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Don't Fool Yourself: Beck Day 19

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back to Beck -- and thanks so much for all the supportive comments on dealing with our medical emergency yesterday. I'm grateful, and also grateful that DH (very dear) is OK.

I'm still musing over the "redefine full" concept, still working hard on sitting down to eat everything (and mostly succeeding, one licked spoon yesterday . . . ), and still reminding myself constantly that if it's not on my plan I have no choice about eating it. (Forgot to put my square of bittersweet chocolate on my plan for today -- but did in fact have it after the gym. It was "planned", just not entered -- or that's my rationale!! Will put itin for tomorrow).

There are two ways of fooling ourselves, says Beck. The first is the long list of rationalizations as to why it's ok to eat something unplanned. (Ooops!! think I just did that: see above!!) Reasons such as "it's not a whole piece", "I paid for it", "I'm celebrating", "It's free", ""No one will see me eating it" . . . you get the idea. There are an infinite number of "reasons" for deceiving ourselves about eating.

The second way of fooling ourselves is by underestimating portion sizes. So Beck suggests that we make sure we are including every ingredient (the Pam spray, the mayo) and actually weigh or measure each ingredient in the foods we eat until we are really confident that we are "eyeballing" accurately. And even then, to repeat now and again to make sure the portion sizes haven't crept up.

My Greek omelette "grouping" does include the Pam, and does include the Club House Greek seasoning. But this morning, I did measure out the Simply Egg Whites and also the Naturegg fat reduce whole eggs -- 1/4 cup of each -- and I estimated the 1 oz portion of light feta, then weighed in on my scales -- pretty close, 1.15 oz. I'm going to experiment with this all day. I think I 've been pretty accurate but it doesn't hurt to check again.

This "estimating" think is definitely where I was taking in excess calories before staring Beck: my "tablespoons" of peanut butter, my "1 oz" full fat sharp cheddar cheese, eaten standing up of course -- I knew from my pre reading of Beck before I started that this was a major problem area. Even my oatmeal portions were getting pretty hefty: 1/2 cup dry oats is the portion and I was well over that. And given my past history, that's where I'm most likely to fall off the rails again. So I have my measuring cups, spoons, and scales sitting out, ready for use. Have been using them, and will be continuing to use them.

No point in fooling myself -- the scales aren't foooled!!
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    I know that I am exactly guilty of over estimating just a tbsp of peanutbutter, just a 1/2 c of oatmeal and cheese....geeze...I don't measure that ...I just EAT it! I'm need to get a scale. But ya know, I will say...1/2 cup of oatmeal just isn't very satisfying to me...! I need like a full bowl filled with bananas and walnuts to fill this tummy up! emoticon
    2404 days ago
  • KRISTI2661
    This was a great blog! I just started reading Beck yesterday, and already it's just making so much sense. Of course, I've had the book for years and NEVER opened it, but thanks to SP, I'm dusting it off and putting it to good use.

    I will be following your blog and see how it goes for you!
    2407 days ago
  • CMB2048
    Nope and portion size is everything! I need to do better with tracking my food intake!
    2407 days ago
    Your doing great! I've never heard of Beck Diet Solution until I was looking up so sparkteams on here. Came across Beck a month ago. Got the book and started as you know two days ago. I'm amazed how these ARC are! I've had another successful day! Glad your doing it with me!

    2407 days ago
    Knowing how much you eat is definitely key. I wasn't as bad at is as I thought I might have been but at the same time I have received a lot of surprises. I try hard now to estimate on the high side if I have to estimate. It took some patience to get my recipes entered, and get my most used foods added to favourites... then of course there was the groupings and planning meals. But, all of it has been so worth it. Although my scales have not changed dramatically my mindset and attitude has. I feel so much better. Keep up the awesome work!
    2407 days ago
    Portion control - I did have to smile because when I first started at SP I would put in half a chicken breast, it didn't matter how large it was, that was what it was. You guessed it, it did matter.
    You are doing a great job.
    2407 days ago
    Great blog, Ellen!! Yes, portion creep is a major concern, and looks like you are facing it head on. I have certain cups and bowls that I know exactly how full to make them to have one cup. Saves on some dirty measuring implements. But I use my food scale a lot. Hubby kind of laughs at that.

    I think the idea of guessing, and then measuring, to see how close you are is great. Then you will know what you can estimate and what you need to keep measuring. I'm sure you'll gain precision and skill at getting the correct portion.

    This morning I was so close to putting some coffee creamer in my coffee at the gym, but it wasn't on my plan, so I drank it black. Not bad. I gave myself credit and felt really good about it. I know that the fewer excuses I use, and the more I resist food not on my plan, the easier it gets.

    You are doing great!! Keep up the good work! -Marsha
    2407 days ago
    I have been on maintenance for a year and still weigh and measure. I am simply no good at estimating. Even my Mom does poorly at guessing even though she regularly measures for cooking, I had to prove her idea of a cup was a heck of a lot bigger than my measured out one. For the first five weeks of my recovery, I wasn't weighing or measuring and let my Mom have her way with guesses and have gained 5 lbs as a result. Its not going down though as she cooks higher carb and fat meals then I am used to.
    Good luck with getting back on track.
    Hope your DH stays well..
    2408 days ago
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