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The Story of Good Samaritan's!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Now maybe we can forget about the storm of 1979!
With the so-called" blizzard" coming Mon. PM went to a funeral in the AM where the GLBH was playing the organ. Came home anticipating doing some driveway snow plowing before it really sat in. Our electricity kept going off and on, this happened for about an hour then finally was off for good. Made a management decision, after feeling the cold in the house, to vacate to S # 2 two miles away, they had juice. Got my 4-wheel drive pickumup out of the machine shed after falling many times trying to wade through the 3'+ drifts. Came to house to let truck warm up and let GLBH know she could come out. She showed her displeasure in not taking the car. My response "ROSELLA, this is 4 wheel drive truck weather", her response, O K LYLE! She soon found out why as she sank up to her pretty butt in a snow bank and fell over. With my help she got out of the BIG drift and and made it to the truck. It took both of us to try to keep the truck on the road while bucking through snow drifts and the blinding snow. There was no room in the machine shed plus with the wind so strong would have never been able to get door open. Parked the truck in a protected area out of drifts. Took our little "drug" bag, can't go anywhere without it, and went to the safety of our loving family we hope.
Soon was dinner and after just relaxing and giving thanks for heat and electricity with the howling wind and blowing snow outside, sure hoping everyone was just staying put and not on the road. Phone rang, a pickup truck with a snow blade was stuck on the road just 800 ' from Son's house, couple of neighbor? men, everyone is your neighbor in a snowstorm, trying to come home from work in Dixon Il., as it was they had to work later that night replacing a bearing on a shaft so the next shift could start on time. Turns out that put them about 1 hour later and no daylight. I have a nylon rope and works better than a chain for pulling. Started out of yard and as soon as I got on road got stuck in a big 4' drift. 1st. clue was when I had a hard time pushing my door open to get out to shovel in front of truck, S soon realized was blowing back in as fast as we shoveled it out so decided to shovel behind where there was a bare spot. It worked, the stuck neighbor came over and I informed them they were not going anywhere that night and would stay with 3# 2 and family. Neighbor got in my truck as we tried to get off the road and back in S's yard, made it in but got stuck again and decided would leave it there and walked to the house.
Spent rest of night getting acquainted with neighbors and eating. Did all the right things, called their family's, County police, and Highway Dept. informing of exact location off the road, that's why they were stuck, and safe inside at S's house for the night. S and DIL kept busy find sleeping arrangements and blankets for the now doubling of the size of their family. I slept in S's big LazyBoy chair and GLBH on the couch, two new friends in a upstairs spare bed. Bill started out trying to sleep in a chair up there but couldn't fall asleep so decided his buddy Jeff didn't look too bad after all so crawled in bed with him.
They slept late but the GK's woke up early, were still excited about having G and G their all night. They wanted to watch the Pickers and Pawn shop I think it's called? They are 10 and 7 and hooked on it. Do I see antiques in their future?
Ate oatmeal and much coffee for breakfast and made phone calls to see it County and or Township road crews were out our how soon they could clear a path. Township shed is right across road from S and told us he wasn't going out with the grader! It wasn't 5 minutes we saw him pulling the grader out of the shed. Because he had refused to help pull out the truck, 100' away one new found neighbor called his Dad and he brought his 4-wheel loader tractor and pulled the truck out and made a path for Bill to go home about 3 miles. Came back and picked up his S Jeff to take him home. I want to say there were at least 4 REAL thankful people for the hospitality!
After early lunch S an I spent the next hour trying to get my pickup freed from all the snow around it, I was real thankful it even started with all the snow blowing through the front grill.
County made one pass on road so at least one path with a truck could make it. spent rest of day pushing snow, plowing out driveways where I could and nephew , after we dug out the tractor with snow blower, blew out the spots I couldn't do.
There are many HERO'S and GOOD Samaritan's from a storm like this

A Casey employ, trying to get home got stranded 1 mile from us, at least 3 or 4 other neighbors tried to get her before only getting stuck themself when one made it back home some 4 miles and came with his snowmobile and rescued her.
Another single mother of 3 girls answered a knock at her door at 3 AM. Found a Direct T V repairman who made it to her house. He was from Polo Il. and had been sent to Aurora Ill. to work that day. Spent the rest of the night on the couch. I think she should get FREE Direct T V for life.
It does one's heart feel good to know that neighbors " are important"!
Thanks go out to Jeff and Khristy, Matt, and Kathy, and many more, they showed what the Good Samaritan was talking about!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You sure can write! Never quit! hugs, linda emoticon
    2570 days ago
    I quite enjoyed reading this blog :)
    2599 days ago
    Wow! What a great story!! It really lifts my spirits to see such a sense of commumiity and good old fashioned neighborly values! I really do not miss battling the snow any more! ( Transplant from NY to FLA). So glad to hear you're all dug out and safe and sound!
    Thanks for your kind post on my blog. Isn't sciatica a bugger! What heavy lifting do you need to do in March? Is it for the farm or are you getting into professional weight lifting?!
    I was feeling lots better til I tried to pick up a large case of bottled water for my DH yesterday at Sam's Club. Not smart!!! Back to the ice packs I go!
    : ) Wendie
    2601 days ago
    Hi Skeeter!

    I was over your way 2 weeks ago for an event at the Moose. Sure glad I wasn't there when the blizzard hit. We didn't do too bad over here. We had power and had bought the last kerosene heater at Farm & Fleet just in case. I worked a split shift on Tues. but the library closed early so I didn't have to go back. We live on a cul de sac and the plows didn't get here until Wed. afternoon. Our new neighbor walked over and spent the day with us. She brought along pictures from her mission trip so it turned out to be quite an entertaining visit. After the plow came through there was a huge pile of snow at the end of the road and the girl next door was snowboarding on it! By Thursday everything was back to normal ike nothing happened.

    So glad that people were kind to one another. We are all blessed by them.

    There's talk of another snowstorm next week. I hope you and Rosella don't lose power again! emoticon
    2602 days ago
  • ANNE403
    Dear Brother, You did it again! A wonderful & entertaining blog! I copied it off to show your older brother & wife! They enjoyed it also.
    GREAT SB GAME last eve! DH & I both watched it to the very END! I was so happy for the quarterback. He & the whole team were working very hard! I think that is the first one I have watched to the end since Chicago won the last time!
    Yesterday Jim's & us were invited to Gilmores at 2 PM for a super bowl Party (I called it)! We had fun (16 of us) played cards & then ate (this was our tail gate party -my first) then all went home to watch the game. We did miss seeing OReilly talk to Oboma! Nothing in the paper this morning about it either!
    Today we are meeting J & J at McDonalds (Map friends of theirs are staying about 15 miles from them are join us also) & going to Plant City to the Famous Parsdale to have strawberry shortcake for our lunch. These friends (Jim & Margie are from Rochelle, IL.) we met last week when we went to check out Richies Auction coming up about two weeks & they joined us for lunch at Cracker Barrel. They are very nice couple. Jim also worked with Jim when he was with Swifts I hope I am right on the company! Love you Sis emoticon
    2602 days ago
    I truly enjoy your blogs. I wish TV were as entertaining and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your adventures. There is always a rainbow.
    2602 days ago
    Isn't it wonderful, how ppl will pull together and help each other in emergencies? Thanks for sharing! It sounds like the blizzard was worse in your neck of the woods than mine, I'm glad you were OK.
    2604 days ago
    Heartwarming story. Thanks, JUSTLYLE. Hopefully by now your weather has normalized!
    2605 days ago
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