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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well I have to say it was a rocky start. I have been weighing myself daily again and I had gained 3 pounds before the end of the week where I lost those three and another. So good news is I lost one pound. (and actually I feel like I did lose 4 but the other bastards dont count)
Im faithfully entering my food into the tracker and thats been very useful although difficult at times. I guess Im going to have to admit that salt is an enemy of mine. All these years of my doctor telling I needed to cut back on my salt intake did not make a difference to me. Hell.. I hardly add any salt to my foods so what did he know? (maybe the high blood pressure gave him a hint...)One week on the food tracker of this site and already Im on board with this lower sodium intake thing. Damned stuff is in every single packaged food out there. The only stuff devoid of salt is on the fresh foods shelves of the grocery store. So I have worked hard at getting as many fresh veggies and fruits as I can muster mister. But then comes the task of turning these lovelies into meals that my husband will enjoy as much as I. He loves everything I have prepared so far. Well... except for the lentil mush I tried to pass off as bean dip. But hes such a dear.... all he said was "interesting....honey WHAT EXACTLY is in this?"
Im married... duh... I had a nice carreer in the electronics industry for many years, and then turned my hobby of cake decorating into a home based business for 10 years. But years of hunkering over cakes in the same position long into the wee hours of the night left their toll on my back and I had to give that up. I went back into the electronics field when we moved from CA to OH. I had one great company I worked for 5 years at. But after that company moved I drifted from one miserable job to the next until I finally gave up and retired. Im only 54 years old, but I decided that I would rather spend my time running the household than hassling with company politics.
The side product of this retirement plan was that I started to sit around on my ass all day and play on the computer. It kept my brain engaged while my ass just grew larger and larger. So I started searching for activities that would get me out of the house, into the fresh air and on the road to better health. I took up biking. I actually love biking. There is a lovely trail very near to where I live and I go for daily rides in good weather. But sadly... when I set foot outside in cold weather my back throws a fit and leaves me in pain the rest of the day.
On the top of my wish list is a Wii with the fitness programs... but for now Im just struggling... Spring is a long way off here in Ohio. So I simply must do something. Ive started getting up and dancing wildly around the room. I dont log that into my fitness tracker because that would look silly! But its a start! So on with week 2....
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    Good point Deb! But I think I need to set some sort of gluideline for logging it... like I cant log it if I havent broken a sweat or gone past 10 minuets?
    2589 days ago
    I just got the "dancing with the stars" video from Netflix ... and when I dance with it, you can bet I'm going to take credit.
    2589 days ago
    aw thanks for the encouragement!
    2589 days ago

    Dance would look silly? If you did as much dancing as your avatar you wouldn't be on this site. Of course you can entre dance as exercise. If you type 'disco' into the cardio search you'll find that 10 mins = 120 cals. It's great fun to have the music up high and dance around the house doing chores.

    2589 days ago
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