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Greetings from the north pole (aka DFW)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

If you have not heard about the snowpocalypse in DFW right now, you are missing out on some sucky news. It has been one of the worst storms we've had in 15+ years and the entire metroplex has been iced in since Tuesday morning!! The worst part is the Super Bowl is here at the new Cowboys Stadium on Sunday, so superbowl events have been going on all week. And most people haven't even been able to leave their homes! One of our friends from California is here working at the superbowl this week and it's been hell for him to try to get around to all the places he needs to go when most people are able to drive 30mph on the highways!

Schools have been cancelled since Tuesday. A lot of businesses have been closed since Tuesday as well. Yesterday the state of Texas issued rolling power outages to all power customers in Texas because the grids have been overloaded. Yesterday I was without power from 6am-8am and again for about 15 minutes at 9am. This means no heat, so my house was FREEZING yesterday. It was 57 degrees at one point, though it was hovering around 61 degrees most of the time until matt came home from work, built a fire and set up a new space heater he bought! Yesterday I spent most of the day wearing two layers of each type of clothing, huddled under two blankets on the couch and didn't move for hours because I was shaking even under the blankets! Being cold natured definitely didn't help that.

The natural gas providers have shut off all gas service to industrial customers in DFW. That's how serious this weather is!

Today it is supposed to dip into the single digits and we have a chance of snow again tomorrow morning. If you have never been to DFW or are not familiar with the weather here - we get snow maybe twice a year - though once is more like it. And it never sticks. We've had snow on the ground for three days straight now with 1/2" to 1" of ice underneath!

I haven't driven since Monday. The only times I've left the house in the past three days was when Matt drove me to the gym Tuesday night, then he drove me to the post office and the gym yesterday. I've missed all group exercise classes I had planned for this week, plus yoga. The gym is open during the day but closes early each night and my yoga studio has been closed. Tuesday I spent 45 minutes on the elliptical to make up for a spin class missed. Last night we went to Matt's companies gym and he led me though an hour + strength training session since I missed body works yesterday.

Today I'm supposed to be running 5 miles for my 10K re-training, but there is no way that's happening. I can't run outside. I doubt I have the sanity at this point to run 5 miles on a treadmill - but I'm going to the gym later and I'll do my best! The good news is I ran 4.5 miles last week and 5.5 is on the docket for next week - so missing this week's 5 mile won't set me back that much. I'm only going up a mile compared to the 2 miles than many training plans call for.

As far as food goes, I've done surprisingly well. I have been short on my fruit consumption the past two days but I'm working on that today. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday and I've been munching away on a few of those instead of eating all the chips, nuts and pretzels in my pantry that I really want to eat. Last night I had two beers after working out. I'm trying to give myself a little lee-way to enjoy some treats while being trapped, because otherwise I'll go nuts and eat everything in the house. I put the cookies in the freezer yesterday, so at least they are out of sight (out of mind!)

That's what is going on here. I haven't done anything for school the past three days which sucks, so I"m going to try to work on some things today. I have stuff due for my online class tomorrow that I must finish!

Overall I'd say I'm doing 150X better during this situation than I have in the past. At least I've gotten in a workout the past 4 days despite the weather and I've still been tracking everything I eat over at the food blog ( ieatirun.wordpress.com ) And hopefully by Saturday the ice will be gone so I can RUN outside again. Boy, that would be nice.

Anyone else iced in? How are YOU handling it?
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    Here in southern New Mexico we're going through a deep freeze. Yesterday it was -9 with a wind chill of -23. Today it's 1 degree with a windchill of -8. It's a record breaking cold. Our natural gas comes through Texas and the rolling blackouts there reduced the pressure of the natural gas pumps which run on electricity and so many in New Mexico are without natural gas. Fortunately I still have it but part of my town is without. Schools have been closed all over the state to conserve the gas. We only got a little snow but the frigid temps have been horrible. So I empathize with you! The good news is that the ground hog didn't see his shadow on Feb 2nd so supposedly spring will be early! We can hope anyway!
    2570 days ago
    I think I already told you that we are still waiting on snow here in Houston. It should be hitting soon! And, they are saying 3-5 inches in some places. It's been really cold (20's) so it'll actually stick! We've lived here 14 years & it has snowed 3 times and none of it has stuck where we live. So, my daughter is thrilled! And, I'm thankful that it'll be in the 50's on Saturday so I'm guessing it'll melt. Oh, & we don't have anywhere to go so we'll just enjoy!

    Glad you are hanging in there. I have family up in Dallas that I should probably check in with! Family in OK & KS, too, who are pretty much snowed in and have been for a couple of days.
    2571 days ago
    I think you are doing a great job staying on track under those conditions. I feel so awful for you and for all of my friends in the areas that are getting hit by these ridiculous snow storms. Being a Southern California girl, I would not be able to cope I don't think. Our weather is cooler than normal and very windy, but nothing like what you are experiencing.
    2571 days ago
    You've done a great job staying on track considering! You definitely should be very proud of yourself!!!

    I'm in California so we have been pretty mild in comparison; however, it was cold enough this morning for the sprinkler run-off to ice over so I had to be watchful while out in the wee morning hours. But I certainly can't complain...mid 60's and nothing but sun for me for the time being.
    2571 days ago
  • BRANDI87
    Giiiiirl I know abou that. I'm in Indiana and all of the Universities were closed and all. It started Monday and today was like the first site of life! LOL. We were without power from Monday until last night. It was 40 in our house...holy moly! We ended up staying the last night with a friend because it was too cold. Which equated to horrible eating and no workouts...Grr...Hope it clears up for you soon. I think it'll take a while for all the ice to melt..makes me wish I had ice skates! lol
    2571 days ago
  • KARVY09
    I'm so sick of the snow, but you're a former New Englander so you should be more hale and hearty than the rest of the folks down there. I'm glad you're trucking through your 10K training though!!!
    2571 days ago
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