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My 2 Year Spark Anniversary and week of my biggest Marathon!

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Monday, January 03, 2011

First of all, I hope everyone is starting off their New Year in a wonderful way!

I can't believe I joined Sparkpeople 2 years ago today! I'm so happy that once I joined, I continued on my journey, reached my goal and have maintained for over a year now.

Me just prior to joining Spark:

Me just a couple weeks ago:

Prior to Jan. 2009, I had many starts and stops in trying to lose weight. I think the difference was that 1) I decided to lead a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting, 2) I set continuous fitness goals which kept me focused so I wasn't just thinking about losing weight, 3) I didn't worry about big results, I just wanted consistent ones, 4) I had an "Aha!" moment when someone told me how heavy I was after not seeing me for a couple years. It was the last straw. And 5) I barely missed one day over a year of tracking my food.

I averaged 1/2 lb of weight loss a week and many people would find that discouraging. My motto is "I didn't want to lose it fast, I wanted to lose it FOREVER."

So I'm happy to still be here. I don't look like I did when I did the Figure Competition. Please keep in mind I was practically dehydrated and virutally NO sodium at that point. Also, after the competition, I almost immediately went back to running and it's hard to maintain the muscularity running the mileage I was doing. With that said, I still fit my size 2, I just don't have the same definition. But I'm very happy with how I look and more importantly with how I feel. I continue to eat 90% clean with a little bit of cheats here and there, everything in moderation. I've learned to LIVE a healthy lifestyle and I enjoy it. Ruben (FLEXCHEF) still helps me as my Nutrition Coach and as I maintain he's my go to person when I need some nutritional help. He's been such a Godsend, and now he's helping my Mother (blog on that to come soon).

Well this coming Sunday is the Disney Marathon. I will qualify for the Boston Marathon by finishing the 26.2 miles in less than 3 hours and 51 minutes. I have to cut 54 minutes off of my previous (and only) marathon time from Feb. 2009. So I realize this is a very lofty goal, but I'm up to the challenge. And nothing great happens without great goals right? I've trained properly and feel good that I can do it. Am I nervous or scared? Heck yeah!!! I get palpitations sometimes when I think about running that fast for that long. I'll be with a 3:50 Pacer which means there will be a runner who will be holding a sign that says 3:50 for anyone focused on finishing the race in that time. So I just tell myself "Just stay with the sign, follow the sign..." This is what my husband did to qualify at his race. So I'm going to do it too!

Fortunately, the weather looks PERFECT for the race, low of 49, high of 68. These are great conditions for the race. So it will start off chilly (race starts at 5:40am EST) but once we get running, it should be great! Won't need to have a bunch of layers on thankfully.

If you're interested in tracking the race to see how I'm doing, either at intervals or just at the finish line, feel free to track me at this site:

My name is Tia Pettygrue. Would love to have as many cheerleaders as possible! This helps inspire so much!

So for my 2nd year Spark Anniversary, I'm resting today from running. I'll run 4 miles tomorrow, 3 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, and that's it until the race. I'm going to have my personal trainer give me a stretching session on Friday. I'll pick up my race packet on Friday at the Expo, and I'm sure it will really become real at that point. I hope to meet my Pacer there as well.

A friend of mine, Lisa who will be running Disney as well for her first marathon, invited me to watch The Spirit of the Marathon with her this week, so I look forward to it. I'm so happy Lisa and I met!
Pic of me and Lisa after our 20 mile run:

So thank you for reading this and I really appreciate all of your encouraging words, and I apologize in advance if I don't get to respond to you personally. My goal in 2011 is to be more encouraging and giving to others, as has been done for me.

Have an awesome day, and I'll check in after the race on Sunday!
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