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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Holiday potlucks are coming up and there will be more goodies there than you can shake a stick at, or (even in your wildest dreams) eat!

I'll share my plan that I use for just such occasions.

First is mindset. If I go to a potluck thinking...

"I wish I didn't have to go and be exposed to all that food" Then I'm not going to have very much fun and I probably won't be much fun to be around, and I'm not about to be 'the wet blanket'.

My solution: Since our brains believe every thing we tell it anyway...I just tell it (my brain) I'm not so hungry that I'd rather eat than visit, I'd rather visit.
And that's what I go for and what I do.

I deliberately try to go through the line last (maybe the biggest temptations will be gone by then anyway) and when I get there I deliberately fill my plate with vegetables (no salad for me, thanks, whoever said salad was social food! There's nothing graceful or appetizing about watching some one trying to eat a salad and talk!) and I love the fresh fruit platters! I stay away from the dessert and meat parts of the tables because that's usually where the highest calorie and more fattening foods are.

I try to make it a point to speak to everyone at the gathering. That keeps me pretty busy and I don't spend as much time eating. It's actually hard to eat and talk at the same time.

If someone asks me if I tried the _____(fill in the blank) I say, "I'll have to get it next round" (even though I know there won't be another time around) that way I don't hurt anyone's feelings, and I don't sound like I'm 'dieting' because frankly, nobody wants to hear that at a potluck.

If I bring something low cal/carb/low fat. I don't say it's diet, I say, "I'm trying out a new recipe on you, let me know what you think".

To me, potlucks are a time to gather with and visit with friends and family...not a time to fret over food. I'm not staying home just because of food! That would be pretty selfish of me. My food issues are not at potlucks; my real food issues are when I'm at home.

Potlucks? Bring 'em on!

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