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Ferry Walking and ruining the whole thing!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yesterday I had to take DH over to Seattle for his endoscopy. We took the ferry over.

Usually, when I am on the ferry, I am either out on the bow, taking photos, or sitting inside where it is warm and I watch the beautiful scenery.

Yesterday was different.

I knew my back and I were in for a long day of sitting, sitting, sitting, so I knew I had to take extra measures to ward off back pain.

So all the while we were on the ferry, I was walking laps. I was wearing my pedometer, but not looking at it at all until the end.

I thought I was going to seem a bit "weird", walking laps on the ferry. But wait a minute! Didn't I just see this guy walking on the other side? I can swear I did. And this elderly couple.........I have seen them on the other side, too, and they were walking in the opposite direction. Must be a coincidence.

I keep walking another lap, and sure enough, there is that guy again. He is walking much slower than I am, but he is certainly walking around the ferry like I am.

And here comes that perky elderly couple, just chipping away those steps lively. I also notice that they are swinging their arms, too.

We keep encountering each other as we do our laps, and there are smiles exchanged and quick greetings each time. We are doing this together, and we silently celebrate that by exchanging eye sparkles and encouraging words.

The water is a bit choppy, and I realize why sailors walk the way they do. I get better balance when I spread my feet farther apart.

Sail awy, sail away, sail away!!!!

By the time the ferry docked and I was back in the car, I checked. Goodness me! Chalk up one mile.

Then on to the intermidable search through the VA. Nobody knows there way around there. Long corridors, then more long corridors, all extremely poorly marked.

I get DH delivered, then head out to the car dealership where I need to have more keys made for my Buick. I have about 3 hours.

I get to the dealership, and that takes a long time. One of those sit and wait times. I do some walking outside of the dealership, going around their long block a couple of times. I still haven't checked the pedometer since the ferry.

I decide when I get out I will check out a "near enough" quilt shop, but when I get there, I look at the time, and realize I do not have enough of it to even enter the shop.

So back in the car I go, and pick up DH from the VA.

I wander those long corridors again until I find him, and then WE wander the corridors until we find an exit that leads to the parking lot.

We were planning on getting some dinner on the way home, but DH is pretty ditsy from the meds, so I drive straight through Tacoma and on our way to the Peninsula.

We talk about stopping in at Fat Smitty's at the fork where we either go to Port Townsend or on toward Sequim, and pull in there, very hungry.

Fat Smitty's is closed. We are both REALLY hungry now, since neither of us has eaten anything all day other than coffee and juice. GRUMP!!

I continue to drive straight through to home, and when we get here, I finally get out of the car. I have been mainly sitting in that car now for about 5 hours.

YEEEEEIIIIIIKES! My back is all stiffed up, and I have a hard time in standing up straight.

I head up the driveway for a walk to loosen things up a bit, and DH has been relegated the task of putting 4 eggs on to boil.

Back inside, I finally take off my jacket and shoes, then remember the pedometer.

Holy CATS!!! 4.25 miles!!

Now THAT's the way to go back and forth to Seattle!!

I make us a salad of romaine, chicken, onions, tomatoes, eggs and blue cheese. I put Balsamic vinegar on mine. A glass of milk, and Hey! I'm doing great.

Then comes the trouble. With a Capital T.

I open up a sleeve of Oreos. I eat six Oreos before I notice. Yep. SIX.

Amazingly, I close up the sleeve and have no more.

I wound up with being too low on my calories and carbs, within range of sodium and protien, and one stinking point over the fats. Doesn't sound TOO bad, right?

Except when I look at my daily food chart, I blew 45% of my total daily intake on FATS.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day. I think I will start it off with some good steel cut oats for breakfast.

emoticon And no matter how LOUDLY those Oreos call, I am not giving in!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Fats are a good, strong, potent energy source - and it sounds like you expended a lot of energy during your day -

    2609 days ago
    Sounds like you did a good job on eating only six of those Oreos. WAY TO GO on your walking. I think overall you had a pretty good day Sorry you always have to sit and wait on so many things but glad you took care of that with walking. AWESOME!!!
    2609 days ago
    Well now you know why there are NO cookies in my house. If they're there, I'm into them. I know you won't let it happen again any time soon, so I'm not worried about you.

    Good job on the walking.


    2610 days ago
    Wow! You stopped at six?? Good for you! Just think about all the things you did RIGHT! You go, girl!
    emoticon emoticon
    2610 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    Those sneaky little Oreos!!!! But you did great with your walking so hopefully they balanced out! Sometimes things like that happen when you get too hungry! Have a great weekend! emoticon
    2610 days ago
    Told you I liked walking, but I can't quite do as many miles as you do, I really don't think my pedometer goes that high. (Yeah, Right!!!)......I also like Oreo's, so understand completely why you gave in....If only you had eaten something during the day you might have been able to resist those Oreo's and left them unopened.... Best of luck today.
    2610 days ago
    I hope you dotn mind I poke a hole in your balloon! But...Just think if you had some celery instead of those Oreo cookies, all those miles would not have been for nothing! Silly Gal! You could have drop at least a pound; now you may have put on one instead. I am sure. It happens! Maybe you ought to pre-cut a baggie full of celery and be prepared for a better snack. That way when you get the urge to snack, you will be preapred! Hope tomorrow you have a better self control over Oreos! And a day for losses! lol
    2610 days ago
    Way to go on getting all those miles in! It's dangerous to go that long without eating, though--makes you way too vulnerable to the siren song of things you might otherwise be able to resist. Let's face it, though; Oreos or any cookies emoticon are just plain EVIL! emoticon
    2610 days ago
    We all fall. The trick is to get right back up. Sounds like you're on it. emoticon
    2610 days ago
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