is flappin her trap. Some other woman that I had never seen before, leans over and comments that she needs to shut the heck up! I agreed.

SO... we finally start the class and have the smart card issue and were told not to use it. I was really disappointed, reason mentioned above.

So the owner is trying to joke with me to give her a break as it's her day off, sorry I didn't set the machine before you all swiped in your cards.

So what if it is your day off. This is your business and you are making money by me paying extra for Zumba, I don't care if it is your day off. Frankly, I wish you hadn't come in. Why didn't she give the instructions to the person that is scheduled to work that day, to set the computer timer for the smart card? And beside it being your day off, no, I am not going to give you a break. Why? Because I am working on my side business as soon as I leave here! You don't hear me complaining that I have to go to work!

This business owner is always complaining about something. Whoa is her for this and that, and I have to have more people sign up or I'll have to close.... The Zumba initially was 'so difficult' in the beginning. I believe that is only because she actually had to WORK at finding an instructor and times that would work for the Zumba classes. now that they are going full swing and she is making money on it, now Zumba is the best thing. gag me.

So, yes, the owner of this Curves frustrates me. The 'Smart' Program does too, it should really be called the Curves Trainer vs Smart because it is far from smart!! There are so many bugs in it.

Her machines keep going haywire and need to be reset but she won't reset me. She keeps telling me it will come back on it's own, just give it time. Then she goes to two other people working out that night, 'oh, I'll just reset you if that's what you want.' Um, hello? Why can't I be reset?
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what I really want to do is find another place to work out that has a spinning class someplace near by. There is a YMCA, that ends up being $4 less a month than this Curves, but it's a little further away. Not sure what I want to do yet. I do know that I'll wait till my Zumba classes are used up as I paid for 13 upfront and only used 2 so far.

SO... if you are still with me! After class I went to work and did heavy lifting for about 45 minutes. Went grocery shopping for some healthy
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Then had a wonderful evening with friends over dinner and we saw the play Guys and Dolls.

Sunday morning we slept in. I made waffles emoticonthen I met up with Trask for our date. emoticonand I did 2 miles (Trask is my treadmill). I would have really liked to have been outside, but there was freezing rain the night before, so wasn't willing to risk it! After my run, I help stack firewood for an hour.

Ohh. bad news.. I found a virus on my computer (not this one) so later tonight, I have to uninstall my virus protection, then reinstall it as the virus made it stop working grrr

and that was pretty much my weekend. I was really tired after stacking the wood, I was going to go to the barn, but the thought of trudging all the way to the back paddock (read thru mud) to retrieve my horse was not that appealing. So I'll stop after work when he'll already be inside in his cozy stall!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    She won't stay in business long with that attitude! What a shame as it could all be really good. Hopefully things will get ironed out with the card soon.
    2422 days ago
    Yeah, the Curves situation sounds WAY frustrating! I guess that is why I am thankful for having two free gym memberships... when I need to get away from campus, it is real convenient!

    Could you ask for your money back for Zumba? I would. Or maybe even speak with the owner with how unhappy you are with the service. She should want to do anything for you... otherwise, in my opinion, that is poor customer service. Correct me if I am wrong but you haven't been happy with Curves for quite a long time... maybe time for a change.

    Could you try out the YMCA as a temporally thing. I know at the YMCA I work at we have guests. I am not exactly sure what that all entails though. I do know that as a member all their classes are FREE!

    Hope today is going better than your weekend sounds like it went! emoticon
    2422 days ago
    Gosh, that Curves owner could use a little reminder that good customer service goes a long way. The Y might be further away but more enjoyable to go to...after you use up your paid zumba classes. Good luck with your computer!

    Hope you have a better week! emoticon
    2422 days ago
    I really dislike being around people who are negative all the time.
    Unfortunately= one of my bff's is getting to be like that- not sure how to handle it.
    2422 days ago
    GRRRRRRR!!!! I would totally have some choice words for Ms. Curves Owner.
    I think as soon as you use up your Zumba classes, go to the Y.
    Wow! You got lots of working out!!
    I hope you get the virus off your computer okay.
    2422 days ago
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