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Beware of the Dreaded Pogonip

Friday, January 21, 2011

It was close to 0 this morning. I'm not sure of the exact temp because I forgot to look at the thermometer when I first got up and by the time I did look the morning was already half over and it was a huge 7 degrees. LOL.

Bitter cold, dangerous wind chill factors, snow, sleet, freezing rain, winter mix, ice pellets, sneet, snain, etc. - that's our forecast for the next week. Okay, I made up the last 2 but have you ever been watching something fall from the sky and had no idea what to call it? If it's not quite sleet and not quite snow and not quite rain but a combo of two of them what is it? I call it sneet or snain. LOL.

As many of you know I'm a NOAA Storm Spotter. I've been into weather since I was a young child as my grandmother was petrified of storms. As a teenager she was in the worst tornado in history - the tri-state tornado of 1925. Her home town was the worst hit. It was pretty gruesome and several schools were demolished in southern Illinois. A lot of children were killed. My grandmothers entire family of 11 survived but she never forgot the resulting fires and hearing people scream who were trapped in their houses while they burned alive.

So at an early age it was my desire to find a way to control the weather and it's still a goal of mine. LOL. I liken it to being a demi-god. I want to be the goddess of weather, Caillech. LOL. I built my own weather station in 8th grade and gathered my own meteorology information. I'm sure my teachers were thinking at the time, "This girl is a freak!" But I still like weather.

Meterorology is very interesting. One of my favorites weather conditions is the pogonip. It's a Shoshone native American word for cloud which refers to an ice fog. A pogonip is something that occurs in the Rocky mountains. A pogonip killed a lot of people in a Colorado wagon train many years ago. Fog ice crystal "needles" entered the wagon train members lungs when they breathed and shredded their lungs. TOTAL SCREAM!! I've been paranoid of Colorado and pogonips ever since.LOL. We don't have pogonips here but I'm always wary anyway. Beware the dreaded pogonip.

Now that I've scared you half to death I will just say nightie night, don't let the bedbugs bite, see you tomorrow night.....................Yes,
other thing I'm paranoid of. Total freak.

(Disclaimer - Pay no intention to this blog. It's insanity precipitated by S.A.D.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Okay...we need to get your some sunshine...quick! So, funny that you mentioned the pogonip. DD was telling me that I once told her that she was making baby clouds when you go outside and can see your breath. (I'm not so sure I came up with that...think she's giving me credit for something someone else told her...but I'll take it.) Hmmm....controlling the weather...sounds like a good ambition to me! Good luck with that...when you get it figured out, I would like to have it rain only over night...and be sunny and warm 70's every day at my house...putting my order in early! Spark on! emoticon
    2100 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon We have the cold but got the chance to see the sun a bit this morning too. Hope you get to see some soon. It makes a huge difference.
    2101 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    2101 days ago
    We have got to get you some sun and warmth!!
    2101 days ago
    If I'm ever on Jeopardy and the category is "Things that shredded wagon train members' lungs in the Rocky Mountain", I'm going to give you half of my winnings!

    Hey, Caillech, can you fix this miserable cold and snow soon!

    I like your blogs. I learn something darn near every day...whether I want to or not - lol.
    2101 days ago
  • JANC319
    Crossing Colorado off my list of possible vacation sites.
    I really don't do well in the mountains, so this was an easy thing for me to do.
    2101 days ago
    Interesting. Never heard of a pogonip.
    I wish you could control the weather and send some heat my way.

    2101 days ago
    Wow, I've been out on a day that felt like what you describe as pogonips... Glad I survived it, in spite of my ignorance!
    2101 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    My, my, my - you need to invest in a sun lamp and a postive book.

    Hang in there - spring will be here eventually.

    Think Spring......

