Another YAY BABY kinda day :)Day 55 with Pics!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

emoticon 176!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am offically and finally emoticon another 1.5 pounds! I weighed myself this AM just to see what the damage was from last night (I made last night my cheat night and had three cocktails- which where in my calorie range by the way and some In N Out- which was not within my calorie range but hey a girls gotta live sometimes lol) and when I stepped on that scale I was so happy to see 176!!!! emoticon That means that as of today I am offically at my lowest weight Ive been in three years! Im now only six little pounds away from leaving 170's ville and 16 pounds away from being where I was when I met DH and before my little guy!!! Lets all do a little dance and shake it for this sexy train!!!!!

I just litterally went in the bathroom at work and took these pics cause Im so excited to share with all my emoticon. I am wearing a size Large top which is a accomplishment for me because before I had to get Xlarge and my pants are a very lose 13 which is another accomplishment because prior I was in 14/15's and in about five more pounds I will be in a size 10/12 with no muffin top emoticon

Heres my face shot...

Body Shot....

I know that I still have a ways to go before I will be on here posing in a bikini but Im so excited to finally be down to this number! I cant wait for the next milestone- leaving the 170's!! Ive been on track with food and water for another two weeks now I just need to get myself going in the fitness department.. Im still trying to decide what I want my next fitness goal to be.. I will letcha all know!

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