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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This story begins this spring when one of our neighbors dogs came over and attacked one of our dogs my husband rescued our dog and he survived but to our sadness was attacked again and did not survive.

My husband and I than desided not to get another dog so we just had out basset hound. Well our hound morned and morned until we were afraid that we were going to lose him to so we took him to out local animal shelter and let him pick out his our pet. emoticon A pet|(Wesley) for our pet. And so we were up to two dogs again well our grown son shows up one day with another dog. This little rag a muffin with strange looking ears and told us that he "rescued "(My son has had a hero type mentality since he was seven "never fear I will save you" as he jumps in the water to rescue his drowning sister even though he could not swim)
He took Tofur away from someone that was beating him and saying that he was going to kill this useless piece of ***

Well he can't have a dog(Tofur) so he brings him here to good old mom and Dad saying I will find him a home.....well I guess he did.

Well Monday I had just came home from preschool with the twins and I sent them down to take a nap and I went out to walk the dogs. I hadn't been out there very long when a couple of the neighbor dogs came over to our house and started snapping and growling at me, I yelled at them to go home and then one on them the one that killed our goober grabs Tofur and starts to run toward there house. Well I run to my porch and grab my shovel and try to run down our stair to the yard. My feet then slip out from under me and I go down. I landed on my back and hit my head hard I get up and start trying to run in the snow across my yard were this dog and another one of there dogs are fighting over my dog. The one dog sees me coming with the shovel and runs the other dog starts to shake my dog back and forth in his mouth and I see that my dog is limp and I think that my dog is dead and it dawns on me this shovel that I am carting is a very light weight plastic and is NO protection from this dog but I decided that this dog was NOT going to get to eat my dog. So I got to him and I was screaming like a mad woman and swinging the shovel and howling and this dog dropped my dog and started to come after me I just keep advancing and screaming and making all kinds of noise and I managed to drive him back to him property. I then walked backwards back to my dog and scooped him up and notice that he was still alive and I took him back to the house called 911. Boy was that disappointing! Because I wasn't actually killed or overly wounded it was really not really their problem. And the animal control said that the were to busy to come out and ticket anyone then, they would get around to it when they could. What ? Are you kidding me? I took Tofur to our vet and until last night we were not sure if he was going to live or die. (Yes, he is going to live)

Yesterday my husband took some time off work and we went into the Sheriffs office and sat in the lobby trying to get some one to talk to us it took hours. My husband at the end thought that we might get arrested because we wouldn't leave until someone at least took our statement. emoticon

We do not blame the dogs, we blame their owners(The same people that don't watch there kid big surprise) and animal control. The owners tie all these dogs on the edge of our property and rarely feed or water them they are out there in all kinds of weather and no shelter. Animal control has been called and does nothing emoticon

So both Tofur and I survive even though I am very sore and banged up from my fall and my own stupid heroics with a plastic shovel(next time I will make it a spork ) emoticon
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TEXASFILLY 1/10/2011 1:04PM

    Hey Chryl, I'm sure sorry to hear about the troubles you've had keeping your precious pets alive. I agree with a prior post about taking the owners of the vicious dogs to court. Maybe if you contacted PETA and let them know of your ongoing problems they could intervene on behalf of the abused animals. As for walking them, I say screw the shovel and carry a firearm. If they are vicious enough to come after you, I wouldn't take any chances. Take care and God bless. *hugs* All the best, BonnieBlue

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CHRISTYFG 1/7/2011 5:29PM

    What an awful story!! I'm so sorry for you & your pooch!! That poor little dog being rescued from such a severe abuser and then attacked by other dogs.. he's so lucky to have you & your husband who will help nurse him back to health and try to protect him. I don't know what I would do if in your shoes, but I agree.. it's the fault of the owners and they need to be held to account before they do latch on to a child..

I hope that you and Tofur are both feeling better!

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BLESSED2BEME 1/5/2011 6:26PM

    How awful! But also so true in Montana. Our pets have very little protection in the courts and people get away with murder as far as animal abuse and neglect. We are trying hard to get the laws changed but it is nearly impossible. So I agree with these comments. Document, document, document and hound the animal control people and the sheriff. That is what it took in our area to get them to stop a serious animal hoarding/abuse case started that started my passion for animal rescue. You are right, it isn't the dogs fault but if something isn't done about it, one of your kids could get seriously hurt.

Bravo for you for being wonder women though!!! And I'm so glad your little fur baby is going to be okay too.

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    That's right document everything with pics that you can including your injuries.... including going back to the vet and getting statements about BOTH dogs injuries.

Call back to Animal Control and try to get them to do something again. Be sure to document date and time and NAME or names of the person(s) you talk to as well as what they said. If the person you talk to doesn't have time or doesn't give any help ask for their supervisor and 'climb the ladder' if you have to.
Ask for a case number so that you can be in line to be helped and call back regularly asking about your case.
Squeaky wheels eventually get greased.

Good luck with this!!

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CLAYSGAL 1/5/2011 1:19PM

    In a sue happy world I hate to say this, but if you take them (the dog owners) to small claims, an make them responsible for your dogs vet bills they will probably pay attention. If you can get pictures of the dogs on the edge of your property, empty food bowls or dry water bowls it will help. Dont know where you live, but here in Georgia if you dont happen to live in the city limits you can forget animal control. If when you call them, you tell them you are making a recording of the call so that if anything happens in the future you will be holding them responsible you will be amazed at the magic results. Glad your pup is doin better. I'm afraid I (like BARCLE) would've shot it. If this was the 1st time this happened it would be diffrent. I have a very small dog, an no dog is comming in HER yard an threatening or attackin her.

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BARCLE 1/5/2011 12:42PM

    Wow, that's terrible! Personally, I would give that vicious dog a lead sandwich ... I'd be too scared that one of these days it won't be a little dog it's going to go for, it could be one of your preschoolers. I'm so glad to read that you're all okay but it so easily could have been a tragic situation. Something seriously needs to be done about that dog. Best wishes emoticon

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