Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I was so happy to see that in the last month I lost six pounds. I was especially happy and surprised that I lost that much since the holidays were in the middle of the last month. Now I am not so happy. When I weighed myself on Saturday, I had gained back one pound. I know, one pound isn't much, but when you have more than 100 pounds to lose, gaining back one pound can be quite a shock. Seeing that I gained back that one pesky pound was a shock since my body felt like it had lost more weight. So what is going on here? Is it my scale? Or, is it my body playing tricks on me?

The last two days I have felt like going to the store to buy chips and salsa, then sit and enjoy. Am I subconsciously wanting to sabotage myself because of the one pound gained? Am I mourning the loss of the happiness felt when I lost six pounds in a month because of the one pound gained? I do not know, but I can tell you that so far I have not gone to the store to buy chips and salsa. However, I cannot promise that I will not go to the store to buy them. They are constantly on my mind every waking moment.
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  • DEBRAW1124

    Actually I lost 1/2 inch in my hips even though I gained a pound. Thank you for reminding me that I may have lost inches.

    2405 days ago
  • DEBRAW1124
    Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions.

    2405 days ago
    Oh! Muscle weighs more than does fat, but takes up less space per pound--so you might be slimmer yet have gained a bit of weight.
    2405 days ago
    Make a low-sodium salsa in a food processor or blender: raw tomatoes, raw celery adds a fresh flavor and limits the need for added salt, a pepper of some sort (Wear latex-styled gloves when handling hot peppers and take out the seeds to reduce the heat if desired.), some tomato paste--just a Tabl at first to not overpower the fresh flavors--adds a real depth to the flavor and also some thickness.

    A lot of people add some onion, but chop it separately and let the air get to it for 10 minutes before adding it, else the flavor almost disappears.

    Another way to thicken the salsa is to cut the tomatoes in half and squeeze them gently over a bowl to empty the seeds. Seeds are nutritious and can be added to other things, or just drink them down.

    Don't add salt if you get some baked chips that have salt. Some people bake cloves of garlic, still in the skins and drizzled with olive oil, until soft, at about 325 degrees F, then squeeze out the soft innerds and put it in. Fresh basil is OK for some people, but not so much for most.

    I like to dry-pan toast something like Irish rolled oats, to crisp them a bit. Then I add a bit of salt, and use this for a crust/crushed chips and such. I sometimes add a touch of butter, but usually just a bit of salt.
    2405 days ago
  • ROX2013
    You can have salsa and chips just be sure to include them in you daily meal plan. And don't be so hard on yourself. We all have days when it seems like it isn't working and all the time spent is not worth alot. But you are wrong, every step is a step in the right direction and one lb can be just water gain or scale is off or many things. Maybe see if you have lost inches, sometimes when my scale doesn't cooperate I check my measurements, pretty often I have lost inches. emoticon
    2405 days ago
    Dear Struggling:
    Chips are salsa are not necessarily bad if you include them in your plan for nutritious foods. You could work them in. The question is do you want to pay the nutritional dollars they cost. One alternative might be to bake a couple of low fat tortillas, break them into quarters and enjoy them with the salsa. This is a great snack and a very controllable food source. It would be especially good if you could find the Thompson high fiber tortillas. They are really good for wraps and snacks.

    On the other hand, if the chips and salsa is your way of rewarding yourself for a gained pound, I suspect all the chips and salsa in the world is not going to help. Don't allow yourself to loose self-control. Only you can control this, so take control. We all have been down that road. One serving of food becomes a bag of food and another pound or two!! One pound gain, although not what we want is really not that big a deal in light of the process. As women, we can shift weight up to 5 pounds and not be doing anything different/wrong. Rethink your thinking. Do you believe that in this weight loss journey you would always loose and never gain? It doesn't work that way. But we can stay focused and consistently loose over any months time line.

    You might also consider taking some extra time to be good to yourself. Walk with a friend, meditate on something that makes you feel good. Buy a relaxing CD and listen to it quietly. I have one CD that I find very relaxing. It is called Feng Shui: Music for balanced living. It is a little different from most of our CDs but it does help one to relax and breath deeply. You can find it on Amazon. Find something that will reduce the stress in your life and do it! You can make it!
    2405 days ago
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