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In celebration of a near-perfect day... my 1st blog entry!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

What better way to celebrate a truly awesome lifestyle day than with my very first Sparkpeople blog post! It's been a tough week to stick to my diet and exercise plans, between work exploding in a hundred different directions at once and all sorts of friend and family drama in the offing. Somehow though, when I checked my goals this morning, although my daily calorie counts had been *ahem* not great, my fitness minutes goal for the week was still within reach.

I had an extremely busy day, but I promised myself that I would make time for a run, because I hadn't gone in ages, and against all odds it was a (relatively) warm and sunny day. In February. In Canada. Which. never. happens.

Somehow my busy day just got busier as I went along - I had committed to looking after my great aunt for a few hours in the morning so that my aunt could get out of the house and have a bit of a break (she's looking after her sick Mom, pretty much on her own, and is pretty much my hero), and when she got back, she asked me to shovel her driveway. I was happy to do it, but it turned out to be quite the job since the warm weather had caused the previously-fluffy snow to turn melty, wet, and super-heavy. It was nice to be outside in the gorgeous sun, though, which was good, because when I got home I somehow ended up scraping the softened ice out of the end of my own driveway, and doing my neighbours' as well!

The whole time, I was thinking about how great it would be to finish up and get around to the run I'd been fantasizing about all day, and as soon as I was done I booked it inside to get changed. That's when the weather turned. Seriously, somehow in the 15 minutes it took me to suit up, grab my iPod and fill my water bottle, the temperature dropped like 5 degrees and it clouded over. I was SO MAD, but what could I do? I already had my gear on, so I just gritted my teeth and hit the road. It was tough going, but I managed to pound out 4K before my iPod conked out and I took it as a sign to pack it in.

So, I realize that so far this sounds like a less-than awesome day, but the punchline is... I just discovered 'snow shoveling' on the fitness tracker! Between the combined hour I spent doing that and the run, I blew the lid off my fitness goal. Even better, I was doing so much running around that I didn't prepare the 'indulgent" dinner I had planned, and ended up having a quick plate of veggies and falafel instead, putting me at the low end of my daily calories. I don't think I've ever met my calorie goals and my fitness goals in one day before. And I blogged! So there, universe. A sunny day in Canada in February, and all the boxes ticked. I should buy a lottery ticket.
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