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Endometriosis Diet

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

emoticonWell, guys, we all go through stuff in life. I have endometriosis & I've done a lot of research on it & in my research I studied what you should or shouldn't eat! It's amazing! Because of doing this diet I have overcome depression that was obviously related to eating the wrong food, I've overcome feeling nauseous/sick all the time, I have so much less pain, don't eat near as much because I'm eating the foods I need + more!!!! This diet has changed my life!! Anyone with questions about endometriosis, feel free to mail me I'll fill you in on what I've found. Below is the diet:

EXERCISE is also very key! It hurts & it isn't easy by any means, but the more you exercise, the more you can losen up the endometriosis fusions, etc., & the better you'll feel & the easier you'll move! Exercise also reduces estrogen production & stress.
STRETCHING has been huge for me, because when I exercise I get in a lot of pain afterwards, but if I REALLY STRETCH, it's not nearly as bad!!!!! Relaxation helps reduce estrogen & stress also.
Also, I researched things to get rid of inflammation & the only real answer I found was TUMERIC! Inflamation is a humongous part of endometriosis & candida, & I have included it in my herbs to take & my back & shoulders feel so much better, including when I exercise!!!!! But the one from the grocery store doesn't do me good, I get the fresher spice from the health food store & put it in capsules & it works great.
The only birth control that has also helped my symptoms is FEMCON FE, without it I'm still in a lot of pain, though far less.
I take other herbs that help me feel better, CRANBERRY helps me not itch & feel like I'm always breaking out, & I just get it at WalMart


Well, I've been studying endometriosis & from what I've figured out, it's a major disease that reacts differently with different women, I'm assuming where it attacks affects what the symptoms are. This is why everyone's symptoms can be different, so it's impossible to diagnose by symptoms, & it's impossible to see in any test, so far the only exact way to diagnosis it is to do surgery & see it visibly. Endometriosis is where your womb grows outside of your womb, it can grow anywhere in your body, not only that, but it can have periods anywhere in your body. Also wherever it grows, causes lesions, which is actual cuts/wounds in your body, which then heals to cause scar tissue! So, this causes tremendous pain & health issues. From studies endometriosis's only food source is estrogen! So, you have to lower estrogen to lower the endeometriosis growth rate. Which means you need to reduce or eliminate estrogen promoting factors. A supplement hormone may be needed also, & different women react differently to different hormones.
The average time to diagnose endometriosis is 9.2 years! It even affects 1 in 10 women! The risk is of course greater if there's a family history. As far as I've heard it is a hereditary disease.

The plan of the endo diet is to relieve or prevent some of the disabling symptoms that occur with menstruation, as well as the general pain of endo. The goal is to decrease estrogen levels, stabilize hormones, increase energy, alleviate painful cramps and stabilize emotions.

Some women are achieving great health improvements by following a diet to address Candida yeast infection. By following the Candida diet these women are seeing improvements with their Endometriosis. There is speculation that there are links between Candida and Endometriosis. A diet for Candida is very similar to a diet regime to help with Endometriosis, which is probably why these women are getting good results from a diet for Candida.

So where do we start...
Let's start with pain and hormones in relation to diet …………

Endometriosis is an estrogen-sensitive condition, but the painful menstrual cramping that occurs is predominantly due to prostaglandin synthesis in the body. Prostaglandins are naturally occurring fatty acids, which are derived from dietary sources. The body can produce different types of prostaglandins through a complex series of pathways. There are the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ of the prostaglandin group. The goal of a controlled diet is to block the ‘bad guys’ for their negative actions on the body, and increase the ‘good guys’ for their opposite and beneficial actions. The action of the bad guys is to increase uterine contractions, and the good guys have a soothing effect. By changing the types of oils that are taken into the diet, the production of the good guys can be stimulated, which helps with uterine relaxation. These oils are composed of omega-3 fatty acids, which lead to positive prostaglandin production.


WHEAT, RYE * - this includes breads, cakes and pasta products, all based on wheat (inflammatory
RED MEATS - promotes negative prostaglandins & is an inflammatory
REFINED & CONCENTRATED CARBOHYDRATES - bread, flour, cakes made from refined flours
REFINED SUGARS & HONEY - causes inflammatory reaction
ALCOHOL - consumes vit B stored in the liver
CAFFEINE which is found in tea, coffee, soft drinks -increases abdominal cramps and increases estrogen levels
CHOCOLATE - as it contains sugars
DAIRY produce including all milk and cheese - (inflammatory)(contains estrogen)
FRIED FOOD, MARGARINE, TRANS FATS & HYDROGENATED FATS - can stimulate negative prostaglandins
SOY products and soy protein products - tamari can be used in small amounts (contains estrogen)
TINNED & FROZEN PACKAGED FOODS as little as possible
ADDITIVES & PRESERVATIVES - increase chemical load on the system
EGGS = Note: Meat, dairy and eggs, (inflammatory)(contains estrogen)
YEAST & VINEGAR & MALT (encourages yeast!)
It is also important to decrease intake of those fatty acids that will stimulate the bad guys which are found in saturated fats, butter, animal and organ meat, lard.
Red meats, caffeine, fried food, margarine, and hydrogenated fats. The stimulate negative prostaglandins
Tinned and frozen packaged food, additives, and preservatives. WHY? Because they increase the chemical load on the system
Foods that contain estrogen


