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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not sure if its a female thing or what but everynight same time I crave junk food.. chocolate, ICECREAM ESPECIALLY, and when I go without it for a while I crave it its like my drug or something IDK.
I'm eating some popcorn right now which helped a little but I still want my chocolate.
I'm drinking a can of coke ok I'm on the 2nd one but its STILL not enough not the kinda sugar I want.
I eat icecream often havent ha dit in about a week or so but what I am REALLY craving right now is these cupcakes I used to go and buy like 24/7 .
They arent just any cupcakes they are vanilla with red and blue sprinkles and white frosting white creme inside and they are the most delicious things ever yet extremely sugary. LOL
Its been SO long since I've had one. Months.
What WAS my habit was going to the store buyng 2 packs of those cupcakes ( or if they didnt have them chocolate hostess donuts or snickers bars or famous amos cookies) and a 2 liter.
I LIVED for that everyday weekly.
Now I buy a case of pop, bags of cookies and icecream,, not everyday once or twice a week.
BUT I am stopping the cookies and cases of pop gonna allow myself icecream once in a while.
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    The longer you go without processed foods and sugar the less your body will crave it. I used to be a fast food junkie. Alwaysd craved burgers, fries, chips, everything salty, delicious and deep fried. Challenge yourself to do 10 days without pop, chocolate, ice cream, see how you do. If you succeed, GREAT! Then turn that challenge into a 30 day challenge, a 30 day challenge, and before you know it you won't even crave it anymore!

    Oh, also, if you crave chocolate/sweets, you should try these amazing Jello Mousse Temptations. They are only 60 calories and are great! They come in dark chocolate and also come in caramel. They really work when TOM comes to visit and I need something sweet.
    2593 days ago
    hm. well, you know my feelings on ice cream and chocolate, etc......... if its in my calorie range and i want it, im having it. and even sometimes if its not in my range.
    but, you know.....thats just me.

    yeah, are you drinking diet? cos i mean, i dont know the exact calorie counts of a can but i think its like 140-170 depending... and you could have a diet with no calories and a piece of chocolate for that much or a ww bar or something.

    small changes. just find what works for you. to heck with anyone else--including me! this is YOUR journey.

    as for the time of day, it could be emotions. could be hormones. could be you're just used to eating sweet stuff at that time of day and therefore you want it.
    only you know for sure.
    2594 days ago
    It sounds to me like you may want to get yourself a journey and write down the times when you crave chocolate. You may have some emotions going on, where your trying to replace them with food. I know I used to be good at reaching for food when I was sad or lonely. I still have days like that, but things are much better. We make choices! If we want a better lifestyle, then we must make better choices! I do want to suggest, that you lay off the soda because it will put weight on you quicker then ever! I drink diet rite. If I must have a soda because it has no calories, carbs or sodium! Also, ice-cream to me should be a treat, not something you have everyday or even once a week unless of course it's within your caloric intake for the day! Hang in there! You can do this! Don't give up on yourself! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2594 days ago
    Ice cream is my downfall. I have one a day of skinny cow or ww. Gives me my chocolate and sweet. Low fat and high in fiber. That way I don't feel deprived !
    2594 days ago
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