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So I tried on my wedding dress....and other catchings up

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I know Iíve been gone a long time. Iím a full time graduate social work student and it was finals time. I also have a husband who works insane hours so that I can be a full time grad student and I have 4 children 3,4,6 and 6 months, so Iíve been a little big busy this last month! I have so much to catch up on!!!!
First thing I made it through Thanksgiving! No gain, no loss. Iím trying really hard to maintain. That is always the really hard part for me, Iím excited to say itís been a month almost and Iíve actually lost another pound. Iím 3 below my goal, so even when I fluctuate and retain water because Iím a woman and our hormones are EVIL, Iím still under my ďgoalĒ and I feel soooooo happy about that. So Iím not killng myself as hard, trying to lighten up and allow more calories and a few more days off from the crazy workouts and Itís worked, Iím enjoyed it, Iím still keeping up but Iím on track! Usually I start slacking and the workouts start to go. I was down to just using the elliptical every 2-3 days I just didnít feel strong anymore. I could still see the definition in my arms and legs that I worked so hard for but I was worried Iíd loose it all just sitting around so Iíve picked up the workouts in a challenge Iíll talk about later!
So another member had brought up wedding dresses and it made me wonder if I could fit in mine yet. Iíve always thought of that as a dress that would never fit again. I have 4 children, my hips are pretty good and spread compared to 8 years ago when I had it cut and fit. I was 5lb lighter than I am now too, on my wedding day it fit perfect. So while wrapping my kids Christmas presents at my mother in laws house the other dayÖwhere my dress happens to be stored. I was alone and I decided to try it on. Iím sad that I noticed so many places that it is dirty and the bag had a rip in it so itís probably not going to be salvageable for my daughters, but maybe they can use parts of it. Anyway, 8 years and 4 kids laterÖ.IT WAS TOO BIG! It was LOOSE particularly in the back and shoulders. The bust was a little tight in the wonder bra (it was an empire cut dress) and then loose in the belly. I was floored!!! My husband said that Iím official done loosing weight and Iím a little bonier than I should be and the dress is too big so itís time to maintain and not get any smallerÖ.which I agree with, Iím in a good spot. All those jeans I was dying to get into a few months ago, theyíre too big. I can wear them but they fall off or are loose and sagging at the end of the day. All my old work clothes are comfortable again. Iím in an awesome place! Even my smallest jeans are a little loose. I was at the store and decided to get brave and try on a size 2, they didnít have any! So I found a 3 in the junior section and I knew it was probably not smart to try on a junior because theyíre always too small in the hips and I havenít been able to wear one since I had the 2nd kid, but they went on and they zipped and I was in shock! I was back in the same size I wore when I got married and before I had kids when I was 17. I keep saying I wish Iíd appreciated my body when I was 17 and tiny and in the best shape of my lifeÖ.but THIS is the best shape of my life, same size but with muscle and stamina! Iím 26 and I know I have some battle scars from the kids, Iíll never had a bikini tummy, but I am totally appreciating my body for what it is right now and no longer miss being 17!
Iíve been on a no sugar or white flour kick for a while. I love Christmas, and I want my kids to enjoy it and not miss out on the baking and the fun stuff while theyíre little so last weekend they made 3 kinds of cookies. My mother in law makes healthy gingerbread men because she is diabetic and then we tried no sugar/white flour chocolate chip cookiesÖwhich werenít that great, I should have used milk chocolate and not semi sweet I think. And Oatmeal butterscotch and they were awesome!!! So if youíre looking for a good sweet treat that isnít a billion calories. There is a recipe for Oatmeal Scotchies on the back of the bag of nestle butterscotch morsels. Switch the all-purpose flour for wheat flour and the sugar for splenda (you can also do a brown sugar splenda blend to cut down the brown sugar but I left the brown sugar in) it has oatmeal oats so itís a lot of grain with the only sugar being in the brown sugar and the candy bits themselves. Theyíre yummy but theyíre heavy so after one or two I was DONE. Itís been really easy not to binge on the bag. I feel full after a couple and can move on, that is AWESOME for me!!! So defiantly try it. You can also Google the recipe and Iím going to try to post it on the SP recipes but I havenít done that before so it might not work.
My challenge.
For thanksgiving I got myself Jillian Michaelís new 6 Week 6 Pack DVD. I credit Jillian and the biggest loser DVDs for my success. I have to work out at home and I donít have a lot of equipment or money so her DVDs have been a huge success. I know I posted my 30 day shred results and then the power sculpt results. I also have been alternating her full frontal and max back DVDs with Yoga Meltdown and take days off to just run on the ellipticalÖ.usually Wednesdays so I can watch biggest loser on the computer while I run.
Anyway, Iím not looking for weight loss but I have to say I am going to take a shot at that elusive ď6 packĒ everyone wants. Iím pretty small but Iím still nowhere near confident enough to wear a bikini or bathing suite at all (havenít in 8 years) my challenge to myself is to do the program. 5 days on 2 days off for 3 weeks on level 1 and then 3 weeks on level 2. I will post before pics, measurements and weights and I will do it again at the 3 week and 6 week mark. SO hereís hoping it works!! Iím actually on day 2 today so I need to get things posts. I started it a week or so ago but it is HARD and I was so sore the next day I took a few off to rest and then I lost the DVD for a while. I did find it though so Iím back into it now. This time around today it wasnít nearly as hard as the first time I did it! The side plank with the knee raises are KILLER. I couldnít make it through the left side the first time and was so sore and now, it is still really hard, but I can do both sets on both sides without using the wall for support or stumbling. I will say, as much room as I have to grow with level 1 (and I thought I was in good shape!!!!) I am a little intimidated by the thought of level 2!
So my starting weight is 147lb. (I am not looking to lose more than maybe 2 pounds doing this, itís about muscle now)
My waist measures 29 inches and my Hips (bone to bone and over the ďmommy poochĒ) measure 35inches.
Here are some crappy before pics (quality is crappy, Iím okay with the body part! I worked hard to get to here but hope to improve!)
I look a little funny from the side i can't get a good picture without turning a little so it's not exactly a straight side shot

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW, congrats on finding the wedding dress to be too big - that's just AWESOME! I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress with the 6 Week Six-Pack, and I have no doubt that you will ROCK it!
    2181 days ago
    How many kids did you say you have? You look fabulous! congrats on your success and on all of the other wonderful things in your life... What a high you must be on when you try on clothes and see the results of all your hard work! It's sad that the wedding dress may not make it for your daughters but it is likely that by the time they would be wanting/needing a dress they would have their own style in mind. My sister had been tiny when she married...short as well as small size, her daughters both too tall to wear the dress even if they had wanted...but when her daughters had children of their own, my sister had her wedding dress made into two of the most beautiful and meaningful christening gowns....something to keep in mind. Great continued success to you!
    2182 days ago
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