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Huggers, Sunny
    2101 days ago
    Pogonips! The word sounds funny--you would never guess it's something so frightening!! Like an endearment for someone you love--you're my little pogonips!!! My husband does some traveling for work so I am so paranoid about bed bugs!!! I even gave him an article to put in his suitcase about avoiding bedbugs in hotels. They truely creep me out. Head lice do that to me, too. Have a good weekend! (My husband loves weather, too. He watches all the weather channels plus online sites)
    2101 days ago
    Interesting... I have never heard of pogonips. On the other hand, I'm very familiar with tornadoes. I live in Texas!
    2101 days ago
  • JAYJO64
    One more reason to be afraid of Colorado. A lot of serial killers originated there too!! emoticon
    2101 days ago
    Interesting post. I have learned a new term today! emoticon
    2101 days ago
    Hmm.. Pogonips and Bedbugs. Sleeping outside must be a nightmare. Frozen Bedbugs (Pogobugs)? emoticon emoticon
    2101 days ago
    Somehow I knew you had a fixation on the weather !! I get a report most days!! woo hoo way to go my friend I am back!! emoticon
    2101 days ago
    Whoa! I knew in some parts of northern Alaska you cannot go outside and breathe because you lungs will freeze at certain times of the year, but shredding your lungs with ice, ouch! So, I am reading this just before bed, you are just too full of vinegar tonight we need to get you some LIGHT so your SAD affliction will go away and leave us alone!LOL Thanks for the laugh though, needed it right before bed because for me that is the scariest part of my husband's care.
    2101 days ago
    I'm proud of you, you have come up with a weather condition that my dh has never heard of. He is going to have to research that one, sistah. Hee hee. He is like you. He's told me the weather forecast everyday for the last 46 years. It just excites him. He also has a NOAA weather radio and knows all the weather systems around the world. We have friends and relatives that call him for the weather report and predicts better than the TV meteorologists.

    So, you don't seem weird to me at all. Try again.
    2101 days ago
    For all the harm, a pogonip sounds pretty darn interesting! It reminds me of pioneer times in this region, when you didn't dare leave the house without a tether in hand. Folk medicine vs. nature; very insightful stuff!
    2101 days ago
  • M0PPET
    You are a strange and fascinating lady. I like it. emoticon
    2101 days ago
    LOL... You did scare me half to death. I live in California so I guess I have nothing to worry about.


    2101 days ago
    That is so interesting! I live up in Northern British Columbia, Canada, and we often get ice fogs when we dip down in the -30C area and it is trying to snow. I have seen them my whole like and never knew it actually had a name. It hurts when you breathe it in sure... but shred your lungs.. haha!
    2101 days ago
    Wow... interesting....
    2101 days ago
    Speaking of of our group homes had them at least 3 times now. They are sweeping across the east coast. Yuck, I never say that bedbug thing anymore.
    2101 days ago
    Again - incredible writing. Pogonip will now go into those archives in the mind of information that comes back at odd times. I currently have a client in Colorado....not giving that any more thought. Hope things clear up soon although doesn't sound like it's going to be this weekend!! Stay warm!!
    2101 days ago
    pogonips how interesting is that for sure lol
    the lady mary
    chilly here or i'm chilled can't figure out which except really shaky and the muscles are all just chillled you know how when you sep out the door for a few minutes and come back in and the body shivers for sure
    2102 days ago
  • LYNNE311
    I share your paranoia of bedbugs, eeeuuwww!!! But pogonips, now that's a new one on me (maybe because I'm an East Coast girl. Something new to keep an insomniac awake at night.

    2102 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/21/2011 10:13:38 PM
    I remember hearing about the Tri-State Tornado, isn't that the one that also rained fish in one town? My second child is also fascinated by weather, he can "feel" a storm coming. Not a cloud in the sky, nothing on the radar, weatherman says sunny all day, but when this kid says storm, you had better batten down the hatches, cuz one is coming. This is also the same kid that as a young boy was inside the house before the thunder sounded after the first flash of lightening no matter how far from home he was. Funniest thing I ever saw.
    2102 days ago
    omg, you are
    2102 days ago
    Now the pogonip sounds like something Stephen King would come up with! Not unlike the Northeast's wendigo, I imagine. I always think of the wendigo as a kind of Indian hairy monster carried on the wind. But now I'm going to have to look it up, because I bet I'm wrong and it has nothing to do with weather.

    I just googled it, and it's even worse than I thought ... but nothing to do with the weather.

    I feel like we're sitting around the campfire telling scary stories.

    2102 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/21/2011 10:14:13 PM
  • 0309COOKIE
    I just read where bedbugs are becoming resistant to insecticide. How's that for fueling your paranoia?
    2102 days ago
    Somethings gonna give.M what have you been watching.I will be awake all night long, I am a very impressionable old lady.

    HUGS M and dont let the bed bugs Bite Pat in Maine emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2102 days ago
    Huh? I am not planning on living in Colorado so I quess I have nothing to worry about!
    2102 days ago
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