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Chemo and pain specialist appointment today

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We had a storm system move through last night, it triggered a migraine which started around 4am. I took my Imitrex and it started working fairly quickly and thankfully I was able to fall back asleep. Woke up this morning with a little bit of a lingering headache, but an Excedren took care of that. Also woke up with same pain in my back, arm and shoulder, which I am sure is from the cold and damp weather.

We had a quite a bit of snow overnight, so I had to clean off my car and move it for the plow again, and do some shoveling. Thankfully it was not so cold today; I was actually starting to get a little too warm while shoveling. I had a little more snow than usual in my walkway, but I took my time and tried to be careful with my sore arm and shoulder.

I had chemo early in the afternoon; that went fine. We stopped at Rite Aid for a few things I needed, then came back home for about an hour, then it was time for my appointment at the pain clinic. Between all the time I sat in my oncologist's office, and the waiting to see my doctor at the pain clinic, I got the book I started last night almost read.

He is going to talk to my oncologist about getting another bone scan, just to rule out that there are bone mets there; it's rare to get them in the arm or shoulder, but it does happen. In the meantime, he gave me a nerve block to hopefully get some relief for a few weeks. I see him again next month. My shoulder isn't hurting much now, it's still numb from from what I was given before getting the nerve block. For some reason, my other arm where I received the sedative injection is stinging in that area.

He also gave me a prescription for a different pain pill to try.

I normally have to take to a sleeping pill the night I have chemo, but with the sedative today, I may not have too.

Editing to clarify something: I already have cancer in my bones, they are just checking to see if they have spread to the bones of my shoulder too.
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