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My Life is Never Easy....Too Fat to Fit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I swear if it isn't one thing then its another. Over the past two weeks I have been experiencing pain in my hip accompanied with numbness and tingling in both my left and right legs. It's difficult to walk, stand and sit. Finally, I went to see the doctor yesterday and now I have to go get an MRI because it might be a pinched nerve. Ugh! The last time I had an MRI at least 11yrs ago I barely fit into the machine. Well I'm a lot heavier than I was 10 yrs ago and I am terrified. I read some where that an Open MRI is able to accomodate morbidly obese paitents but then it's the issue of my insurance covering it. Ugh!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been faced with this issue. Has anyone of my weight range needed an MRI?

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    Your insurance cannot deny you the right to have an open ended MRI if your doctor has ordered one and one is accessible nearby. I had some serious health issues last year and had to have an MRI. I weighed 425 lbs, and fit fine in the open-ended machine. I had been to the emergency room three times, my regular doctor and 5 specialists, before I FINALLY found ONE doctor (a neurosurgeon) who did not just look at me like "well, you're morbidly obese, so you're just gonna have to deal with the pain." I had one doctor tell me I couldn't have surgery, because they did not have tables big enough to hold me. I was 425 lbs at the time.....I know that is very large, but I KNOW that operating tables are VERY sturdy. This doctor just didn't want to deal with me. And I am thanking God I found a compassionate wonderful surgeon, who told me I would NOT get better with physical therapy, and needed corrective surgery, and that physical therapy would have damaged me beyond repair. Besides telling me I was morbidly obese over and over, and the comment about the table, this specialist in spinal injuries also told my regular doctor I was lazy and not willing to do physical therapy.

    Always, always ask for a second opinion or get a new doctor if your doctor treats you with "fat discrimination." You know your body and your "capacity" and health limitations better than ANYone....even your doctor. You live with it on a daily basis. That same doctor kept looking at my charts and saying "you're pretty healthy for someone who's morbidly obese." (I don't have high blood pressure or cholesterol.) And I finally got up the nerve to tell him, "then stop calling me MORBIDLY obese every six seconds....I know I'm unhealthily obese, I know my classification is morbidly obese.....but morbid indicates I'm going to drop dead at your feet any minute, and that's not likely, so please stop disrespecting me by reminding me of my out of control obesity every six seconds....that is not going to help in finding a solution to my excruciating pain." My neurosurgeon, when he found how this other doctor had acted, actually wrote a letter of complaint about him, bless his heart.

    Too many overweight people just stay at home and eventually have other health complications and more serious issues develop because they are too embarrassed or humiliated by so many in the medical field that treat them like second-class citizens. Don't let that keep you from getting the help you need.

    God bless!

    2464 days ago
    I really don't think you will encounter a problem. emoticon
    2569 days ago
    hate MRIs. They are too small even for average sized people. Claustrophobic.
    2569 days ago
    Have you seen a chiropractor?

    I had something similar happen to me and after 3 adjustments ($35 each) I am back to normal. My insurance would have paid for the appointments but I hadn't reached my deductible first.
    2570 days ago
    Update: I've been making call all morning. If I get a note from my doctor and submit to my insurance company they will pay for it in network.
    2570 days ago

    I would ask for the open MRI. I and if they have a problem just site being claustrophobic. Then they will have to cover it, I think.

    I am actually claustrophobic and even the open MRI gave me a serious of mini panic attacks, but it was much better than the cage. The insurance didnt give any issue covering it what so ever.
    2570 days ago
    Oh, my! I don't know a thing about the MRI situation, but I do hope that you find a solution to your pain soon and that the issue is quickly resolved!
    2570 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear of your pain and injury. I've been dealing with this issue too- I know that here in Memphis, TN we have the open MRI to accommodate those who are Obese or have issues with "claustrophobia". Why haven't U asked your Dr or Hospital about this being an issue? I'm sure that something can be arranged unless your in a Rural area where it may not be available yet. But get this taken care of now! Don't end up like this old Fit Diva who let it go too long. Good Luck and follow through.
    2570 days ago
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