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job question, please answer

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am applying for a job. It is part time, pays well, and I'd be working somewhere between 9a-6p (not sure exactly). I was actually hired for this position when I was 17, but I was too young and was not (legally) able to operate a microwave or handle knives (LOL) so they told me to come back in a few months. Long story short. Here I am. (Now 25.) If it matters, without being too specific, the job is basically doing food demo-ing (handing out samples, selling the products) for a local warehouse store. I have merchandising and demo experience via indepenent contracting, now, too, so without being cocky, I am definitely qualified for the job, and I think I have a fair shot at getting it. Here's the question(s).

Should I tell them about my vacation (Fri. May 13th to Sat. May 21st, then I need to drive friend to airport on Mon. the 23rd, so I probably couldn't work then, either) while interviewing, or wait until after I'm hired? I always go to a conference in mid-May each year (Fri-Sun, not a big deal by itself) and this year my sister, friend and I are all going to Washington, D.C. for about 4 nights starting the Tuesday after that. This is my only vacation in basically forever. For reference, it's not like I go jet-setting all the time, lol.

I feel like I should mention it, but I don't want to not get the job because I am going to be working for 2 and a half months and then gone for over a week, you know? But again, I don't want to look bad by mentioning it after I'm hired. I really do need the money from the job to pay for the trip, too.

What would/should I do? Tell them at interview, etc. or wait until hired to spill the beans? I'm still "young and stupid" (you know what I mean) regarding employment stuff to begin with, and I've been out of the workforce except for IC-ing for nearly 4 years to boot. Help!

Also, if this helps/makes things worse, I'm also a little hesitant about the job (any job) only because of the problems with my fibromyalgia and associated things. It's certainly not that I don't think I can do the job, but that literally I have dizzy spells where I can't get out of bed. NOT good for staying employed. In that sense, I'm not worried so much about losing the job (the fibro is why I've lost all my other jobs, except my last employer demoted me to a substitute instead, and I was technically "laid off" and collected unemployment, which was miraculously helpful) but having another smear/mar on my record when I apply for the next job. My past history is the only reason I can think that I may not get this job, too.

So, tell now or wait? Thanks! :)

- Josie
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    YES be honest and tell them!! I guess I know where to go now to find you, lol!
    2517 days ago
    I would def. tell them before being hired
    they may resent you holding out on that information
    2520 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    I agree wait before the job is offer then tell them like away since you partime it might not matter. Also tried the job if it don't work because of fibromyalgia you haven;t really lost anything since it already on your record.
    2520 days ago
    I agree with the others to tell after they offer you the job, but before you accept. Good luck
    2521 days ago
  • JAIME007
    Hey, I agree with MIZCATHI. As long are you are upfront with your plans, it shouldn't be a problem, but wait until you are certain you have the job.

    TARIANGIE pointed out that the since you are part-time, some of the vacation time may not even affect your regularly scheduled work time. They can probably just work your schedule around it.

    Also, the time off should not be excessive. As NLITTLEBITS said, maybe someone else may take your friend to the airport. He or she needs to understand that you have a job now.

    I don't know a lot about fibromyalgia. I'm so sorry that you have lost jobs because of this. I can't imagine how tough that has been for you. Do you think you should talk to your doctor about the new job? Or maybe you already have.

    I'll pray that this all works out for you! emoticon
    2521 days ago
    I don't work, stay home mom! but looks like you got your answer already ;p good luck
    2521 days ago
    I agree with everyone else. Tell them before you are officially hired. I have never heard of anyone not getting hired due to a preplanned week vacation. Good luck!
    2521 days ago
    Typically, you should only reveal arranged in advance vacation plans AFTER you have been offered the job. Your statement should be this, "I am very interested in this offer, but I'd like you to know that I have previously arranged vacation plans on these dates______. " I have never seen a candidate lose an offer for that reason.
    2521 days ago
    I think you should tell. Starting a new job is like starting a new relationship. The less you tell in the beginning, the more sticky things get when you HAVE to tell. And like I say, if he runs when you tell him X, then you're probably better off without him. Same goes for the job.

