Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Almost 2 years ago I ordered 4 sets of scrubs online to wear to work. They're super cute (not plain-jane) and were expensive. Out of the 8 pieces (4 tops and 4 pants), not one fit in a way I would feel comfortable wearing it to work, and some of it didn't fit at all, as in COULDN'T EVEN PULL THE SHIRT DOWN OR THE PANTS UP.

For 2 years they have sat in the box they came in, taunting me every day as I wore old grungy scrubs, until I broke down and ordered some MORE, bigger, uglier, cheaper ones.

Guess whaaatttt????? Today I tried them on and every single piece fit and is work-appropriate. Yes, they are still in size 2x, but they fit! Yeah new work wardrobe! Yeah cute scrubs! Yeah me, down 19 lbs.! Yeah Sparkpeople!
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