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The Skinny on the New DVDs from Wal-Mart

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today I opened the package of the "Lose the Baby Weight Fast" DVD purchased yesterday from Wal-mart.

I thought I was in pretty good shape with all the workouts I have been doing on Spark, but this one kicked my butt!

I did two of the ten minute workouts; the resistance band and followed it by the one with the ball.

AGONY comes to mind.


She really gets you moving fast, and I have to tell you about the resistance band one first.

I'm supposed to hook my foot in to one of the handles, but I didn't listen to that part on the first go-round. I put MY foot into the half way mark of the resistance band, and held both handles with the opposite hand.

We are supposed to lift the right leg while holding the handles in the left hand. We are on our hands and knees, then we are supposed to extend the right leg out and up, repeating the movement.

Before I get a good grip on what I was doing, and wow. It was a TRUE resistance the way I was doing it..........she switches over to the left leg and right hand.

I still don't notice I am doing it "the hard way", so press on.

Then we are supposed to squat low on the resistance band, and lift our arms (holding the band, of course, by its handles) up over our head.

Now that doesn't sound too difficult, does it?

Just wait till you TRY it!

I was impressed that I could get my hands up to my shoulders! Ah, we do what we can, right?!

We go through more of the torture, then go backward in order from where we started.

I am amazed that I actually finished this one.

But because we are on Week 4 of the 28 Day Boot Camp, I click on the next workout. This one is using the ball.

I like ball workouts. They agree with me. So I get my trusty workout ball, knowing this will be a snap.

HA! The ball they are using has sand in it; mine does not. But I use what I have, right?

This gal must be who trained Nicole! She is BRUTAL!

She expects me to do lunges with the ball, swinging the ball and lunging at the same time.

Those of you who know me understand that swinging and lunging is not a wise thing to tell me to do. I am one of those people who has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time, much less swing a big ball and lunge!

I have no idea how to do what she is doing, and I am certain that what I am doing looks nothing like her demonstrations.

She carries us through with lunging, circles, and gets down on the floor with the ball.

I try to do what she says, but it just isn't the same, somehow. I keep dropping my ball, and forget about the lifting of my arms to meet the ball, and when it is time to do the swing thing with the ball, I am sure I can hear snickering in the back ground.

Let her snicker! At least I am getting a lot of workout crawling all over the room chasing down my ball.

My cat enters the room and hisses at me before she stalks out.

I have a firm grip on the ball with my legs and feet, take a look at what she is doing now, and realize I am a "bit" behind.

She is doing this roll out kind of thing, but a different kind of roll out. I am supposed to roll my body out on the ball until I am balancing on my chins and straightened arms.

Then I am supposed to be doing something other than rolling on to my face, which makes me roll off the ball on to the left-on-the-floor resistance band handles.

I try it again, and am amazed that I haven't broken my nose or at the least, given my self a good rug burn on my nose and forehead as I slide too far forward again. This time I fall into the corner of the desk.

Somehow I don't think this is going exactly the way it is supposed to do, but I keep floundering around until the end of the session.

My arms and abs are shaking from the workout. I am glistening. I need to walk slowly to get my heart rate down.

I need to clean up and do some harmless quilting.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are doing an AWESOME job just by trying and doing the best you can!!! WAY TO GO!!!
    2603 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this I guess I need to get into doing excerise dvd's again. I thought I was doing pretty good with my water arobics and swimming but after I read this is making me rethink on my workouts. Good luck on it I know you can do it. Let me know how you are doing. emoticon
    2607 days ago
    You really do put me to shame, you know--I guess I'd better get back over and get those DVDs before they're gone if I want to come anywhere close to keeping up with you! Your workout sounds like many of mine; I'm glad I do not have a big mirror to see how I look when I'm doing them as I know I don't look ANYTHING like the women on the screen. Way to go!!
    2608 days ago
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