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Monday, February 21, 2011

Some things I think about are…Why are some things so funny? I have a sense of humor, or at least think I do. However, when watching a comic and they say things like, “It was slick as owl snot” or a comic says "imagine walking through the forest and you hear 'whoo whoo'" then a loud sniff and everyone laughs. I am still trying to figure out what is so funny.

When I hear whoo-whoo, I think of an owl making his noise and then a loud sniff, I think of someone sniffing loudly. OK- not so funny … But then I think, why would an owl’s snot be any slicker than any others snot to begin with? Or is it? Why was it funny? Of course, by this time I have completely lost why it would be funny to begin with, so why bother.

I can find humor in a lot of things but when I see something like someone doing something and getting hurt and everyone bursts out laughing, my first question is why would someone do that if he knew it was going to hurt? Then I get the look or comment from my hubby that says “Are you seriously asking that?” Well yes, I actually am. If I didn’t want to know why would I ask it? Of course missing completely the whole point of the joke.

My husband says I miss the point of jokes and cannot see something as funny like everyone else… well, I guess I just don’t understand...

Other things I don’t understand…
Why ask a question only not to want an answer??? My hubby says it's rhetorical… OK, but again, why ask it if you don’t seriously want an answer?

Something else I don’t understand….People say "just answer yes or no…" Well, problem being it's not always as simple as yes or no… Many times I honestly feel there needs to be some sort of explanation…. Hubby says I am incapable of answering yes or no. OK, maybe I can’t. Sometimes it takes more words for me to explain myself even if you think I am being redundant… OK, so I repeat myself a lot.

Also all this imagine stuff…. I have never gotten the imagine thing…. Like when people do the meditation thing. I don’t get it. Why would you think if a place to make you calm? Why imagine a stream or a tree?? Honestly, if you want to see a tree go see a tree or a stream or beach. Don’t ask me to imagine - I will go look at a picture if I want to see something. I’m not going to try to see it in my head….to me that is just strange.

Or the whole playing thing... OK, hide and seek, fine - that’s easy, it's hide and seek, but why take a Barbie and pretend to talk to another Barbie per se? Why not just talk to a person? Not like they will answer you...

I guess I am very literal in a lot of ways. Ask me to do something fine, I will, but don’t ask me if you really don’t want or expect me to do it.

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    We are all different. Understanding an animal's perspective is the coolestm of course!!


    2586 days ago
    Yes, I guess you are very literal! But that is not a good thing or a bad thing-it just is:)
    2586 days ago
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