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Rena Wisdom

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rena Wisdom

Walt Whitman “In the faces of men and women I see God, ... I find letters from God dropt in the street, and every one is sign'd by God's name.”

I follow Rena1965 as one of my motivators. I admire her strength and tenacity. The other day, I noticed her page was down. I don’t want to lose the motivation that I get from, so I gleaned her wisdom from old message posts and for my reference am putting ones that help me here. Rena, if you read this, I hope you are doing well. It is complementary that I quote you but if you at all do not like it, I will take this down immediately and post it privately elsewhere.

Rena Quotes:

“Sorry our weight is not a hard and fast number. It is floating number, it goes in cycles with how much waste, nutrition and fluids are in the body..
Take it one day at a time- there is no hurry to get it off as this journey is for life..
I have been at it 7 years and when I hit maintance phase my body started to do things the scales don't show….
Like make my shoulders broader, my thighs and calfs trimmer and my scales go up.. Just trust the process-if you eat lean and within the calorie ratios of fat, carbs and protein and darn again lean chopping out processed foods you will reach your goal..
I strength train because it does things cardio and nutrition can't like tax muscles and make them get their correct shape.. I can't run with my arms or back so they need strength training lol.. “

“I am cutting out carb groups! they are actually body fuel.. The other food groups do other things.. For women carb fuel equals 3-4 slices of complex carbs daily..

Vegetables fill us up and fill out our intestines and fruit simple carbs are our natural fast simple sugars needed to work with the other 2 groups and stop our healthy food getting boring…”

“People ask can I have 100 grams of cake vs. a real fruit- yeah but don't expect your immunesystem to be protected by cake.. lots of funny rules!”

“1 Nutrition is 80% of the journey- track your food and improve on choices..
2.Cardio move more and find something you enjoy doing
all good stuff no matter what- MOVE..
3.Strength training- preserve muscle mass- the body if you don't feed it enough will chomp by accident on muscle protein if you run too strict a calorie range.. Use the calorie range like a speeder in a car eat more when you do more- make the choices lean so the body when working hard chomps on extra fat when the food is being used effectively…
4. PATIENCE if you loss weight too fast, you may have to book yourself in for painful plastic surgery at the end of the year and miss out on what ever was burning the toilet down to get there fast...

Slow and easy- this journey took me 3 years..”

“People whom say they supported me and turned when the heavy food hit the table.. I can't be bother hanging around dead batteries whom moan and do nothing about themselfs… (gee, this describes my sisters)

Supportive people don't do 360 turns and rip up the promises they made and tell you calm down when they try to snowball you onto the fall to save face…”

‘1. Plate mechanics (what has to be on the plate each and every meal and snack) striving for satisification as well as good health..
2. Daily cardio, moving more in general outside the gym door..
3. Gym door for the strength training without the equipment invading my private life..
4. Balance doing them instead of just talking until blue in the face about it..

food + exercise + balance = long haul results!’

“Strength training has done the finishing magic- but the stigma of my weight going up on the scales is doing crap with my figure image…”

I added 6 cms to the measurement over my chest and back- it is also hell finding dresses to accomadate my V and my tiny waist now. The good news is I can wear high boots and this wonder happened while my weight was slowly increasing. I keep myself on the ground with photos, and hope people whom disagee look before poo pooing my alternative way of thinking..

I use for free server space and to make collages…’

‘Dear CPants52,
Most people on the street rarely need protein powder-even vegetarians can get more protein by upping their protein in with amounts from their sources used...

I eat both meat and vegetarian dishes my stomach can tolerate.. Soy is gene manipulated and protein powders are pure chemicals.. If your trying to loss weight they are just extra calories…’

This quote is from someone else who referenced Rena. It was really good …and funny.
First, try to erase that word "guilty" from your vocabulary. Guilt is what you're supposed to feel if you deliberately hurt another person. The only way you should feel guilty about eating something is if you stole from someone who really needed it, or if you ate it in bed with someone you shouldn't have been in bed with.

So, regardless of what you ate, you shouldn't feel guilty. Whether you should feel a little annoyed with yourself depends on what else you ate that day. As Rena points out, what matters isn't so much that you ate something "bad." What matters is whether you ate enough of what's good. Check your tracker. Did you get enough protein and fiber that day? Did you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies? How was your calcium? If you ate enough healthy food to meet all your minimum targets and you have some calories "left over," then go ahead and eat the biscuit (assuming you really love biscuits. If you were just eating it because it was there, that's a topic for another post.) If, however, you look in your tracker and see that you didn't have enough fiber or calcium or whatever, then instead of the biscuit, next time take a second to think of something you like that will give you what you're missing.

And remember that you're just starting. Biscuit or no biscuit, you ate better today than you used to, right? Your diet is never going to be perfect, and it doesn't have to be. It just has to be better this week than last week, and better next week than this week. At the beginning, you're going to get healthier regardless. When it comes to the last 10 pounds or so, you'll have to be much more careful, but by then you will have learned so much and gotten so used to a healthier diet that it won't be that big a deal. Getting just a little better over a long time will eventually get you as near to perfect as you need to get.

Dear Italianyc84,
In principle yes, but the cost is if you do this all the time your not giving your body anything in these empty calories to fuel your body..

We can actually eat so wrong within our calories-well ever wonder why peoples immune systems crash while lossing weight..

Empty calories with nothing in them- nothing to keep your body strong, no vitamins and minerals to avoid colds.. Nothing..

My immunesystem got stronger, it never crashed on me!
I lost half my body weight..

MY FAVORITE RENA QUOTE—““Weigh and measure is better then think and hope”
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh no! Hoping all is well with RENA1965! Such a fountain of tell-it-like-it-is wisdom!

    2428 days ago
    I wanted to keep these handy to reference her words for my sake. I got them by doing an SP search of her name then choosing her latest message boards.

    It's so sweet to see your concern. I hope she does see this to see that she has a following. But I've also followed other individuals. Oftentimes, the words and experience of one Sparker helps others without their even realizing it.

    I keep away from negative people and like to learn from the successful ones and the positive ones. emoticon
    2445 days ago
    I'm a Rena fan also. Hope we find her soon.

    2445 days ago
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry... I jusat spent an hour trying to 'find' her... not the first time I've had to go searching for someone...

    I followed Rena, too... my favourite here: “People ask can I have 100 grams of cake vs. a real fruit- yeah but don't expect your immune system to be protected by cake.. lots of funny rules!”

    I wonder where she went... I sure hope that it wasn't a case of someone being mean to her... it happened once before, and she didn't leave, but she thought about it. I followed her blog... I wondered why I hadn't had any notifications in a while.

    Didn't she make you wonder about things like what people could achieve had they had an equitable opportunity to achieve? Or the crime it is that people waste opportunities the others would do anything for? Not to mention that it doesn't take asnything fancy to get this done... simply takes the heart and will to never give up on yourself. I pray Rena hasn't given up on herself, aand that nothing terrible has happened to her.

    Ya know... this January here at SparkPeople has been really sad for me... deaths, disappearances, sell -outs... I realize being here is a largely selfish exercise, but I take people to heart and mine breaks when people just disappear.

    Thanks for sharing these with us, Aly... I wish I'd have saved more of Rena's words... it never occured to me that there would be a time when I couldn't read them anymore.

    “Weigh and measure is better then think and hope.” AMEN.

    {{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}
    2445 days ago
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