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Inspired to Run Faster!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My sister-in-law is training for her first marathon. We both ran our first half marathon back in November. At that time, she signed up for her first marathon and I signed up to do the half marathon with her. We are competing in Go! St Louis in early April.

She is dealing with a lot of ice & snow recently, so she's been running inside. This past weekend, she ran 7 miles on a treadmill at a pace of 11 minutes/mile. I ran 8 miles outside at a pace of 12:50 minutes/mile.

I was kind of frustrated when I heard how fast she was running. Why can't I be faster? My husband reminded me that she was a super athlete - though high school & college in two sports. Also, she's younger than me (by 2 years... does that count?) and she started training about 6 months before me (& I've only been at it for 8.5 months). Oh, and she's about 4 inches taller... that counts too, right?

But, I decided to see what I could do today. I had a bike ride this morning and a run on the treadmill this evening. (Mondays & Wednesdays are now my days for double workouts.) I rode 9+ miles this morning, which was great since I haven't ridden much in the past couple of weeks. I went to the gym with the goal of running 1 mile at near an 11 minute pace. My fastest mile up until now has been just under 12 minutes.

Well, I did it!!! I ran a mile at an 11:07 pace!!! And, it felt pretty good. I rested a couple of minutes, and then thought I'd try to run faster. I set the treadmill at 10:42 and wanted to run for half a mile. Well, I hit a half a mile and kept going. I ended up running a mile at 10:42! Yeah!!!

As I approached 3.1 miles, I thought... I might be able to set a PR! My fastest 5K to date is 37:48. Well, I ended up doing it in 37:18!!! That includes 3 minutes of just walking while I warmed up. (I also had to walk a couple of blocks from where I dropped my daughter off, so my warm up was about 6 minutes.) I'm thrilled! Though I won't count it as official since I've read that treadmills aren't very accurate. But, I can't wait for my next 'real' 5K! Whenever that will be! (It might not be until fall... I don't have any scheduled right now.)

My next race is my 10K a week from next Saturday. I'm hoping to have an official time of under 1:15. My 10K last month was 1:09 something, but they shortened it (accidentally) by half a mile! So, here's to a little speed!!!
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    First off, you might just wanna be careful about comparing yourself to others, BUT with that said, getting faster is absolutely possible! I always compare my own times with my own times, though. I base my race goals on my own abilities, not on others. I am my biggest competitor!! And I run FOR me, not for others... :)

    Here's what works/worked for me to increase speed - intervals, intervals, intervals, and doing a speed mile once a week (the Magic Mile as Galloway calls it) as fast as I could (which eventually increased to 3 miles as fast as I could.) Intervals where you push yourself for shorter segments (quarter miles, half miles, or even miles at a time), with recovery in between, really help you achieve better stamina at a faster pace. I have achieved paces in my training runs and races I never thought I was capable of.

    Good luck! Keep up the awesome training!!
    2585 days ago
    It's hard not to compare yourself to others. I've done that in the past.

    Why can't I do this that or the other?

    I'm 5' 1" with an inseam of 29"! I'm not a fast runner and I"m not gonna BE a fast runner. That's all there is to it. If I can hit a 10mm and stay consistent with that, I'll feel as though I've accomplished something! emoticon

    My best advice to you is this:

    Train to Race.
    Do not Race to Train.
    Run YOUR race, not hers or anyone elses. Your Race.

    If you want to speed up, there are some great articles here on Spark and on Runners World about speed work training.

    One thing that I don't care for although in the end it will make me strength training. The stronger you are the faster you'll be. :D
    2586 days ago
    The consistent training really does pay off. I am able to stick in the 10-11 minute range for my shorter runs now, where I never did while training for my half.

    Congrats on your progress! Can't wait to hear how your 10K goes.
    2586 days ago
    Good job! Just don't stress yourself and end up getting hurt trying to beat her. Also, treadmills are off. Before I got my Garmin I used my treadmill for mileage and then when I bought my Garmin I got the footpod to go with it for running on the treadmill - what a difference. It can be anywhere from .25 miles to half a mile off! Not trying to bum you out but I did want to confirm what you already knew. Keep up the great work. You are awesome and have nothing to prove to anyone.
    2586 days ago
  • ROBYN168
    Way to go!!!!! It's hard not to compare that is for sure. I can't even fathom a 1/2 marathon....longest run ever was 7 miles.... WAY TO GO!
    2586 days ago
    It's hard not to compare yourself with others, especially your own sister. Keep doing what you're doing and go for the best YOU can do. Good luck with your races!
    2586 days ago
    Great job! You are doing fantastic!
    2586 days ago
    Well done you!
    I find speed a problem - quite happy to amble along at my steady pace but should try and fit in some speed work.
    Way to go!
    2586 days ago
    I love these stories! I am training for my very first 5K. There are a lot of new runners on SP, and I get a lot of motivation from them. A half marathon is quite an accomplishment!

    Hope you find wings for youshoes and hit a lot of PRs in the future!
    2587 days ago
    Awesome! You are doing so great! Isn't the treadmill just the best tool Have a great Valentine's Day evening!
    2587 days ago
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