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Part II: Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 (review for me- but that is always good!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am feeling a little behind in my reading at this point because I have already moved from Stage 1 into Stage 2... I wasn't reading The Spark when I started but got a plethora of information from the website to be able to do this stage move.

What I like about this lifestyle and Chris's philosophies is that I can do this at my OWN pace and even step back a stage if I feel the need to- after all stepping back a stage is NOT QUITTING... it is like there are finally other options besides doing it and quitting. For me I stayed in Fast Break (Stage 1) for 70 days- and I am sure that is not ideal but for me it was either I stay in that stage or I just quit all together. It took me that long to wrap my head around the fact that this is something I CAN DO, because as far as Chris was concerned I was doing it- even if it was at a turtle's pace and with the tiniest of tiniest of baby steps!! I did NOT feel failure once in those 70 days! Fast Break is taking a snap shot of what you do, and then spending time digesting (no pun intended) how you can make changes that will help you toward your goal. It takes what you are doing- makes you totally aware and then gives you space to figure out how to go about making the changes necessary that are set up in a doable, and NOT overwhelming manner. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU READ THIS CHAPTER IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING OUT... even before Chapters 1-5 (though chpts 1-5 are a MUST, if you are going to really get this whole mindset.

Chapter 7 - is the stage I am in now Stage 2, and after I read Chapter 8 I will better tell you when I think I may enter that stage. Right now in Stage 2 I am making conscientious food choices (even my burger and fries last night was conscientious.. I worked it in my day caloric wise and work out wise), journaling every bit and sip I take and making exercise a priority-- and that shocks the SH*T out of me!! Because I was very close to winning my couch potato trophy- no lying! I like this stage too and I think it is because I was truly done with Stage 1 and ready to move on... using my 70 day pace!!

The most helpful SPARK charts of information for me, are the ones on page 102 and 103 because it tells me what the smartest types of food choices are for me, and how many times a day/week and even includes a column about foods to avoid BUT Chris puts in parenthesis (only on special occasions) and this I LOVE because while he is saying avoid them he is not saying to deny yourself 100%. With this I was able to eat a burger, onion rings and a piece of cheesecake this week AND lose weight!! Are they foods I will work in to my weekly diet NO but they were "special or fun" occasions and I worked it in but exercising and monitoring what I ate during the other meals of the day. That column gives me hope that I will be able to do this and still have my favorite yummy treats once in a blue moon.

Other charts that help me are 114 and 115 -- the helped me to see that I don't have to cut my calorie intake that much to LOSE.. I have to switch around what I eat, paying attention and making sure I am eating my 40% carbs, 30%fats and 30% proteins- a ratio that I PICKED FOR ME.... using guidelines from the SPARK. It may sound like a lot of work- and some of it is but after some time it becomes second nature and a habit you want to cultivate. It really isn't so hard!

Just to update you (myself)- I am still working on what that long term goal... I now it is to weigh a certain amount BUT I really think there is more to it then that and for that I must be more thoughtful. I still have to make my visual collage and sign my "pledge"-- and these will get done but at my pace and I do LOVE that control. Signing the pledge is a no brainer- but I just learned about it this morning as I read through these two chapters so that will get done today!

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    Nice! You expand so nicely on what is in each chapter, I will check back to see what you post for the next chapters as well. I really like your comments on "no failure"--that is so different with Spark than with anything else I have tried. I have great hope that this time I can avoid "all or nothing at all" thinking that gets me into trouble in every area of my life. Thanks! emoticon
    2586 days ago
    Good job! I am also behind on reading - have only read through the first chapter. I, like you, spent a long time in Fast Break - I felt it was the only way I could get through the holidays successfully. And I did! So now I am eager to get moving on Stage 2. Continued good luck and you know I'm with you on this! emoticon
    2589 days ago
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