    Sure you NEED the money. Who doesn't need money? That's the way we've set up this world or ours, but I honestly think that self-employment is the way to go in your special case. I also suffer with fibro and I know I could not do what most jobs require, like get up at a regular time each day and be somewhere prepared to work. My sleep is often compromised.

    So tell all for this one and then start thinking about what it is you're good at then set about to create some ideas for your future with hours you can tolerate in work conditions that work for you. I'm not suggesting you sell Avon or Tupperware necessarily, but you seem to have a love for animals and that may be an avenue you have yet to explore in depth. It could lead you somewhere good AND make you a decent living.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2521 days ago
  • BRE7482
    I had this same issue come up. I told my employer towards the end of the interview. By that point I had already made a really great impression and had sold all of my qualifications. He told me that he understood and I got the job and my vacation time.
    2521 days ago
  • KARENE10
    I would wait till they offer you the job. That kind of job is very flexible. Good Luck!
    2521 days ago
    I would definitely let them know because it's been planned in advance for however long and isn't something you can back out of at this point. If you wait until they offer you a job, and then say, "and oh, by the way, I need this day this day this day oh, and this other day off," I think they'd look at it like, "Um, you knew you interviewed for a job, why did you go and plan all this stuff when you might possibly have gotten an offer."

    Because THEN even if you tell them it's been planned out in advance for a long while, they aren't going to believe you.

    All you can do is be nice about it, and a the end of the interview when they ask you if there is anything else, simply state what you wrote up there. You're attending a conference and then finally taking a few days for a long awaited vacation with people who are very important to you but have no plans aside from that for the summer. AND THEN -- mention that you'll be willing to cover some extra ground when someone else needs to take extended time off. Don't be apologetic about it either. EVERYONE takes vacations.

    In regards to the Fibromyalgia issue, be up front about that as well... honesty is really all employers are looking for.

    2521 days ago
    I think you should wait to see if they offer you the job before you tell them.
    2521 days ago
    If you tell them during the interview, they may make up their mind based on that fact alone and automatically disqualify you based solely on that, dismissing you in their mind and therefore not paying much attention to the rest of your interview or your knowledge, skills, and abilities. In my opinion, go through your interview without mentioning anything about it. If/when they offer the job to you, simply inform them that you would like to accept the position for x, y, and/or z reasons however, you do have a trip scheduled for the middle of may for which you would need time off.
    This way, you did not automatically exclude yourself before they decided if you are a good fit or not. Now, if they offer you the job, they've already decided that you are the best fit for the position so therefore they may be willing to work with your vacation plans.
    Interviewing is a game, just have to know how to play it. Good luck girl, let us know how it all works out.
    2521 days ago
    I wouldn't. Sounds like that kind of job the hours would be very flexable. And your hours would change week to week. So before they set you up for that week(most make the schedules two weeks ahead.) let them know you need those days off.
    But if they ask then I would tell them.
    2521 days ago
    Most employers have a probationary period - usually 90 days - where they can let you go just because. So... I would definitely let them know about the vacation, and do it in a positive way, "I would absolutely love this job, but I want to be upfront and let you know that I have a trip scheduled for xx/xx/xx through xx/xx/xx, and have already purchased my tickets. Is that going to be a problem?"

    They will like the honesty. Most employers try to work around pre-existing plans, and it also puts the ball back in your court. You find out if it really is a problem, and then you get to decide (if it is a problem) which you need more - the vacation or the job.

    On another note, I would talk to your other friend now, so he/she might make alternate plans to have someone else take them to the airport. An employer would probably not view that as a great reason to be off. There are other resources to get them there. Want to and need to are two different things.

    Hope you get the job!
    2521 days ago
    I would tell. It is better to be up-front with a prospective employer. Wouldn't you want the same honesty from them?
    2521 days ago
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