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The Jeans

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Every so often, my dryer has a mind of it's own. I mean, it'll take my husband's clothes - only his, mind you - and get it in it's mind that it's going to shrink them! Yes, you heard me right. Clothes (and especially pants) that he's had forever, and that have been washed dozens, maybe hundreds of times will suddenly be too tight on him! It has to be the dryer, or so he tells me. Um, Yeah. Right.

Well this has been going on for years, and usually eventually the pants seem to stretch out again, and we go along on our merry way. But this time, that dryer has gone too far. It has attacked MY jeans! It's true.....jeans that I have been wearing for almost a year now, that have gone from being my tight, incentive jeans to my comfortable everyday jeans, and which were a bit more snug than I like lately but were still worn consistantly suddenly wouldn't fit over my belly today!

I find this especially strange since yesterday's weigh-in showed a 1-pound loss. Now one pound isn't anything to write home about, but it's a pound in the right direction, right? So I checked the scale again this morning after my unsuccessful attempt to put my jeans on. The pound was still missing. Hmmmmm. So I tried a trick I used to use years ago. Back in my younger days, when tight jeans actually looked nice. I got them on as much as I could, and then I laid down on my bed, and buttoned and zipped them the rest of the way up. Voila! I was in my jeans! The problem was though that they were so tight I was in physical pain. Not tight in the butt or the thighs, or anywhere else. Just in my big ol' gut. It was clear that I was not going to be able to wear these jeans today.

Now, this posed quite a dilemma. I have been in this size for some time now, and as such I gave away all my bigger jeans. I was only going in one direction, and I only have so much room in my those bigger jeans were no longer needed. Except sadly, now they are. And comfy as they are, I can't go out in public in my sweats. (Well, maybe for a couple of quick errands, but that's all!) And my work pants don't seem to have a problem - only the jeans! So I did what I swore I would never do. I bought a new pair of bigger jeans. They aren't "nice" jeans....they are $16 jeans from Wal Mart. And I'm wearing them now, and I can breathe, so that's good. They are quite loose in the hip and thigh area, (too loose actually....not a good fit at all) but decidedly snug (but not too much so) around the waist. I guess things are shifting. So these'll have to be my go-to jeans until I lose a few more....then I can hopefully start wearing my stylish, other jeans again.

Damn Dryer!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sharon,oh my the memories you bring back! But this too will pass,& you took the high
    road & stuck with jeans(no sweat pants!)-it won't be long until that evil dryer makes nice
    with you again!
    2614 days ago
    Hey, my dryer is just like yours! LOL I learned at an earlier age, not to give stuff away, with graves disease, I am up and down all the time, little better now than used to be. I keep 3 dif. sizes of Jeans. Like yours, not all are good ones, salvation army is where I get them, for my hang around home jeans. They are not the best, but comfortable. Then I have one good, nice fitting ones, in all 3 sizes. Never can tell when the dryer will show its ugly face again!
    2616 days ago
    Ugghhhh! I hate it when that happens and I feel I'm not far behind you.... my jeans are feeling snug when I can remember when they were feeling too big. Darn dryer! least we're still here and still trying - and really, it's not supposed to feel like we're moving the wrong way when we know we're doing so much more that's better for us! They will be looser again before you know it, I am confident for both of us!
    2616 days ago
    Jeans have never been my friend....always too uncomfortable SOMEwhere! So I finally broke down and went to Lane Bryant and spend $40 on a pair that SHOULD have fit me perfectly, according to all guidelines. They are not tight. They are not too long. But the waist IS too big (I thought they would shrink) and have to wear a belt, which IS uncomfortable. *sigh* Jeans are still not my friend. Hope your dryer is fixed soon. emoticon
    2617 days ago
    2617 days ago
    Wow, that dryer just has a mind of it's own. Hopefully, you've collected enough money from the washer and dryer to pay for the new jeans. (mine paid much better when the kids lived at home) It'll get better. And a big congrats on that pound lost. Woohoo!
    2617 days ago
    Hi Sharon!

    You're right!!! Damn Dryer! I am laughing really hard right now. my jeans have been doing the same thing! I have two pair (also having gotten rid of bigger sizes), and I can get them done up, but the ensuing muffin top is horrendous - so bad that even baggy shirts aren't working to hide it, lol. I don't have a walmart for a cheap pair, and refuse (REFUSE) to spend a huge amount of money on a temporary pair that I shouldn't need to buy in the first place, lol. So, I not only hear you, but am in the same boat.

    Thanks for making me laugh!

    2617 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    That dang dryer. I vote you get a new one - quickly.

    Hugs, Sunny emoticon
    2617 days ago
  • CONCHA77
    I know the feeling. I also have lost a couple of pounds, even through the holidays, but my pants aren't fitting me right....I guess our bods are going through some sort of change??? I am NOT liking this.
    I also gave away my old bigger favorite jeans, won't be doing that again. They are too hard to replace.
    Beginning Monday, I will be joining Sunny and Wilma in their "cardio challenge" to see if that might help,
    Take care, it's all going to work out.
    2618 days ago
  • BELLA044
    Funny blog! You could just be having a bloated day, it happens. You'll be back in those stylish jeans before you know it!!
    2618 days ago
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