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Saturday, February 26, 2011

This has been quite a week for me.

I shoveled snow, worked out, shoveled snow, watched my food intake, shoveled snow, did a full Gold's Gym DVd workout that nearly killed me in the yoga portion, shoveled snow, cleaned some of my house, shoveled snow.............I think you get the picture.

Each time I shoveled snow, it snowed heavily again.

Progress was not coming easily.

But first I want to tell you about that Gold's Gym yoga part.

I always think of Yoga as being kind to my body. Then I try it. I'm okay with doing the stretchy things, but THIS workout was something ELSE!!!

This was NOT gentle. Not gentle at all. It was also supposed to last only 10 minutes, but it lasted more like ten hours.

I would get into position with the leader, begin to do the stuff she was showing me, and then I would look at the screen again. She was doing something entirely DIFFERENT.

So, okay. I did the something different thing, feeling all good about my self, and looked at her again. Good grief! How did she get into THAT position from the one I was in????

I get up off the floor and assume "the position". Taking a peek, she is not doing it any more.

What the heck is she doing NOW? I try to do what she is doing, and wind up flat on my face. I rest a few minutes from the Chamber of Agony, then try to join back in.

Yeah, right. MY body is NOT going to do THAT. No way, No how! But I try to simulate her moves as best I can.

I'm simulating away, and then all of a sudden, she says "One more time, Reach to the sky". HUH? When did we get up off the floor??? I get up, and hear her last few words about what a great workout we have done.


I move on to the next portion of the DVD. This one is cardio, using resistance bands. I can do this. Actually, I like this part. I've done it before, and my body responds favorably.

Time's up, and we move on to the last part, using the big ball. I'm supposed to lie on my back, put the ball between my legs, and do these sort of "sit up" things with my body.

I do my very best, even though it is hard to hear her next instructions due to my loud groans.

Whoops. I am supposed to be in a different position, so I hurry into that, do the stuff, and try to catch up.

Have you ever tried to catch up when the instructor is moving so FAST? Good no one has a video camera on me.

At the end of the 30 minutes, I am glistening all over. My muscles are trembling. I have completed a workout.

Maybe not exactly like the DVD one, but a workout, none the less.

Now I want to jump forward to this morning.

Weigh In Day.

You all know what I am thinking and how I am feeling.

I get on the scale, and no matter how much fidgeting I do, it still reads 185.5.

I had it firmly imbedded into my brain that I weighted 183 last week.

How the hell did I GAIN over 2 pounds with all the exercise I did, all the staying within my calorie range (except that one day, but we aren't going to talk about THAT!), and was very loyal to my Spirited Underdogs Team with blogging, reading, etc.

I decide I am NOT going to post my added tonnage. Forget it. Not doing it. Nope. No Way.

But then Ms. Smarmy appears. She's the nasty one who always nags me.

"SO. You're not logging in, huh. Figures. "


"oH SURE. You think chasing me out of the room is going to make any difference??"

"shut up."

"How very ADULT of you. You know, one of these days you are going to wake up and figure it out that, chronologically at least, you have been an ADULT for a number of years now."


"You can't just close me off. I am going to keep nagging you until you do the ADULT thing."

I give up. There's no winning with this chick.

I go to my weigh in page, and enter 186.

JIMMINY CRICKET!! I am actually DOWN 2 pounds. DOWN!!!!!


But then again, it's not so awesome for my memory, is it.

hmmmmmmmmmm I think I need to give that some thought.

Now what was the topic anyway?? I forget.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog...had me really smiling and laughing as it read it as I could see me doing the same things. CONGRATS on your two pound loss!!! Keep up the great work!!
    2514 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon on losing 2 lbs...Karen emoticon
    2518 days ago
    Oh your blog was just exactly what I needed to read right now - I thought I was the only one who has to keep rearranging herself to do anything other than Leslie Sansone's Walk Aerobics dvd workouts. Ok, you are probably a lot less easily confused than I am, but thinking maybe you too have the problem that you are concentrating so hard on what you are doing, you miss all the position changes in the process... I tried continually repositioning myself so I could watch the screen, make sure I was doing it right, but repositioning myself every exercise took more time than the exercises themselves.
    I have also (at least 4 times) been certain my weight was one amount, got all upset cos I'd gained after a really hard week, or been thrilled at how much I'd dropped, and gone to post it to find out the opposite was true. I'm so glad your mistake, and being honest with your results, proved to be good news!
    Love your sense of humour, and I'm sure that with your attitude you will get to that goal weight, will be fitter than you ever dreamed you could be, and amaze family and friends with your accomplishments.
    You are one inspiring Sparkler!

    2521 days ago
    Hang in there!

    Oh and stop shoveling snow if you think more comes every time you shovel-LOL

    2521 days ago
    One consolation about all the snow shoveling - if you had waited until is stopped snowing, it would have been a whole lot harder and heavier.

    Glad you found out you really lost two pounds instead of found them. Keep up the good work and don't let the Yoga guru intimidate you. Coach Nicole always reminds us to "move at your own pace".
    2521 days ago
    emoticon on being down 2 pounds! And you aren't the only one who has problems keeping up with the yoga videos! The memory thing? Can I relate to that! LOL! emoticon
    2521 days ago
    2521 days ago
    You are braver than me with the DVDs (and snow shoveling) you do, my friend! Comgrats on the loss this week. WOO HOO for you!
    2521 days ago
    At my house we would say . . . "Oops, did you see the butterfly?" emoticon

    emoticon on your -2 pounds and completing the dreaded workout video!
    2521 days ago
    emoticon for being down 2 lbs
    2521 days ago
  • TRISHP1961
    I found that I cannot do yoga via video either. I need a live person or I do the whole thing wrong too. Good for you!
    2521 days ago
    lol lol lol lol lol
    2522 days ago
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