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Tiger Balm, China Gel and Biofreeze - my life savers!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank you Sparkians for all your support! I wasn't 100% sure about my P90 vs. P90x decision, but your guys have me 110% convinced!

The good news about today is that this morning I woke up and since the first time since Wednesday I could raise my arms above my head without tremendous pain from soreness. Yay! I am still very sore and a little slow moving, but at least I have some range of motion back. I am hoping to be healed enough by Tuesday to start P90.

The past few days I have been living a life full of tiger balm, china gel and bio-freeze, all topical muscle pain relievers. Here is my thoughts on them:

emoticon Tiger Balm - I like the smell (menthol and cinnamon!), but its kind of greasy and comes in a really tiny jar, so its hard to get out of the jar. It seemed to cool my muscles down and helped my swollen ankle when I used it on that. But it seems impractical for bigger areas (like my whole chest/arms!), simply because of its greasiness and the jar issues. I also tried the tiger balm patch - expensive, but I thought they worked alright. Didn't completely alleviate my soreness while I was wearing them, but I definitely felt them all night long! All in all, a product I'll keep in my gym bag for further use.

emoticon China Gel - I have a special love for China Gel because my yoga teacher massages it on our necks at the end of class while we are in our last pose. I love it. What I like about it for other reasons than Yoga is that it comes in a bigger jar and spreads really easy. Its a POWERFUL scent though - especially when I covered my chest and arms with it. Whew! And it makes me super cold! Brrrr. But it did seem to help, especially while to was cool on my skin. I was able to move my muscles more with it on than without it.

emoticonBiofreeze - Right of the bat I can say I don't like the consistency of this gel. Its goopy and I have texture issues, so it sort of freaks me out a bit (yeah, I am a little weird, I know). I also don't like how it dries on my skin. But I will say that this stuff is COLD! Just like putting an ice pack on. And the menthol smell is less than China Gel, but more than Tiger Balm. I think this stuff works too. Like the China Gel, with it on, I am able to actually move and it does help to alleviate the soreness for a little bit.

So, I have to say I like China Gel best and Bio-freeze second best. Though I can buy tiger balm at wal-mart, the others I have yet to find retail (I had to order them online). So the convenience isn't there. But that's a small thing. In any case, all three have been instrumental in me surviving the last week - I am not exaggerating when I say I could barely move my arms since Wednesday. It's been a really painful couple of days!

I went for a run on Friday. Actually I am super proud of myself because I woke up and did not want to go to the gym, but I made myself go. It hurt my pecs to run (who knew?!?) and I had a calf cramp half way through. Two excuses to stop and go home. But I didn't! I ignored my pecs (it was really just all the bouncing, I think) and just stopped for a sec and stretched my calf and then continued on. C25k W1D2 (yeah, I started over). I was proud of myself! On Friday I also ate great and made sure I gave myself a little extra calorie room for a drink (Vodka cranberry) at the concert I went to. I had fun (except my friend got really, really drunk - not cool).

Saturday I will admit that my eating sucked. Lets just say I started out the day in a really crappy mindset (I was super sore, didn't feel like moving, I was grumpy from my friend's shenanigans the night before and I was so freakin' tired - I had to work). So all day I just didn't care what I ate. Not that I went super overboard, but I definitely didn't help my own cause. And my water intake sucked because I was busy drinking caffeine to stay awake!!! Yuck! At some point I will figure out how to not let my eating habits be affected by my mood. Until that day rolls around though....

Today I feel better. I didn't have time to pack breakfast yesterday, so I got a long john pastry this morning, but I already have all my calories added up for the day and as long as I stick with my meals, this morning treat will be okay. I am determined to drink 12 -14 cups of water today and even though I know I'll be having caffeine, I am going to try to resist as long as possible. We'll see.

Since last Tuesday's official P4P weigh-in I have dropped 3.5 more pounds - now I'm 267.5. I am relieved about this! I wasn't having the best week last week...but I think all the exercise may have shocked my body back into action (its been almost 2 months since I've really given exercise a good effort!). I am glad the soreness of P90x hasn't slowed me down! That helps me see just how much I want this!

I have also come up with a new Goal prize for 250lbs. I am making it big because I will have officially lost 55lbs, which is a lot and I want to celebrate that! Plus I haven't been under 250 since 2008. So, to celebrate this awesome achievement, I am going to get a docking station/speakers for my IPOD. I want to start doing a dance everyday (I AM a DONE girl after all!) and I want to do that dance in STEREO! My current favorite dancing song is Pink's Raise Your Glass! The goal is 17lbs away, so for now I'll have to dance to my headphones, but someday soonish I will be getting those speakers! YAY!

Today I am going for a run after work. I bought a new water-bottle (although I forgot my heart rate monitor at home, darn!) and I am going to get busy! Work off those calories from yesterday. My official weigh-in is on Tuesday and I think I'd like to make it a nice round 4lbs loss.

Warrior On!

P.S. 100 days until my 1 year Sparkversary. I am going to ROCK the next 100 days and finish this year STRONG!!! Heck yes!
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