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TEAM Challenge Day 3--Cockiness Check

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ya see, just when you're going along so nicely, everything conspires to teach you that, no, you do not have this in the bag and yes, you will need to work at this forever.

Let me 'splain.

But first, the tally, please:

Tracking my food--5 points. It's not up on Spark yet, but I did it with paper and pencil. Every not so pretty bit of it.

Encouraging a teammate--5 points. More of a phone it in today. For a girl who got up at 3:45, I didn't have much free time on my hands today. ???

Cardio-- Wasn't easy. I got my 20 yoga in and hit the gym intending to do 60 at varying intensities (L3-12) on the elliptical, but I was on borrowed time as DD was at a friends and I needed to pick her up before the family began questioning whether they had a child abandonment situation on their hands. So I picked her up after doing 30 at intensities from 5-15 to make up for lost time.

No joke that I am going to need to stock up on the soap and shampoo. I stunk. That was a sweat the likes of which I haven't broken in...IDK...a year? Oh, sorry, is that too much for you to need to know?

Anywho, I was still short 10 but by that point I had a ready for dinner 7 year old on my hands and outside temps nearing the single digits. Time to get creative. I hauled both of our carcasses to the Home Depot, where I rarely buy anything (shop local, peeps!) but which has acres of smooth walking trails, otherwise knows as aisles. Plunked the girl in a cart with sudoku on the cellphone and power walked the perimeter, pushing 60 pounds of number crunching child. It wasn't the tops for fitness, but it counts. So there you go. 6 points.

Reflect--Yeah, yeah. 5 points. Last thing I want to do right now, since if I didn't mention it yet, I have been up for an eternity now! I know, it's like 18 hours, but I have to have my beauty rest!

Total: 21 points. Still on the express track to TEAM success.

Things I could have done better:

For the express track, today was one potential train wreck after another. Started strong, but started to eat my way through putting away the groceries. Nothing particularly unhealthy (7 Triscuits, 2 T of cottage cheese) but it would have been far worse if I hadn't stopped and written it down. I tell ya, that made me slam on the brakes and hard.

Football playoffs can suck it since my children have now come to understand that as Americans it is their Constitutional right (at least to hear them tell it) to get their passel of junque food like the rest of their pals during the games. They pretty much eat what I eat, which is not a lot of crap, so I've been going along with it the past few weeks. Supper tonight consisted of: *avert your eyes if you're squeamish about poor nutrition*

egg rolls
hot and sour soup
waffle fries
hot wings
celery and bleu cheese

Here's the thing. That little misstep with the Triscuits and cottage cheese? When faced with all that pile o' brown food, I was able to make good decisions. Thoughtful decisions. I didn't chow down because I wasn't starving, so I thought it out. I had the hot and sour soup (practically free in POINTS world) and then I asked myself what would I really regret NOT having tomorrow. The answer is and always will be hot wings. These were not some frozen, injected with lard, deep fried gar-bahge. I had just baked fresh wings and tossed them with 2 T of butter, 2 T of Red Hot and 2 t of vinegar. Really, in terms of "football food," relatively harmless. So I ate 7 of them. Cause they're small and cause I love them and cause they kept me from wanting a 300 calorie, injected with lard, deep-fried chimichanga. I had the celery, sans bleu cheese and a bowl of edamame. Football food, without ending up feeling like a linebacker.

Not my best day. But far from my worst.

Back to my routine tomorrow. Maybe we will have a week of school! Wouldn't that be nice?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon on the great choices! I need to have your mindset because if I even know some things are in the house I'm done, let alone cooked and ready right in front of me. your kids think it's a Constitutional right to enjoy snacks and football- LOL so do i! You go girl keep it up!
    2606 days ago
    You did amazing... I would have went for the chimichanga... but then again being married to a Mexican, I know my weakness, too... I don't care too much for hot wings, too much work without the payoff. I do like the buffalo breast strips
    2609 days ago
    You made some great choices and didn't deprive yourself of things you enjoy - which will help derail a binge later down the road when you start craving something. Moderation and balance!
    2609 days ago
    I think you did great picking the lesser of the evils on the football food. My kids complain all the time about the lack of junk in our kitchen. Lol. I'm not sure I could have used the restraint that you did, which is why I don't buy it. No self control.
    2609 days ago
    Yeah, that works! Ever do the buffalo chicken with skinless strips over brown rice? Delish!
    2609 days ago
    A full week of school? What's that like? Good job on your choices of football food, I would not be disappointed at all!
    2609 days ago
    Isn't the world a wonderful place when a person wishes for a full week of work to keep things in balance!?

    Could be better? Perhaps.....but choices could've been way worse, too!
    2609 days ago
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