In addition to decreasing bad fat intake, the diet should also consist of high fiber. Not only does this help with good digestion, but it is also thought that a diet high in fiber can decrease total circulating estrogens. It is recommended to incorporate 25 grams per day of fibre.

Legumes / Lentils / Beans: -- beans -- baked beans -- black beans -- broad beans -- butter beans -- chickpeas -- cranberry beans -- garbanzos -- great northern beans -- green beans -- kidney beans -- lentils -- limas --mung bean -- peas -- pink beans -- pinto beans -- pole beans -- refried beans -- snap beans -- split peas -- yellow beans -- white beans --
Fruits: -- apples -- apricots -- avocado -- banana -- blackberries -- blueberries -- cherimoya -- coconut -- cranberries -- dates -- durian -- elderberries -- figs -- grapefruit -- gooseberries -- guava -- kiwi -- lemon -- mango -- naval orange -- orange -- PASSION FRUIT -- peaches, dried -- pears (especially asian) -- pineapple (fresh) -- pineapple (canned) -- plantain -- plums -- pomegranate -- prunes -- raisins -- raspberries -- strawberries -- tamarinds -- tangerines --
Vegetables: -- artichoke & artichoke hearts -- beet root -- broccoli -- brussel sprouts -- carrot -- cole slaw -- corn -- cucumber -- greens (beet, kale, kollard, turnip) -- mixed vegetables -- potato with skin -- spinach -- squash (winter) -- turnips -- yams
Nuts: -- almonds -- brazil nuts -- cashew -- chestnut -- hazelnut -- macadamia nut -- peanuts -- pecans -- pine nuts -- pistachios -- walnuts
Seeds: -- pumpkin -- sesame -- sunflower
Whole Grains: (excluding wheat, rye, malt) -- amaranth -- barley -- bulgur -- millett -- oat bran -- oatmeal -- oats -- pasta (corn) -- rice (brown) -- quina --


GARLIC (raw or lightly cooked)
CARROTS (contain beta-carotene)
LIVE YOGURT (good for healthy intestinal flora) (could make into a fruit milkshake without milk?!
SEEDS & SPROUTED SEEDS (read excluding sunflower seeds?)
GREEN TEA (if it doesn't say caffeine free, it's probably not)


Foods containing natural plant sterols (phytoestrogens) can be helpful. They are thought to block the estrogen receptors, so in turn excess estrogen in the body cannot ‘lock-in’ to these receptors. These include:

The following foods are recommended to modulate estrogen levels by incorporating one or two servings a day:
BROCCOLI – (helps cleanse immunity)


FISH: Wild Salmon*, Sablefish, Mackerel, Herring, Sardines (*Salmon offers a double anti-inflammatory punch, as it is high in both omega-3s and the uniquely potent antioxidant/ anti-inflammatory red pigment called astaxanthin (which it gets from eating zooplankton). Sockeye are highest in astaxanthin.)
VEGETABLES: Onions, Garlic, Chives, Leeks, Greens (spinach, chard, collards, broccoli, kale), Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Green Beans, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Lettuces
BEANS, NUTS, SEEDS (all types)
FRUITS: Berries (especially Blueberries and Raspberries), Cherries, Capers
SPICES: Ginger**, Turmeric**, Cinnamon, Clove (**Ginger and turmeric are extraordinarily potent anti-inflammatories. They rival the anti-inflammatory potency of drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen in clinical trials, but produce none of those drugs’ adverse side effects. They also hold promise as anti-cancer agents.)
HERBS: Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley, Cilantro, Fennel, Mint, Dill, Tarragon
BEVERAGES: Green tea, White tea, Black tea, Red wine, Cocoa (with minimal sugar), Pomegranate juice,
DARK CHOCOLATE (containing at least 70 percent cocoa solids; enjoy sparingly)


Bread = at a health food store I got bread with no gluten, no yeast, no wheat, soy, malt, or rye & it does well with m
Cheese = ?
Steak = CERTAIN FISH STEAKS, won't taste the same, but can have similar texture.
Sugar = unprocessed natural sugar / substitutes, STEVIA, TRUVIA, etc.
White rice = BROWN RICE, BARLEY, QUINOA, (they have instant versions of these at Walmart now!)
Soda, carbonated = The only soda I can drink without my stomach & back hurting me is "Clear American" brand of sparkling water & it has no calories
Tea = just use decaf & sweeten your own with sweetner & lemon, & check all herb teas, because many of them do have caffiene

