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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I said at the beginning of January that I had to get back to blogging, but something always seems to get in my way or distract me. So I decided that I would bite the bullet and MAKE the time!

So here is my day on Saturday, January 22, 2011.

BIL and niece came and picked me up today, we went to Value Village first where BIL got some ties to send to his son, and niece got a couple of vases so she has some place to put the rose garden she is crocheting (and doing such a good job of it too)

While they were looking around, I was looking at the hats and such, came across a nice hat with scarf attached (more like a hood, really. Too light weight for really cold days, but will work great over my other hat to hold it down over my ears so they don't get cold -- I hate it when the hat rides up and the cold gets in my ears as I am prone to ear infections -) Then I saw what I thought was a very long pair of mittens -- no it must be a pair of very long socks -- wait they are leg warmers! So I just had to buy them. It can get darned cold here at times and will be able to wear them either over or under pants to keep the legs warm. YES! (Up 'til now I have had to wear 2 or even 3 pairs of pants and felt like the Michelin Tire Man!) Of course, some day I could loose enough weight that I might be able to buy snowpants, but until that day, I'll wear the leg warmers and be doggone glad I found them.

Then he drove me to the bank so I could check to make sure my cheque had came in. It had. Yippee!! I can buy some groceries!

Went up to sis's and BIL cut my hair with the Flowbee. I think I will look fairly professional when I go for my interviews on Monday. My hair is so fine and thinning to boot so I need any help I can get. My sister suggested dying my hair but I am allergic to most dyes (I found that out when I was in my 30's) so I just don't go there but scraggly hair won't give a good impression whatever the colour. So ....

Then BIL took sis and me shopping. They went to Zellers so they could pick up a couple of other things to send to their son as they are sending him a Care Package next week... then off to Safeway for a couple of things on sale for me, then we went to a place they have up near where they live, called “no frills”. They were having a sale, so many items at $1. I got a lot of veggies!. I even got a couple very small squash. A butternut and a small Acorn. I have never had them before - the only squash I ever bought before was spaghetti - but figure it is about time to expand another horizon and they were soooo cheap! Hope they turn out ok and I like them.

Another store is supposed to have inside/outside round roast on sale at $4.41 per kg but they were sold out so we each got a raincheck. I want to make some beef jerky and like nice lean roasts for that. Hope to go back on Tuesday to fill my raincheck.

Had supper at her place then BIL drove me home, got in about 8.

It was so warm and sunny here today for a change. Gotta love it while we have it! BUT with all the melting then will freeze overnight so kinda worried about all the idiots on the streets tomorrow who will be slipping and sliding away and no slow down. I heard there were over 300 accidents the other day when it was snowing.

That sun on the snow today was quite pretty, at least the snow that wasn't all brown from pollution. I want to take some pictures of all the snow. Boy there is so much the streets are down to only 1 or 1 1/2 lanes each way. Nowhere to push it to the side, in fact on one street there was a snowbank in front of another snowbank! And so hard to see over those piles to see if there is someone coming around the corners. Some of the snow banks are almost 10 feet high. I don't know how anyone could shovel it up to the top... Is shovelling (heaving) snow an Olympic sport?

I heard that the lot where the city "stores" the snow already has over 100 feet of snow (ok how do they get the snow up 100 feet in the air. Anyway, they are now looking for another place to "store" it because they can't put any more there! Gosh I hope it doesn't all melt all at once, it would be like a mini Tsunami (sp).

Well my legs are swollen again so time to put the footrest up on the lazy girl chair and “drain” them.

Hope everyone had as great a day as I had!
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