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The OTHER Wal-Mart workout DVD

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My glisten runneth down my face, chest and back. My ribs are wet. My shirt is wet.

Today I did all three of the ten minute workouts on the DVD "Boot Camp My Hips and Thighs" with no breaks in between.

On some of them, I did really well. Others, well, let's say I wouldn't get any gold stars for performance.

But I might get a gold star for TRYING.

AND for not quitting!

There is one complaint I have about these workouts. And that is that there are NO warm ups or Cool Downs. So before you begin these, do the warm up, and once they are over, do your cool down. Those are extremely important to all of us!!! Skipping them can cause VERY serious damage!!!

There was one workout I must tell (or warn) you about. It is using the big ball, and we are supposed to put one foot up on the ball while standing with the other leg straight. Then we are supposed to dip down (I think she called it "lunge", and back up to do it all over again. Then we get to switch to the other side.

I'm game to try it. I get my left foot up on the ball, and already start to tip over.

I grab the stationery bike to prevent the tipping over thing that I am a Master at, and am pleased the bike doesn't tip over.

I have a death grip on the bike and try to do the downward lunge thing on my right side, and I think I got all the way down about three inches.

The ball wiggles and wants to go across the room. I manage to keep it in place, but not lunge down at the same time. Instead, I find myself bending over at the waist.

This is not how it is supposed to be done. So the next time, I bend my knee and go down for another 3 inches.

Wait a minute. She's doing the OTHER side now, all cheerful with herself. I turn around and try bending my left leg while my right foot is on the ball, and maintaining my grip on the bike.

The ball scoots away from my foot. I go across the room to get it back in place, get my foot up on it, grab the bike, and try to kneel down a little further. The ball goes behind me.

I again chase it down, get back in to position, and am ready to do it all over again when I see she is doing something else.

I'm supposed to be lying on the floor holding the ball in the air with my feet. Then I'm supposed to roll my hips back and forth from one side to the other while keeping my shoulders flat on the floor.

YE GADS!! This is one of Nicole's deadly tricks. I have tried this one before, and know that it is a killer.

So okay. I get in to position and give it a try to my right side. By the time I get over to my left side, I am groaning in pain. My abs are killing me.

I manage to get over to the left, and when I swing back to the middle, you guessed it.

BALL doesn't want to do this, so attempts to run out the door.

I get up, chase it down, get back on the floor in position again, and try to do this thing with grace and ease, like the gestapo on the video is doing.

Again, I get to the right side, come back to the center, and POP! Lose the ball again.

I am now getting very good at crawling across the floor after the departing ball.

THIS time I do things MY way. I am on the floor, and I put both heels on the ball. I rotate from side to side. This seems to be working quite well, and the ball and I are in sinc.

Oh, there are lots more workouts to do on this DVD. There's the using of weights and the resistance band, too.

I do recommend it to all of you, with the caveat that you can do things at your own pace and in your own fashion, if that's what you need to do.

The point of this whole thing is to get cardio workouts. To get our hearts stronger, and to feel good about ourselves. We want to be healthy and in shape, right?

The last warning about these DVDs: You might want to wear knee pads so you can crawl all over the place chasing down that ball. I think I will get some new pads and just keep them in the room.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I laughed so hard at your blog that my ribs are hurting. It is funnier because that is exactly what happens when I am working with the ball on some of the exercises. I thought it was just me...must be the balls. lol Keep up your great work. You are doing an AWESOME job!!!
    Love and hugs,
    2607 days ago
    Thank you for making me laugh! I can so relate to what you're saying. I love Nicole's workouts, but find I'm usually about 10 minutes behind her- which is rather rough when it's only a 10 minute workout! emoticon
    2611 days ago
    Your blog cracked me up! I am always having to grab something to help out my balance. Good work on doing three of those in a row!
    2611 days ago
  • NEWNAC304
    Are you sure that was a strength training workout? It sounds more like cardio to me. Good luck with it!
    2612 days ago
    No wonder your glisten runneth over--chasing the ball alone is a cardio workout! I am going tonight to get those DVDs, and I will know now to make sure all breakable items and small animals (like my cat) are safely put away for when the ball gets away from me. You are going to be one well toned woman with all the workouts you are doing, my friend well done!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2612 days ago
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