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Got fitted for running shoes with pics and V-day dinner

Monday, February 14, 2011

This weekend was a fun weekend. My fiancé and I really only see each other on Friday night and Saturday because he works the night shift for his full time job as well as about 30 hours at his PT job. Friday night after work I went to whole foods and got a few items for our Valentine's Dinner on Saturday night. Nothing like a really good steak and a bottle of wine at home. Then I went to the gym for some cardio only. We got takeout, the only night of the week we eat out is Friday and I like this grill place near us that I can get just a grilled protein and a few sides so I can minimize the eating out damage. They also make this pork abovada that he loves so it is a win win situation. I didn't tell him everything I bought for the dinner on Saturday because I like to surprise him.
Saturday morning we did our healthy food shopping at the more affordable place and then went to get my shoes! I went to Marathon Sports if you live in Mass and are curious. The sales people are trained to watch you run/walk and then make recommendations based on your needs. Yes, it is pricey. However, I looked up my shoes online after and they were all the same price so to me it was worth it.
Turns out after losing all this weight I don't actually have a wide foot lol. I wear a narrow. I also need a running shoe about 1 size bigger than I wear in normal shoes. Huh, kind of interesting. I knew because I basically have zero arch I need motion control shoes. She put me in asics and as soon as I put them on it was like a cloud on my feet. Yes, it was that dramatic. I was in love instantly. I tried on 3 different pairs and my biggest issue was how narrow my feet are I had a hard time find a pair that didn't slip. I had to go outside and run up and down the sidewalk a bunch of times in the shoes and I didn't get out of breath and sweaty! Yeah for endurance. Huge NS victory right there.
We talked about my weight loss and she said "well as you continue to lose weight your needs will change". 85 pounds ago that comment would have hurt my feelings. Now, I felt nothing because she is right, I am going to lose more and that is ok. Generally you get about 6 months or 400-500 miles out of a pair of shoes and by that time I will be smaller and lighter and she I would need an entirely new style of shoe. Kind of cool to know.
Most of the shoes were butt ugly and I was accepting of the fact that they aren't a fashion statement. My fiancé however was not and since he doesn't run anyway and just needed cross trainers we decided to get them elsewhere. Considering how much all of this came to I am glad that is what he decided lol. I know, evil. Turns out he has flat feet as well and needs an extra wide! Who would of thought. He was made at the sporting goods store because only 2 styles in the whole place came in wide and neither was black. Oh well Mr fashion plate, he had to go with white but after we worked out he admitted he liked them so it was a victory! Here are my shoes!

I actually like them looks wise too so I was pretty psyched. I also got these awesome socks my friend recommended. So cushiony and comfy.

The verdict at the gym was they were worth every single penny! I did have some aches in my arches and balls of my feet but my podiatrist told me as your feet adjust to the correction that is normal and it went away after about 10 minutes. As I get stronger I am sure it will happen less. On my first run I was dragging my left foot a bit but I don't do that in my new shoes. I am VERY VERY glad I got them. My mom almost chocked when I told her what I had spent and I felt badly but after I told her about why I got them she laughed and said "as a kid I always had to spend a fortune on the correct shoes for you, I am not surprised". She still wanted to give them to me as a gift and it made me feel good.
Dinner later that night was FANTASTIC. I haven't been drinking very much lately and the wine was so delicious and the steak, haricot vert and horseradish mashed potatoes was worth every bite. I made a low cal rice pudding and it the first time my fiancé has ever had rice pudding. He freaked out and ate 3 servings. He isn't a big dessert guy so that was a huge compliment. He also put dibs on the rest in the fridge which was fine by me lol.
Strength training these past 3 weeks has really changed my body so I tried to take a few updated pics of myself this morning. I find it hard to do but I wanted to update.
So here I am at 262.

I am trying to be objective and not self critical but it is hard. I am happy with my progress to this point. I dropped about size in the 3 weeks so what more can I ask!
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