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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yep, I blogged one day then missed a day. What a streak! But today is a new day, lol

I woke up with a screaming throbbing headache Sunday morning so I did not go to church. I know it was sunny and warm, but I did not even open the curtains, basically stayed as much in the dark as I could. Couldn't even nap in the morning, but around 3 or so, I did manage a little one. Settled in for the night around 9ish, and for me, actually got a few hours sleep in (I have a lot of sleep issues) Headache almost gone this morning.

I had 2 interviews today. Left at 8:30 and got home at 4:20, seems like a looooong day!

The first interview was at 10 am with an employment agency. I got there very early. Had I waited to take the next but, I would have been about 15 minutes late. I'd rather go early and wait, thank you very much transit.

The interviewer took me in almost as soon as I got there, so that was very nice of her. She could have made me wait for 45 minutes to interview time..... As a result of starting early, I was out early too.

I forgot to put a bar or snack in my purse so I thought this would be perfect, give me time to stop somewhere to eat. Only thing was, there wasn't really any place I could go. The place I was thinking of was actually a Tim Hortons and I did not want to eat there. Too much sodium in the soups and deli meats. Also, I asked at one time if they put peppers in their soups and they said they were made off site so they could not guarantee it, so I did not want to risk it. The thing they are really known for is their donuts. Now I love donuts, especially ones with bavarian cream in the middle and slathered with chocolate - but really anything covered in chocolate would do. Heck any donut would do.... But I did not succumb!

Instead I found my way to the location of the second interview. Turns out I was 1 1/2 hour early so I had a long wait. They had some magazines to I looked at pictures of a year in review. One of the people who was on the interview panel left very late for his lunch, so he was late returning. but it did not affect my interview much, and the lady before me, well they started her interview without him.

Not really impressed with the place - oh the people are nice, but the focus of the job was not the kind of work I really wanted to do and it is kind of a split job -- several hours a day covering someone else's desk for lunch, coffee breaks, potty breaks, running to the bank, and so forth. Plus it is a cleaning place so the smell of chemicals was overpowering. Not only was my throat dry and sore today in that short space of time, but my asthma would be playing havoc with me with longer exposure. So.....

I was kinda hungry by this time so did find a place to eat. I was almost finished when I started to feel ill. Still had to wait for the bus, not too bad there, but also had to transfer, and while I was waiting for the next one, I started to get a chill and tremor. My sister said it sounded like I was having a low blood sugar episode, but I told her it couldn't be as this happened (about 3/4 of an hour) AFTER I had eaten and I had carbs in my lunch - that always gets my sugars up there and fast!

I had other errands I planned to do today, but in the end just came home. It was already getting late and I really did not want to be out in the dark, not to mention that I just plumb did not feel like going out again. Well it will give me an excuse to go out tomorrow so I can get those errands done and out of the way.

Several weeks ago I had volunteered to help with leading the new 8-Week Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge. I just have to visit the team, welcome new members and Not give any medical advise, refer members back to their doctors for specific questions, , little things like that. Coach Tanya will be monitoring it and will handle any specific questions or concerns some team members will have. Doesn't sound too hard.

At first it was set to private as the programmers were doing whatever to try to get everything set up and working smoothly.

Well it was turned to public today. Boy, there are lot of people taking this challenge! I had set my preferences to get email notifications when someone new joins the team so I could welcome them. There wasn't anything (or should I say anyone) this morning before I left, but when I got home and fired up the computer, there was almost 700 members and now there are over 800. That's a lot of welcomes! I decided to do my own sparking first before I tackle this, but this is the last thing for me to do today, so now I guess I better get started. It could be a long night....
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  • RD03875
    I"m glad you are doing this! I joined!
    2584 days ago
    Nice blog Linda! Hope the first interview went well and you get the job! 700 is like I started with my email hell! Better get them done quick cos they soon mount up and before you know it you will have 1000.
    2584 days ago
  • CHAS1949
    Wow! That's a lot of welcomes! Good luck! You are a pretty busy person, with interviews and Spark business!!
    2585 days ago
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