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Birthday cakes, oh my!

Monday, February 28, 2011

So, yesterday was my birthday, and currently on the middle shelf of my fridge there is half of a Philly fluff cake and a whole cheesecake.

My best friend from high school came to visit Friday/Saturday and she brought the delicious fluff cake. It is from a bakery from Summit, NJ, where she lives and apparently this bakery is famous for this type of cake. If you don't know what a Philly fluff cake is (I didn't), it is kind of a pound cake made in a bundt pan, with powdered sugar on top. Very simple but not light on the calories, I'm sure. Does anyone know how many calories are in one of these?? I tried to look it up online but no luck. I only found recipes. Haha. I am thinking of freezing what I have left over for a treat in the future when I don't have so many sweets in the house. I am going to call the bakery tomorrow (they are closed today) to find out the best way to wrap it up to freeze, and if they recommend freezing it. But that's the plan.

The cheesecake is the one my mom always made for company and special occasions when I was growing up. This is my favorite cake in the world, and my mom hasn't made it in FOREVER! Probably close to 10 years at least. I knew better, but I still requested it for my birthday this year and she sweetly obliged. I did get a small lecture from my dad as they handed it to me, but I played the birthday card (It's my birthday, no lectures about cake). :) Anyway, it was frozen when they brought it (she froze it because she made it in advance and also for it to be easier to transport) so I have been waiting since yesterday for it to thaw. Luckily, my husband - who does not typically have a sweet tooth - LOVES cheesecake and he is just as excited about it as I am. Although I joke that it is MY cake, I am happy that he will be helping me with it.

I think I've mentioned before in my blog that I have a mental list of "worth it and not worth it" foods. If something is worth the calories, I eat it without feeling guilty and then just try to make good choices otherwise. If it's NOT worth it, I ask myself "Do I really want to eat this? And why?" and I usually talk myself out of it. Both of these cakes are in my opinion TOTALLY WORTH IT. But I have to make sure I hit the gym a lot this week (I have been slacking here lately). I can already feel my pants tightening just thinking about them.

Now for some good news: We stocked up on lots of fresh fruits and veggies yesterday. Plums, nectarines, tomatoes, squash, clementines, bananas, blueberries, strawberries. Oh and I almost forgot to mention another fabulous birthday treat I received yesterday: chocolate covered strawberries that my cousin sent from Edible Arrangements. Mmmmmmm.

Tonight's workout: Body Combat! And I am dragging the hubs to join me in the class for the first time. He has been resisting for so long. I hope he likes it. :)
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