I'll take a size 16 please!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I haven't been clothes shopping in quite some time (well I did buy a new top a few months or two ago, but tops don't really count as I'm always gonna be an XL no matter how much weight I lose). But I had a special event this past weekend and well I needed a new outfit, something I could wear with my corset. So in to Torrid I head and start scouring the clearance racks as I figured I wouldn't be able to wear it for too long anyway. And I find this amazing black pencil skirt so I grab my customary 20 and head into the dressing room.

And to my delight, the 20 was much too big. It was more of a magic marker skirt than pencil. So I head back out to grab an 18.

Better but not quite right. There's still too much fabric around the hips. Now its more of a pen-with-cushy-grip skirt. I sigh and start to curse my lack of hips (Lane Bryant tells me I'm a "square" - *rolls eyes*) when it suddenly occurs to me to try on a 16.

"Ok" the little voice in my head goes "but it's not going to fit, the 18s were just right."

Ignoring that little voice, I head back out to search for a 16 to try on. You know how when you put something on you think isn't gonna fit you turn around so you can't see the horrible failure in the mirror? Yeah.

So I shimmy into it, start to pull the zipper fully expecting that it won't go up all the way. Only it does.

*Takes a deep breathe and turn around.*

BAM! Hello sexy.

I now am the proud owner of a size 16 pencil skirt that fits. emoticon
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