Prouf of myself today!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

I remember this time last year being invited to my sister's place for a New Year's Day dinner. I ate like crazy!!!!!! I had just made my goal weight and though t" I deserve this." Well, after losing 60 lbs. in 2009 I came across alot of personal obstacles in 2010 and ended up gaining back 25 lbs. Yesterday my husband and I were invited over to our friends house for New Years Day dinner. I ate one normal portion and went I DID go back for seconds it was ONLY a salad. Sure I had a small red velvet cupacke, but I only had ONE!! Normally I would devour a few. I drank alot of water and was engaged in great conversation even as the box of cupcakes and munchkins literally sat in front of me!!!!!! I ams SO PROUD OF ME!!!!!!

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