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DETOX & CLEANSE... what's it all about...

Monday, January 24, 2011

So I hear many people talking about doing a cleanse... what the heck... does it work
what is the best approach to this cleanse... am i eating brown rice and drinking water or am I drinking some chalky drink that will make me poop.

And i am not even going to touch upon the how colonic thing that totally freaks me out..

I know there must be a good way for me to flush out my inside to make way to the new life style I want... but what is it..... what should i try.....

I did start my day off with a glass of water with lemon... what that will really do I have no idea...

Guess there is a lot of reading in my future on this topic...

Do you have an opinion please share with me... I always look forward to hearing other people's thoughts..


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    Good stuff. I was curious myself. Now I'm cautious

    2364 days ago
    My suggestion is just to work toward "clean eating" and "clean cooking". SP Coach Nicole has great articles about it. Basically, it's just eating whole, nutritious foods and cooking them by baking, stir-frying, or steaming.

    TOPS is about Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, because fad, quick-fix diets and gimmicks don't work. I copied the list of SP Fast Break Goals and shared it at TOPS, last night. Everyone chose 3 goals, one from each category, and committed to doing them. I thought it was a great way to get back some focus, since we had a horrible month, as a group. Even though I've reached my TOPS goal weight, and become a KOPS, I found 3 little goals that will move me forward, as I work to improve my fitness level while keeping the weight off.
    2545 days ago
    Don't do a colon cleanse!! It doesn't help (there is an episode of Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t about it), and in rare cases it can be harmful. My Aunt had one done and ended up having septic back up into her lungs. She had a foul case of pneumonia that almost killed her.
    2546 days ago
    /nutrition_articles.asp?id=706 for more info! good luck with whatever you choose!
    2555 days ago
    most "cleanses" are just dumb fads and actually do nothing. If you have a healthy system, your body cleanses itself (as human bodies have been doing for thousands of years!). Stories about impacted matter in colons and such are trivial, at best and outright lies, at worst. Some "cleanses" can be dangerous. Lts of times any weight loss you see is the result of dehydration. Truth is, if you eat right (including eating your RDI of fibre) and you are exercising, your body will most likely do better without a cleanse. I believe that SP actually advises against them!
    2555 days ago
    Ok, so I have no opinion here, but am really hoping there are some great responses. I too wondered if that was the way I should have started. Wasn't too keen on trying a bunch of pills that I had no idea what was in them or what they were actually supposed to do. I have also seen the cleanses where you are on a liquid diet to "clean out the pipes" Sounds gross, and I have no desire to give up my newfound friends fruits and veggies.
    For now I'm going to just continue with tracking my food, but any feedback would be great.
    2555 days ago
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