With all of these symptoms, the more I eat the worse it gets, & if I cut it out all the time, except for bread, if I cheat every great now & then, the symptoms aren't too bad.
BREAD/YEAST: stomach hurts very bad & get depressed & bad mood, very down, feel crummy all over, it's by far the most symptomatic for me & gets me every time.
WHEAT: the quickest sign is that I start getting phlem & have to clear my throat a lot, then, I get inflammation, my stomach gets tighter & hurts
VINEGAR: stomach hurts
OIL: when I eat any oil, even coconut oil, I feel more inflammed, probably because it's fried, I do fine with a base of water, butter & spices
DAIRY: my stomach hurts, & it definitely feels more inflamed
CHOCOLATE & SUGAR: my spine hurts & gets cold -- my bones hurt more -- my muscles hurt more
BEEF: stomach & back gets inflammation
EGGS: stomach hurts
1 ACOHOL DRINK: stomach ok, feel week all over, 2nd drink stomach hurts & feeling a little sick
CAFFIENE: though it helps pain, it makes me constipated & causes worse pain in other areas
NUTS: all nuts that I'm aware of constipate me
GINGER: supposed to help your stomach, but it hurts mine & it does contain a high amount of estrogen, & it's supposed to be the healthy kind've estrogen, but still makes me feel bad, but only things like ginger tea, if I eat soups, etc., it doesn't seem to bother me nearly as much.
FLAXSEED: contains the highest amount of plant estrogen of any food & it always makes me feel so bad, it's supposed to be the healthy kind, but it makes me feel crummy

There's a difference between good & bad estrogens for endometriosis.

If you want to test how bad your symptoms, after you've cut these out for 2 weeks, try one at a time & see if you have symptoms from eating it. Just because you don't have a symptom doesn't mean it's good for you, but if you know the reaction you have to a food, it's a lot easier to resist!!


Member Comments About This Blog Post:
ZOLDOS11 10/10/2015 8:54AM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been looking for some good info on how to treat my symptoms with diet. Your post helped me sooooo much. Thank you for posting it. emoticon

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KHADIJA11 10/24/2014 7:40PM

  emoticon Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful and giving a positive alternative to those suffering with endometriosis. I am afraid to exercise. I have an Endometriosis diet book and am trying gluten free foods. I am going to talk to my gyn about exercise today!

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JALEWI02 7/1/2014 5:22PM

    Thank you. Great post

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IRISDESVARRO 10/29/2012 12:34PM

  Had my 2nd ex lap, going to do this diet since it more on lay-man term.
I'm only 34y/o. Thanks so much for sharing. Gob bless!

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FLORRIE26 10/29/2012 11:48AM

  Thanks for that posting. I have found almost the same diet advice at and there are more details at that website on specific food types which helps to explain this diet even more.

I have tried this diet and can confirm the same as you, that it does make a difference.

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NIKIBK 5/6/2012 10:54AM

    Thank you so much for posting this!

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SKINNYMAMA339 2/25/2012 8:53PM

    wow, very informative!, i have 2 ovarian cysts, one of which is thought to be a endometrioma, im waiting to have laprascopy but my insurace wont cover it until the summer. my docs are all pretty sure its endo, but im not sure. tumeric got my attention in your blog, i love that! it def helped me alot with inflammation. have you heard of olive leaf? ive heard that also helps, and i saw oregano, was that oil of oregano?. i am very into herbal remedies and when i took oil of oregano my whole body felt better than it had in years.God bless you for taking the time to write all this out for people!

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ASHLEEHENRY 1/29/2012 1:53PM

    I think there needs to be a group for this. Thanks for the post!

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ANNAMAAM 1/25/2012 10:22PM

    This is a REALLY great blogpost. It does have all the info I already know and then some! I am currently following the diet perfectly except I do need to quit refined sugar, which I was doing but lapsed. And I do eat fried foods but try to stick with stuff that is transfat free...I suppose that's a good starting place...I don't have a lot of oil anyway.

I did Not know that about exercise but I do know that sitting for long periods of time progressively worsens my symptoms...encouraging to know that it 'loosens' the endo...that is really interesting!

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    I'm so glad it might benefit someone!

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SHERRY015 4/13/2011 5:25AM

  Very much appreciate your effort in sharing your views on endometriosis. I am a chronic sufferer of the condition as well, and after 2 laproscopies, I see no improvement. A strict diet appears the best way forward, atleast in lowering the estrogen levels and treat the condition. Thanks for sharing!


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YICHE12 1/25/2011 5:42PM

    Have you thought of starting up a team with this medical condition. This information could be very important for other members. Many emoticon

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