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An Apology to My Chiropractor

Monday, January 17, 2011

So I walked home tonight. Remind me not to do that again after a bout of freezing rain. In a 45 minute walk home I slipped and caught myself more times than I can count (throwing my back in about 100 different directions - and after I JUST had an adjustment on Friday) after actually falling once right outside the doors of my office. Whoops. I landed hard on my right knee, straining my right groin muscle on the way down, but oddly enough, though I can feel the bruise on that knee as I write this, it's my left knee that hurts. I must have twisted it trying to hold myself up as my body wrenched in the other direction. My physical pain will heal, my pride - maybe not so much. I HATE falling in public. Urgh. And I did it right in the middle of a busy street in front of a ton of cars and people. Oh well.

I think my decision to continue to walk home after that was pig headed at best. I was pissed and so I was going to beat that damn ice. Every time I slipped, I picked up and just kept going. At one point I started laughing out loud (after shouting profanities of course). People must have thought I was a crazy person. Haha.

Anyway - I'm recuperating now at home, listening to the rain continue to fall outside. I'm disappointed. This likely means I won't be able to run tomorrow morning unless it warms up a bit and melts the ice. Freezing rain of this kind that coats everything isn't something that even my YakTrax can handle.

But maybe, if I can't run tomorrow morning, I'll bring them with me to work and try that walk home again tomorrow night. And this time I'll stay on two feet!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hope you're okay! You're a braver woman than I am.
    2553 days ago
  • CYD1057
    Just found you and your awesome blog! You are an amazing inspiration!! Sorry that you hurt yourself; that stinks. But I am also sorry to say that I found myself chuckling at your blog because I think all of us who live in Chicago (or any other snowy area) can TOTALLY relate to this post. I know I felt like you were describing situations I have been in - especially the falling in public thing - more than once! Hang in there!!! And take care.
    2554 days ago
  • RIGBY31
    Cannot imagine slip sliding around town! And as for those cars and people at the intersection, they probably thought *dang, glad that's not me* and went on their merry way. Hope your knee doesn't take you out of action.
    2558 days ago
  • WYND10
    Yikes. That doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. I am sorry you hurt yourself. I can only imagine you walking around outside cursing out loud. Take care of you.

    2558 days ago
    I know- we're getting it today.
    I had to go pick up my granddaughter Lucy this morning but, other than that, I am not leaving the house!
    I hate ice!
    Hope you're ok.
    Should you ice your knee?

    2558 days ago
    Ice is the absolute worst. Snow is no big deal, but ice really scares me. We got about an inch of snow last night, followed by freezing rain. We had the option of taking a vacation day or going into work, so both Pat and I are taking vacation: both of us know how to handle ice but most of the yahoos here in DC don't. So rather than risk getting smashed into by some Southerner or foreigner (lots of Latin American immigrants in our neighborhood), we're staying safely indoors. Pat doesn't know this yet, but I'm going to make him set my bike up in the stationary rack so I can do some cardio. emoticon
    2558 days ago
    giiirl! that was a crazy idea! i almost busted my butt just walking about 5 feet on the sidewalk to take the dog out last night. it was such a mess!
    hope you're okay. take a rest day if you need to! gotta keep your back and knees healthy!
    2558 days ago
  • KEC1974
    I am so scared of ice and wet leaves. The metal manhole covers have been wet these past few days and my foot has slipped often. I haven't fallen, but I get this adrenaline burst and my stomach lurches and twists and I have this fear that I will hurt myself.
    I hope you heal completely and have a safe winter!
    2558 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    oh my, I HATE ice, Im so scared of slipping and hurting myself badly.
    2558 days ago
    Ice is so dangerous, becareful out there sweety!
    2558 days ago
    I hope you have a swift recovery. I think sometimes it's better to just let yourself fall when you feel you're going down. It may damage your dignity but the rest of you stays relatively in tact. Fighting to keep your balance just seems to put your whole body out of wack. Whereas if you let yourself fall, it's most often just your butt that suffers. The YakTrax sound like a good plan. Tomorrow you can cruise along while all the other pedestrians are scrambling to maintain their dignity.
    2558 days ago
    It was so slippery out! I'm glad you're ok, sorry that you fell though. But good for you to laugh out loud at the situation! That is such a sign of the change in you, I think it is awesome to be able to laugh at ourselves. Great plan for tomorrow to bring your Yak Trak to work and try to walk home again. I hope your bruises heal soon and that your back isn't too hurt from the icy walk. I was insane enough to bring Lucy and Marlo to a local concert tonight and I almost slipped twice while holding Marlo, it was scary.
    2558 days ago
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