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January Challenge Results

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

January flew by! I couldn't find my camera so never posted the "after" pictures of December / "before" pictures for January. My boyfriend just found it this week, so I will try to take one by tomorrow and it will just cover 2 months!

emoticon Weight loss goal: Reach goal weight of 164 and still be at or below by the end of the month. And REWARD myself when I get there. With at least a haircut if not also a massage and/or a new piece of workout clothing.
Ok, I have been struggling with this. . . my weight has totally been fluctuating! I use my wii fit to weigh myself (irregularly) and here is what has been going on:

12/20: 168.9
12/27: 167.8
1/6: 164.2 (woohoo, so close to goal)
1/15: 162.7 (was ready to celebrate, but cautious)
1/17: 163.6 (OK maybe this is real)
1/23: 166.9 (grrr!!)
1/24: 168.7 (Ahhh!, same as a month ago, right back up!)
2/1: 162.3 (yipee again)

But seriously, that is some crazy fluctuation. I have been doing the SAME exercise and pretty much the SAME calories this whole month of January, so I am not really understanding why I gained 5 lbs in a week and then lost 6 lbs the next week.

I have been measuring, and there is really hardly any difference. I am not sure if it is like time of day, super sensitive scale, bloating, or what, but it is certainly frustrating (and as you can see, resulted in my not weighting myself that much).

I want to celebrate and set a new goal, but it is tough when I feel like I haven't nailed the original goals.

I did buy myself 1 reward though, Zumba toning sticks, which I will use on my Friday night Zumba toning classes. I am rewarding myself for my dedication to the gym and for sticking with a routine! I do need a haircut though!

emoticon Fitness goal: Attend a group fitness class at least twice a week. My hope is to Kickbox Monday and Wednesday and Zumba on Friday and Sunday. I also want to keep paying attention to my knees, they are still aching sometimes. My goal is to do my knee exercises every time I go to the gym.

I kicked some total booty on this one! Yippee! I can't believe how dedicated I have been to the gym! It started in the middle of December, so it must be a habit by now, right?

We have been getting a lot of snow in Maine, so that has made it a bit of a challenge, but I have still been meeting my goals - and feeling happy and proud about it! I have noticed that going to classes is good for my body and my mind.

(of course my fitness reports aren't showing up on my computer right now, grr!)

week 1: 1 zumba and 1 kickboxing (I had to travel for work this week)
week 2: 1 zumba, 1 zumba toning, and 1 kickboxing. + 1 day of shoveling
week 3: 1 zumba, 2 kickboxing (and 1 date night so no toning!)
week 4: 2 zumba, 1 zumba toning, 1 kickboxing, and 1 30mins on the recumbent bike because I got home from work late and was mad to miss kickboxing!)

Go me! And I did zumba on Sunday the 30th and kickboxing the 31st.

emoticonNutrition goal: Track my food and stay within my range. Recalculate once I hit goal weight and consider all of the new exercise I have been doing. December's goal of no night snacking was tough. . . I would still like to reduce / stop night snacking, but this month I just want to keep a close eye on it and work on reducing it. I found that sometimes snacks were still in my calorie range and I don't want to be hard on myself about that. My new goal for night snacking will be to keep it at a minimum, keep it within range, and MEASURE it out first. No more containers of trail mix at the coffee table!

I did figure out how to recalculate, and then was scared because it went up SO MUCH and it was based on estimated calories burned during my fitness classes. My friend has a heart rate monitor but she weighs slighly more than me, and of course everyone works out at different levels. I have tried to base my calories burned on that. She burns about 600 calories in Zumba and I usually low ball it to about 400 for me. Kickboxing, I let Spark People calculate and that usually comes in around 600 calories. I have set my goal to burn about 360 per cardio day - 4 x a week (which I don't always meet). So this puts me in the calorie range of 1,850 - 2,200 which is up from like 1,300 - 1,500 which is what I was doing before I made this adjustment. It seems scary (especially since I had the mid month weight gain). It is hard for me to grasp that this all counts "over time" so eating 1,800 calories on Thursday when I am not exercising seems odd. I have really been hovering around 1,500 calories a day, some days more, some days less.

I have been tracking EVERY DAY! (even alcohol and poker night snackies)

I have curbed the late night snacking, but haven't kept as great track of that so I can't really report on it. I did stop buying the trail mix ;)

I took my measurements at the beginning of the month and will post my changes at the end of the month. I will take my December after / January before photo VERY soon!

yes. . .this is STILL coming soon. . .
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