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Favorite wellness-related apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back in April I wrote a blog post listing my favorite apps.

It seems like it might be time to update the list, since there are a few new ones. Most of them are free or really cheap, with the exception of LeanMePro.

You may wonder why neither the Spark People mobile site nor the Spark People app is on this list. I need to be able to do my tracking while offline, since I have an iPod Touch and there frequently isn't wireless where I am eating. Both of those tools require a connection to the internet.


Food Tracking
LoseIt! www.loseit.com
Free. Also works offline, syncs to multiple devices, and has an online web-based interface. This is my primary nutrition tracker at the moment.


Free. Amusing free app that tracks your 8 glasses of water per

Food Information
Fooducate www.fooducate.com
Free. Uses barcode scanning function of camera on iThing, or you can type in the barcode number. Requires a network connection. Provides nutrition information, suggests
healthier alternatives, etc.

$0.99 Sleep Cycle mdlabs.se/sleepcycle
Uses the motion sensor to track your sleep, wakes you up at the
optimal time in your REM cycle. Also provides a cute little graph
showing your sleep pattern throughout the night.

Weight & Body Fat Tracking

FatWatch www.fatwatchapp.com
$4.99 Based on the weighted moving average popularized by The
Hacker's Diet; tracks both weight and % body fat with a smoothing
algorithm that helps you mentally through plateaus and temporary water
gains. As long as your weight is below the trend line, it's going down,
no matter what the fluctuations are.

True Weight www.madeupsoftware.com/t

Like FatWatch but does not include % body fat. There is a
"lite" free version.

Menstrual Cycles
P Tracker

Free for "lite" version, tracks your cycle and predicts when it
will start again. Graphs are given and the ability to track symptoms.
(Sorry, had to include it, BREWMASTERBILL, LOL)

Instant Heart Rate www.instantheartrate.com
Free. Uses the camera to estimate your heart rate from your
finger. Seems pretty accurate.

iFitness medicalprod.com/ifitness

$1.99 Tracks strength training workouts very nicely. I love
bringing it to the gym and ticking off the routines, etc. Provides
graphs showing improvement in reps and weight.

Unfortunately it appears that iFitness is not currently in the iTunes app
store. Here is what looks like a viable alternative, and includes a pedometer based on the motion sensor:

All-in fitness mobile.viaden.com/iphone


I currently use GymGoal, which is free and has a convenient back up and restore feature.

It looks like this one might include some kind of nutrition tracking too; I'm pretty happy with LoseIt, so I'm sticking with that.

Gym Finder itunes.apple.com/us/app/

Free. Can be useful while traveling. I tend to sign up for
7-day free trial passes when I travel so I can work out at the local
Bally's or 24 Hour Fitness. This last trip to San Diego meant staying
at a hotel where they *charged* to use their awful little "fitness" part
of their "spa." So I ran away to 24 Hour and Gold's instead. For free.


Free. Uses the motion sensor to aid in deep breathing. Very
relaxing. Nice choice of music that rewards you for consistent, slow
breathing. Provides a graph estimating your level of calmness. The
activity seems to induce a mild euphoria for me. I don't know if that
is common.
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