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Prepare for Another Weigh-In: Beck Day 28

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've got computer problems -- a massive virus on my laptop which means I'll have to take it to computer tech guy, have it wiped clean and all programs re-loaded. So I'm borrowing computers at home and may not get as much Spark time as I'd like.

Yesterday was my first experience of deviating from my eating plan: while making my weekly pot of soup (roasted vegetable: sweet potato, carrot, onion, beet, parsnip, turnip with goat cheese for creaminess and Imagine veggie broth . . . rosemary and basil). I had left a large pan of vegetables roasting while I went to the gym for my workout. Came home, pulled the veggies out of the oven to cool, made myself a spinach salad, ate that and an orange with some fresh pineapple -- and while preparing my soup, simply started munching away on the delicious roasted vegetables. While standing up!! Not good. My "sabotaging thought"? Not even really conscious of it: presumably along the lines of "these are veggies, no problem, they're good for me anyhow"!! Sure they are, but not if they aren't on my food plan and I'm full already and I don't need them right now!!

Anyhow, weighed 153 this morning, up .5 pounds from the day before and up 1 full pound from my last weigh in.

And tomorrow is the "official" weigh in!!

Beck says "don't even think about skimping on your diet today so that the number on the scale looks better". I am not. I've put in my oatmeal/raisins/flax combo for breakfast: I've scheduled some of my roasted vegetable soup with yogourt and fruit for lunch: and salmon with Swiss chard and potato, and an apple with 1 tsp almond butter for dinner.

I've scheduled another session at the gym, too (cardio plus lower body ST, we don't have enough snow left to cross country ski, darn).

I know that I'll be struggling with my weigh-in tomorrow but I am trying to prepare myself not to be disappointed and to be realistic. I'm in this for the long haul, to learn to think like a thin person and to maintain without yo-yoing.

I will stay problem-solving oriented. I will read my Advantages and other Response cards.

And I will remember: NO CHOICE, no eating standing up!!
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    You are going so well! Hope you get the virus cleaned up soon - I have had TWO virus pages spike off SparkPeople pages today. The Sparkpage starts to load and then is replaced by a page pretending to be windows system finding viruses on my system. I KNOW I have good virus protection so I was suspicious and didn't let them operate... but it's scary - what would I do if Yeti banned me from Sparkpeople because it had been hacked????
    2575 days ago
    I know Beck says "learn to think like a thin person," but girl, you are learning to LIVE like a thin person!! This blog gives me goose bumps---it is so extremely cool to listen in on your day while you are demonstrating these principles that I'm convinced of--but I'm like a little kid paddling in the wading pool of Beck and you are out there with the butterfly stroke! It is a beautiful thing to hear.
    2576 days ago
  • JOHAL52
    I confess that I still eat standing up--it's SUCH a hard habit to break! As you say, on the bright side, they were vegetables. But they could so easily not have been so better to note it as you have and remember not to do it. The weight gain today could well have been water. But, again (I am full of "buts" today, aren't I) even if Mr. Scale isn't kind tomorrow know what a GREAT job you've done this past week at identifying thoughts and modifying behavior. And often Mr. Scale will suddenly drop two pounds--the day after weigh-in.
    Good luck!
    2576 days ago
    No matter what the scale says, you are doing a great job internalizing the Beck strategies. I have her book on tape and she admits that even SHE snacks on veggies (STANDING UP - GASP!)while preparing dinner.

    So tell me more about this soup! Just roasted vegetables heated in vegetable broth with the goat cheese melted in?

    2576 days ago
    My mouth was watering reading about the foods you were preparing -all my favorite root veggies!! I sure can see the temptation to snack on them. When Mom roasts her veggies in the oven, its hard to limit my eating of them to a normal serving..
    You have the right idea for your weigh in, good luck!
    Hope they can fix your computer..
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    2576 days ago
    Good going, Ellen, on working to identify the sabotaging thought or thoughts. You are right. Often they are kind of under the surface. But I think working to identify them will pay off.

    Oh, do I understand eating veggies standing up. It doesn't seem like it should matter, does it? But then we know unplanned eating is not okay. That is strengthens our giving in muscle, when we are working so hard to grow our resistence muscles!!

    Your attitude about healthy eating and preparing for the scale tomorrow is right on!! Hope you can do it as well as you write it. I know, sometimes I am just nuts when it comes to the scale. I know what is logical and how I should do it, but I still have trouble dealing with reality and disappointment.

    I'm hoping that your logic is strong and that you truly know at the core level that you are in it for the long haul. You are so right. Tomorrow's weigh doesn't matter much; it is the trends and the year of weigh-ins and the many years of weigh-ins. I envision you nailing your goal weight range with that slight fluctutation and staying there forever!! You are doing it!!!
    2576 days ago
    And I love your watermelon pages I was on a watermelon kick for at least six weeks last summer.. now I am on a red grapefruit and pineapple kick.. with kiwi and oranges and canteloupe.
    2576 days ago
    well hey you are eating healthy and that should count for something.. I have upped my fruit and vegetables and my skin is in much better shape... I do several more than 6 sometimes 10 fruits and vegetables a day...
    I just did my weigh in and down finally after like a six month plateau.. but better to not weigh lower and find myself going higher later because the lower was a rarer moment.
    good luck on your weigh in... if it doesn't happen this week it could be double next week.. emoticon
    2576 days ago
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