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Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding it a little pushy to post everyday, because I'm in like 80-90? groups, lol, and hate it when my name is one of the most recent a few days later when I visit some of them.

Speaking of groups, I *AM* planning on winnowing some, because I signed up for tons to hit different interests, but some are multiples, and others aren't active currently, and it's just not efficient to have so many. But didn't really screen 'em beforehand, just like I don't rinse dishes before the dishwasher (I figure if 2 or 3 dishes need re-cleaning afterwards, no big; much more time and especially water-consuming (and also a bit of fossil fuel energy) to pre-rinse the whole load beforehand, rather than 0-3 after)...and I know, some think dishwashers aren't efficient, but studies show they are more, than washing by hand, plus it's my WORST chore, (maybe because as a kid, as the oldest of 4 it was my responsibility) worse than toilets, mopping, laundry, cleaning, etc.

Anyway, back to the moving and mastication:

Food-did pretty well, did BIG shopping trip for specialty items, like foreign foods (a vegetarian's friend is Indian, Thai, Chinese and, of course, especially after living in AZ, Mexican cuisine) soy nuts, walnuts (for veg version of omegas), 3 protein (40g/bottle) drinks, fairly low-fat smoothies, some very thin cookie treats (though I did binge on them a little last night, 4 servings, but the rest of the day's calories were so low, I still hit target, but the 'binge behavior' is still kinda weird-I see myself doing it, and yet the compulsion almost AGAINST controlling myself, weird), slow churn (low-fat) ice cream- which is my biggest potential binge (I can eat a whole half gallon in a day, and need for various alternative 'detox' (colonic) therapies!, but this time so far I just have had 1 good size serving in 3 days, so that's very good, and 'moderate' for me; also various thin-ish/healthy crackers* and appetizers as an alternative for at least myself and my sister (who's doing Weight Watchers) for the upcoming holiday stuff (Dad's birthday this weekend, though celebration may be a bit snowed out) *I really like the whole grain goodness of KAVLI, from Norway, so that makes it fun too...much more like a healthy homemade cracker than the American Ritz or Saltines or even the somewhat greasy whole wheat ones other people have...these have 0 or 1 g of fat for the 2 varieties I got. So a little pre-planning. Good for me :) Have also recently eschewed the butter I was relying on for my daily breakfast bread (and I don't usually eat lunch, and have some form of salad, maybe with potatoes, for dinner, and fruit/popcorn for dessert/snack)...we buy a fancy mixed whole wheat bread from a local bakery, really tasty when totally fresh, with/out butter, and since we often get it on Wed., I have been somewhat subsisting on this (the staff of life! for the last 3 days)
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As to moving: today, I ran/walked, for an hour, because we are supposed to be getting a big stormy weekend...I *just* caught the end of the sun, and ran in this new subdivision, as it was setting (PRETTY!) but all the melted clear road was freezing into black ice...otherwise it would have been more run, less walk (~ 1/3). The edge of the road was slushy but had traction, but I was wearing my running shoes that Yesterday=30 min stationary bike-just wasn't inspired; Wed=1 hour of xmas glee show mostly stationary bike, some aerobic dance along with the Glee cast...kind of gleeky, for sure, but it was upbeat, and motivational, and made me think about my kind of grinch-y attitude toward Xmas
So, overall...continuing curving down, slowish, somewhat sure-footed (even when slippery)
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    Slow and steady wins the race, fast and ready loses pace. ^_^ Keep on keepin on!!!
    2584 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    I love dishwashers but don't hate washing by hand like I used to when all my kids were still at home. Plus, now I try to wash right away which makes it much easier, but just hand wash pots and pans that can't go inside dishwasher.

    I baked two pumpkin pies for a party we attended last night and only one got eaten. Brought the other back home and today had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh, yeah, and for snacks, too! I know that's how I am with pumpkin pie, but I baked them anyway. Sabotage. I'm still here but don't seem to be trying at the moment.

    2593 days ago
    I love Sparkers who it is my downfall! I just have nothing to say! I could talk about my dishes, and it wouldn't be half as funny as your segment! (I actually enjoyed that!)

    Keep up the great exercise! And your food choice awareness is great! If I could just pattern myself with the same mindset!

    Have a great Saturday!
    2594 days ago
    Good thing you didn't fall on that treacherous black ice! Keep up the good work though, you're doing great it sounds like!
    2594 days ago
    I did the same thing with spark groups, and recently deleted myself from a few of them that weren't active. I would look at their pages and I would be the only person that had posted and it was over more than just a few days....
    2594 days ago
    I hate the dishes too!!!!
    2594 days ago
    Keep the blogs comming! Good work today, it's gatta be hard when the road is icy!

    Nice job getting out there to catch the sun!

    PS I too refuse to wash the dishes before I wash the dishes! Seems redundant!
    2595 days ago
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