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Tip for Getting Up For Those Cold Morning Workouts

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I don't know about you, but my house is cold in the winter. The hub just won't let us turn it up too high, and at night... Well, he's the last one to bed and so...well let's just say he turns it down to just above "freezing!" If it's really cold outside, it can be difficult to crawl out from under the covers and think about changing into to workout clothes, which are are a considerably lower temperature than me!
Here's what I've found that works pretty good, though might not work for everyone. I put on my cycling shorts and workout top at night, and layer on my sweats or flannels for bed. When I wake up, I'm already dressed, and just have to peel off a layer.
On those "iffy" mornings when I'd rather just crawl back in bed and "forgeddaboutit" having this little edge seems to give me the little push I need to do what I know I should when my body is no no!
Well, I'm sitting here in my flannels with a fleece layered overtop, having a warm cup of coffee (I warmed from last night cause I've been doin' that for years) and getting ready to have my quiet time... Found some great sights where I can have the Bible read to me! Love it! Here's one that I've just found and will try out for a while.
When I'm done I will peel off the fleece and sweats and I'll be ready to climb on my bike and burn off a few hundred. Here's wishin' you a great day, and hoping you will use this tip if it helps push you over the edge toward your goals. Also hoping you will squeeze some time into your morning to devote to God's word...which has power to really change your life.
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