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2 Year Running Anniversary

Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 years ago today, I began running. It wasn’t pretty but I did it. Even though I wanted to quit many times in the beginning, I kept going.

I've come a long way Baby!!

I’d be going for a run today to celebrate except for the fact that I’m wearing the dreaded Big Black Boot!

But I bet I could still run fast in it….LOL

I went back and read my blog about my 1st Running Anniversary titled “I can hardly believe it!” which was written on February 24, 2010. (Tooting my horn here…It was voted a Popular Blog Post.)

Ah, the memories! I can still feel that first 30 second run! It’s etched forever in my brain!

Mostly, cause I relive it with every run when I’m gasping for air wondering why I ever did this to myself.

My accomplishments this year were awesome!

(To see my list of accomplishments for my first year, see the above named blog…oh yes, shamelessly plugging that blog again….LOL)

In my second year of running I ran:

8--Half Marathons
1--Full Marathon

I had a goal to run a full marathon before I was 50 years old.

I ran the Disney World Marathon (26.2 extremely fun miles!!) on January 9, 2011…..I will be 50 in April…. emoticon

I was going to run The Eye of The Dragon 10k this Saturday to mark the beginning of my 3rd year running but obviously, that’s not going to happen.

But hey, things in life happen….I just happened to injure myself on Sunday.

I’m NOT going to let it discourage me though!!

I may be down, but I’m NOT out!!

Running is a part of me now.

I will run again!!

No way will I let this set back stop me!


Because I AM a RUNNER!


Tomorrow I go to the orthopedic sports doctor.

I’m being overly optimistic here and I’m betting that he is going to tell me it’s only a *minor* injury and that I can begin running again in 2 more weeks! (That will make it 3 weeks from injury)

And if he doesn’t, well then, I’ll just deal with that when the time comes.

For now, I will think POSITIVELY!!

Because I know I will have a POSITIVELY GREAT 3rd YEAR OF RUNNING!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

How can it NOT be great with the races I’m already registered for:

February 26, 2011--Eye of the Dragon 10k (Um, you can scratch this one…LOL)
March 26, 2011--Just a Short Run HM (I'm betting I run it...oh yeah!!)
April 10, 2011--Iron Girl HM
May 7, 2011--Run for the Gecko Hawaiian Luau 5k
June 25, 2011--Seattle Rock and Roll HM
November 5, 2011--Savannah Rock and Roll HM

But for now……

Will someone go celebrate for me and run a mile? emoticon

Woo Hoo!!

Life IS Good!
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