What is holding you back or has held you back??

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Perhaps the title holds more promise.. than solutions...

What is holding you back or has held you back - and... in that last case is no longer holding you back????

i know SOMETHING or some THINGS are holding me back

i'm not too sure what they are

but they are, because when i'm close to my goal, i fall back.

ok... i DO tend to have a ALL or NOTHING attitude:
. i'd like everything done NOW
. i'd like the weight to be solved YESTERDAY
. when i have a BIG task to do, i'd like to complete it in a few hours
all these STRESS me... and stress, or unreachable expectations, makes me eat, still. Bummer
things i DON'T feel like doing: haunt me, grrrrr me... - and somehow, i find it hard to make myself DO them, just get RID of them (because i see then as all or nothing BIG) - and get upset at myself when i don't

perhaps i should break everything down. every thing that has to be done

and allow down time.

and for what's holding me back???

have you been faced with that??

i'll do a Spark search with this..

and i'm going to try BALANCE. a bit of everything INSTEAD of all or nothing

***** EDITED HERE ********
While i was searching the 'what is holding you back' on Spark....
i 'may' have had a EUREKA moment... for me..
i don't know if it's going to be that helpful for Sparkpeople.. (because it may really not concern many people...)
I don't know if you remember Oprah's 'LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE'
Well... a. i LOOOOOOOVE Oprah... and b. i was brought up Catholic - and in my upbringing, it was like the OPPOSITE of the best life... as in:
think SMALL. Ok, think SMALLER. no, even smaller. is that truly the smallest you can think of? Well then, THAT is what you deserve, and be GRATEFUL for it. end of story.
i'm sure it has evolved (i much much adhere (and practice) loving fellow men, but not in a church going kind of way; in a daily life, and prayers going to bed, kind of way, so it may have evolved TREMENDOUSLY in church now, but, for me, from my chidhood memories, it perhaps may have been entrenched in my unconscious.
Honestly, i think i hit something there, because I CAN'T STOP SMILING since i've thought of that
Because, i DO believe we can ALL have ALL. I don't think there is limited amount of happiness available, or love, or dreams. But even if my WORDS and HEART think that, something was clearly holding me back.. and this may have been it...
I may just had my own Oprah AH-HA kind of moment :)
(i think Spark is opening me up :)
xx :)

**** edit to the edit***
you may not believe me... but... i feel guilty... for the edit... (so i'm really onto something) (i'm afraid i'll be judged....)
ok, so i think i'm done w the edits :) (NO WONDER i don't blog more often lol :)))
have a nice w-e all! :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Woo hoo to your ah ha ! Moment.
    My mantra is progress not perfection.
    I do believe we can all have all as well.
    2485 days ago
    No judgement here! I was raised protestant but no longer consider myself religious. I wouldn't go so far as to say my puritan roots held me back -- but they did redirect my energy away from big picture things that would make me a happier person, and more into little detail things that don't really matter so much.

    Also, I can tell you from experience... perfectionism + procrastination is a pretty scary combo! Ha!! Just remember that doing something imperfectly is better than not doing anything at all. It's also a lot less stressful than trying to do everything 110%.
    2490 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    That's so awesome about your aha moment. Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    2496 days ago
    i can relate to your all or nothing attitude. in the realm of weight loss and healthy eating, i find affirmations slowly but surely change this attitude. i just had to start applying them to each problem area and repeat repeat repeat. my favorite ones are in the pictures section of my sparkpage. maybe something else will work better for you, but i do find an inquiring mind, internet access and a sense of adventure have led me towards many solutions for issues that have surfaced in my journey.

    happy trails, friend.
    2499 days ago
    I am going for weight loss surgery and the psychologist told me I need time for myself instead of always putting everyone first. emoticon You sound just like me, busy and boggled for everyone else except yourself. emoticon
    2499 days ago
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