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Can I Really Do This Forever?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

It has been almost a month (26 days to be exact) since I joined I have lasted longer than I thought I would and have lost a total of 5 pounds so far. So, as I just finished picking up a few items from the grocery store and was on my way home- thinking about my meals for the upcoming week, for whatever reason, a small panic arose in me as I thought "Am I really going to have to do this forever, even after I have lost the weight?"

I don't know why I am worried about it- this truly has been a pleasant experience. I don't feel like I am really depriving myself. I do spend quite a bit of time logging my meals, reading inspiring/motivational stories and trying to understand this whole weight loss process. And there have been moments where I have had cravings for certain things but it hasn't been overly bad. I actually love fruits, vegetables and a lot of healthy foods. And I am slowly discovering a love for plain water ( normally I have to put a flavored packet in it before I can even think about drinking it).

I don't know why I am even having these negative thoughts. Of course I can do this. Of course I can invest the time and effort it takes to look and feel good. Maybe eventually- it gets easier but even if it doesn't, I am in it for the long haul. I don't want to go back to my old habits. In addition to looking and feeling better- I am teaching my daughter healthier habits. This is a lifetime journey that I am committed to.
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    It's normal to think that way! You are doing great! Congrats on your weight loss!

    Rebiulding new habits isn't easy... tracking exercise, logging food and monitoring water intake are all just tools to allow you to look back and recognizing what works and what doesn't!

    You definitely are worth it! Keep up the great job!
    2562 days ago
  • ADZY86
    Oh I'm sooooo with you on this one! Sometimes I find myself thinking 'Geez, if I gotta be logging my food and exercise forever, can I really be bothered??!!'

    The answer I always end up with is YES. I eat WHAT I wanna eat, just in moderation. So yeah, I do feel like I could do this forever. I used to forbid certain foods, but then I was like, I aint gonna wanna never eat crisps (potato chips) or hot wings for the rest of my life am I! So I had to fit it into my healthy eating lifestyle.

    You got this! Just don't make it too hard on yourself. Don't eat like you're on a diet; eat like someone who knows how to make healthy, sustainable, lifelong choices, and you'll be just fine. emoticon
    2596 days ago
  • AMC120
    That's because you are not on a diet - you are changing your lifestyle! You are making healthier choices and lucky for you, just like me- we love the healthy stuff! That makes it so much easier!! I have a feeling you are going to hit your goals ahead of schedule!!! Best of luck to you!!!!
    2598 days ago
  • JEWELZ87
    Just Keep it up until you reach your goal..once you're there you can decide how you want to eat/live your life. By then end of your journey (weight-loss journey) you will develop habits that will make you choose a healthier path. You will WANT to choose the healthy foods and the cravings will go away! And the best part is once you are at your goal weight you can have treats without feeling bad!!! It's gunna be a hard pull..for you and me both!! BUT I know we can do it..we're changing our lives and the way we live them. As a result we'll be healthier!!
    If you ever have questions or need motivation...let me know!! emoticon
    2598 days ago
  • REJ7777
    I can sure relate to that moment of panic! I've been a specialist in yo-yo dieting - up and down, up and down, and always adding an extra 5 or 10 lbs. each time.

    Yes, this is for life. And yes, we can do it. The *maintainers* on SP are my heroes and models. How are they succeeding? I want to learn all I can from them so that I can maintain my loss once I achieve goal. Here's what I'm learning:

    Take time to prepare healthy meals. Drink your water. Be physically active. (That seems to be a very important factor! It's great if you find something you enjoy.) It's not about *perfection*, it's about a sustainable, healthy lifeSTYLE. In the end, it's how we're SUPPOSED to live if we want to be healthy. There's nothing complicated about it. The biggest challenge is keeping our health and fitness on the front burner! Life throws so many things at us.

    It's important that you invest the time that is necessary to care for that amazing body God has given you, and to teach your daughter to do the same. May God grant you the wisdom to find the balance you need in order to make it work... for life!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2600 days ago
    You know, I feel the same way often.... I've started so much stuff like this, only to get bored with it... I'm hoping to make friends on the site, and that should give me the motivation to stick around.
    2601 days ago
    Ok, keep in mind at WHERE I am at my journey! I am thinking the same thing!!!

    I am a few lbs away from GOAL but already met my goal size and dress, fitness goals.....etc!

    right now I m still eating like I am want to lose weight
    I burn 800 cals a day!!! running 4x swimming 1, and will add p90x!

    I was like ! CRAP is this for LIFE!!!!!!!

    R>this is to get to there!

    after this it's MAINTAINENCE!!!!!!!
    I will have to reduce my exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat according to not lose weight!

    AND I think by then it will be easier to achieve!

    BUT have been told maintainence is hard then losing!
    MORE in the juggling sense of the procedure ;p

    KEEP at it! don't look at the end goal just yet!!!

    my end goal kept changing. I didn't think i would be here now!
    I thought I would write all this at 140 not 160!
    2601 days ago
    I'm sure you can do it. I'm only a week or so further in than you but went in with the same attitude. I acknowledge that I must allow myself a cheeseburger every now and again, but I I'm not going there until I get MUCH closer to my goal wait (not worth the risk at this point).

    2601 days ago
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