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What does child-rearing and weight loss have in common?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You know what child rearing and weight loss have in common? This isn't a joke by the way. They both have way to many, conflicting information. I remember when I had my first born, my grandmother told me to listen to myself because babies don't come with an instruction manual. I completely agree and disagree. I agree you should listen to yourself, however I feel that there are way too many instructions. It doesn't matter what you chose to do with respect to feeding, clothing or even disciplining your child, there is a study or statistics to prove you right and wrong. How is anyone suppose to figure out what to do in a world that diverse? The exact thing could be said of weight loss. How many times have you read, don't eat carbs, you must eat carbs, don't stop eating foods you love, you must give up refined sugar and the list goes on and on.

Something occurred to me the other day when I got up and did my daily ritual; I stepped on Medusa (the scale). Yes, I have named my scale. I name lots of things in my life from my car, my computer and even my gun. I picked Medusa for the scale because (1) it is just an ugly name (2) it is totally NOT my friend and (3) just as Medusa turned people to stone, freezing them right in their spot...I feel the scale does the same for me. Anyway, I stepped on Medusa and again for three weeks now not one pound lost. I was so angry. Here I am working my tushy off and nothing...nada...not even a half pound!!

So here I am completely angry with Medusa and face it she is just a small box with batteries. I have given all my power and faith to a small box with batteries (that has an ugly name). I quit listening to myself, where my body is concerned, a long time ago. Because when I sat and really thought about this whole situation here is what I figured out


What does that mean? Simply put, there is so much that Medusa just isn't capable of telling me. So much faith I had put into her, to tell me I am closer to my goal, that I will one day be pretty again! When the truth is, SHE IS A BOX WITH BATTERIES!! This is what I heard when I listened to myself, these are the changes that have occurred that tell me I am closer to my goal:

(1) I can run for 25 min without stopping
(2) I get cranky when I DON'T work out (which means my body craves it, YES!)
(3) I can fit into pants that I couldn't before
(4) the muscles in my legs are looking fantastic
(5) things that would normally send me crying or looking for food, don't really seem that bad anymore. (cause I'm less stressed since working out)
(6) Yesterday I kicked butt at cleaning and it felt awesome because I felt strong

Medusa has her place, but honestly she is completely limited. Sometimes you have to stop and listen to yourself. What does your body/mind tell you about your progress and your goals? Maybe it is time to quit reading and looking at studies about what you should and shouldn't do and just listen. "I'm jus say'n!!"
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love, love, love this blog Am! At first I was like huh, what? Then I was like oh yeah, that's right!

    I am so proud of you. I have yet to be able to run for 25 minutes without stopping. You are a rock star!
    2544 days ago
    Awesome blog! I can so relate to what you are saying. I felt like my scale was just being hateful to me too for the past two weeks but I started to think about what else other than the scale numbers had changed for me and realized alot. Congratulation's on how far you have come and I hope that you can slay Medusa before she tries to strike your motivation again.
    2559 days ago
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