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Monday, February 07, 2011

I went to the Bingo on Saturday with my girlfriend and my neice. No, we didn't win ...grrr....Well, just before I was going to meet them, I remembered that they have a free dinner included and that it likely wouldn't be very healthy. I looked around the hall and so many women there were sadly very overweight. True to form the meal was a huge plate of pasta with meatsauce and a big white crusty bun. I started to eat the pasta and there was a thick layer of grease floating on my plate, it was cold and in my mind somewhat tasteless. Some of the meals they have served in the past have been really terrific but always calorie laden. I ate a few of the very oversize noodles and then I just couldn't eat anymore...I threw it away. I was still very hungry but just couldn't justify eating something that was floating in that much grease. Luckily I had packed a couple of oranges an apple and three small yogurts... to share with us all...This is not something I ever used to do...I would rely on the snack bar and healthy choices are rare....

I remember the days where that would never have occurred to me and that plate would have been cleaned. My friend and my niece told me that I have become obsessive about my weight and nutrition. I thought about that today and it occurred to me at the time I kinda took that as an insult... but today I think I am going to take that as a compliment... maybe I am talking too much about Spark and what I am learning and what I am experiencing....but I must need to...
I am seeing results and if I need to be obsessive to reach my health goals - then so be it....I get the compliments that I look great but the eyes roll when I talk about Spark...I am thinking that maybe what I am talking about may be something that they are internalizing and maybe are not really wanting to hear or think about at this time...who knows...
I just may have to be a bit more introspective about it for a while and blog Thank goodness that my friends and I at Spark are in the same head space and that Spark has set up a forum where we can share....I am truly very grateful....and inspired by all of my new friends.... Thank-you
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    This is a great thing. It means you are taking all you are learning on your journey and actually applying it in your life. It's one thing to learn about being healthy and eating right and a totally different thing to, as they say, "walk the walk". Great job.
    2533 days ago
  • MELISSAP1981
    Better to be obsessive about your health than about food:) I'm so proud of you for sticking to your guns. emoticon
    2535 days ago
    I went through the same thing. Four of us embarked on a weight loss journey at the same time, taking different paths, and people beyond this circle of friends could have pulled an orbital muscle, they were rolling their eyes so much! I quickly learned that you need to inspire people with your actions (if at all), and try to hold back on "educating" others who may not want to learn. Another of our group of 4 didn't clue in to this, and was obsessively talking about CrossFit (perhaps partly due to the nature of it too, it seems like a cult!), showing off her new-found muscles, exclaiming in the locker rooms about how her hockey pants don't fit any more since she lost so much weight... and she alienated just about everyone around her with her inward, narcissistic shift in attitude. So, there is a fine line, to be sure, but rest assured that you can talk and celebrate with us as much as you want. We all get it and are proud of you!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2536 days ago
  • KIMBER1984
    Great job on not eating the unhealthy choice and going for the healthy one instead. And even just you thinking to bring a healthy choice is awesome! emoticon
    For those people in our lives who roll their eyes, I just usually try not to share my experience. We may be having a wonderful time in our lives learning to be healthy and want to share but they may not get it. So many people think "just don't eat." If only it were that easy.
    Share with your many spark friends, we are here to support each other. The good and the not so good to0.
    2537 days ago
    When people comment about your health habits (when the should be praising you up and down the street!) it really has more to do with their own inner conflict - you may be right when you say they may not be ready to hear it. Personally, I really enjoy reading people's blogs (and I usually learn something valuable too!), so you're guaranteed a receptive audience on SP.

    Congrats on defeating the greasy pasta monster!!

    2537 days ago
    Although my Spark progress is slow, weight wise, it is amazing to me how my attitude toward food has changed. I suspect in our days before Spark we would have welcomed the pasta and cleaned the plate. Congrats on trashing the grease and having a healthy back-up snack.
    2537 days ago
  • AZTLAN777
    I believe that when we were eating to our greedy content, we were obsessive about it! Now, we are obsessive about losing the deadly weight, living longer, and eating healthy, heck yeah!!! There is nothing wrong with it unless you're are not doing it. This is probably what they feel when you talk about Spark, the conviction that they are not taking care of their health. Since I began telling my friends about Spark, I just mentioned it once, reported my 47 lb loss and didn't say no more. However, when we would all go out to eat after our karaoke nite I chose what I wanted to eat within my allowance and heard comments like, "You eat so healthy all the time!" I say, "Yes I do, but I can still have a restaurant meal with you and enjoy your company. Well, as time passed by, I noticed they started to lose weight, some ate only half of what was on their plate and pushed it away. When people are ready they will follow the example, when not, they feel the conviction of your example. Keep doing what you are doing, if the day comes that they ask for your advice about weightloss you will be there for them! Hugs.

    2537 days ago
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