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Beware of the fake blueberry

Monday, February 07, 2011

Here is one worth watching. Proves to show that reading food labels is vital.
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    It's disgusting, isn't it? I generally avoid all that kind of stuff, and if I really want some blueberry (or other berry) muffins or something, I make it from scratch with real fruit. I don't even buy Bisquick for pancakes anymore. It's cheaper and healthier to mix my own batter from scratch.
    2444 days ago
    I've been reading labels for a long time. I don't think anyone else in the family does. I'm certain my brother believes he's eating healthy because he buys blueberry pancake mix. Flavoring does not a blueberry make!
    2444 days ago
  • CMB2048
    Interesting video. I love blueberries and always eat the fresh or frozen ones. Anything processed is suspect to me so I'm not surprised by this although I did think that blueberry muffins had blueberries in them.
    2444 days ago
    While I agree that the video was a little alarmest, I think it is a good reminder that home cooked is best. I can't afford the specialty brands right now.
    2444 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. I read some labels but I sure need to read all of them from now on. emoticon
    2445 days ago
    Sort of like using carmine (crushed beetles) to color yogurt or beverages red. ICK.
    2445 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    I read the labels, and this is certainly alarming for some people. Sure makes for the need to bake from scratch and add blueberries or ather fruits and know what is in your food. However I think its time to crack down on this deceptive advertising companies are getting by with.
    2445 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    I don't buy anything unless I read the label. Make it a rule and you won't go wrong.

    Thanks for the info.

    Doing it Together in 2011
    2445 days ago
    OK these guys are a little overboard on the scaremongering. Yes we should eat whole foods that are genuine, real foods. And yes, it's a bit deceptive that blueberry foods don't contain blueberries. However the only thing in the blueberry replacement that is probably provably bad for you is the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

    They refer to food coloring as a "chemical"... well duh. Everything is a chemical. They refer to sucralose as a "chemical sweetener" which, though accurate, is just misleading because table sugar is also a "chemical sweetener" (though I personally don't condone the intake of ANY artificial sweeteners).

    Any food product that is meant to have long shelf stability is unlikely to be able to contain whole, natural foods because those simply don't last very long! This is one of the main reasons we need to make our own foods more and buy prepared foods less, as well as buying from local business that can deliver foods made with fresh, whole ingredients in a timely fashion so as to not have to resort to all of the shelf stability trickery. Their point that there IS a breakfast cereal with real blueberries is a good one... breakfast cereal CAN contain real foods, just dehydrated, as it is a dry product. The blueberry muffin cannot, period.

    Does anyone NOT realize that the United States is a marketing-driven nation / system? And does anyone realize who is at fault for that? I assure you, if it didn't work, if it wasn't effective, companies would not do it. Therefore, consumers listen and obey, and companies do it because it works.

    Ooo, it gets better! Halfway through, NOW they are PETROCHEMICAL colors! LOL!

    I defy any of you to tell me that your great-grandmother had no food colorings in her pantry, well before the obesity epidemic, well before factory foods. According to wiki, food colorings were first approved by the federal government in 1906. I'd bet they were in use well before that. The original food colorings were all natural products, in fact. And while wiki does say there is some evidence that health improves without them (or at least with removal of nearly all of the unnatural chemicals in the food supply), eating small amounts of them occasionally is unlikely to hurt anyone.

    I also wish they wouldn't play that "In Search Of" music. Guess what, the same music that is played on every bunk TV paranormal show.

    Now, I do wholeheartedly agree with reading the ingredients. I also think that these products should say "blueberry flavored" rather than simply saying "blueberry". Just like that commonly referred to as "cranberry juice" is actually "cranberry juice cocktail". Marketing needs to be honest here, but consumers also need PAY ATTENTION.

    These guys have some good points, it's a good thing to bring up (honestly, especially to the FDA so that the labeling requirements can be revised). However, these guys go way too far in making the point in dramatic and, dare I say, sneaky ways.
    2446 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    I don't get upset about this. The front label doesn't say real blueberries so I assume it's not.
    2446 days ago
    Thank you for the information!
    2446 days ago
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that! What an education I got from it! Thank you! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2446 days ago
    Interesting! False advertising, if you ask me. Who can you trust?
    2446 days ago
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