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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Went to WW yesterday and gained .4 pound. I'm a hopeless case right now. I joined because it was $100 through Dec 31 and I think I will like the new program but parties are interferring with my efforts. And yesterday, I sabotaged myself with chips and ice cream. How stupid can I be. I'm confessing all to smack me into shape. I had a good breakfast and lunch and then grabbed the chips from the cupboard. At least I didn't eat the whole bag. And went from 12:00 to 7:00 last night with nothing to eat because of my busy schedule. Hubby and I then met at a Mexican restaurant for 1/2 of a quesadilla and some chips and beer and then when I got home, ice cream. I didn't buy the darn ice cream, he did. Guess who is eating it?

Okay, I am not throwing the chips or the ice cream out. I must learn to stay away from them and count my points. Throwing them out will not make me learn. I think with the idea of 6 parties looming ahead in the next week, I feel hopeless. If I can just maintain through December, I will be happy. I brought it up at the meeting yesterday and one woman said, eat something first. Oh, right. I did that Sunday and it did no good. These aren't parties at someone's home, they are chamber events or the retired officer's Christmas party and one party at my house for the chamber staff. So they are planned food and dinner events. I will just have to eat skimpy during the day and try to be sensible. And keep away from the beer and wine. Those 2 things add so many points for nothing.

Today I have an appmt and a delivery of furniture and the client wants to take me to lunch. Last time she picked a fried seafood restaurant. I am just going to hang on and do the best I can. When I sabotage myself with ice cream and chips it doesn't help. My mind told me that I had extra points and I could eat them but it threw me into the flex points and I need them for these 2 parties coming up before weigh in.

And it is so darn cold here, walking is out. Pat and I get up early to walk and if it is too cold, we don't go. And it is too cold. I'm so busy with work and getting things done before Christmas, too.

I really want to get into the WW program and keep up my membership in the new year. I feel this is my only hope. But with our busy social schedule, I already have events to attend in January. I'm booked into February with mardi gras, Chamber banquet, DisneyWorld the first weekend, etc. I just need a week to do nothing but follow the program and it doesn't look promising. I will do the best I can and stay away from that darn ice cream. Thanks for reading. Later.
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    Find a way to exercise at home when it's too cold to go out. When I treat myself by sitting down for a few minutes, I still use a stationery bike or chair exercises because I have so much weight to lose, but I'm not subjecting myself to weather extremes. Keep at it, you're making progress!
    2536 days ago
    I'm sure you'll do fine !
    Season's Greetings !
    2538 days ago
    You are not hopeless, just human. I think we all find it a challenge to eat sensibly and not gain weight. There are a lot of really good ideas in the replies already here. I do make a point of drinking 2-3 glasses of water before I go out, eat less during the day to accommodate splurging, have small servings of my absolute favorites and not waste my points on things that I can have anytime of the year, and I also exercise more the day before and the day after. I would like to encourage you to attend the WW meetings especially if you gained. You will find support and encouragement there (as well as on this site) that will help get you back on track. Just hang in there! emoticon
    2538 days ago
    Hi - I'm new to this blogging business but just want to add - if you keep a glass of water in your hand they won't generally offer you anything else. I love the rum - hate beer and wine. so if worse comes to worse, I hold that beer or wine all night long.... Enjoy the visiting ~ happy holidays to you!
    2538 days ago
  • ANDI571
    It is so hard this time of the year. But remember, one bite at a time. The first 3 bites are the best, after that it is just food. So take small portions of that you like the best. Don't waste calories on the things that are iffy. Just be mindful of your eating and you will do great.
    2538 days ago
    Plan your meals carefully and eat a little something before you go to the party...you won't be tempted to binge on appetizers and sweets and up your exercise a bit...you WILL get through the holidays and if you do gain any more weight, you can go back and begin again...one step at a time!
    2538 days ago
    I usually walk my dog for 30-40 minutes per day but it has been too cold so I have gone to Plan B - Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pounds" DVDs. If I start off the morning with 1 or 2 miles, the day really goes better and somehow I don't want to eat too much to sabotage my early efforts. Also, it is OK to be proactive and either decline an invitation to a restaurant
    that you know doesn't serve anything you can have or suggest another one that is in the same price range. Be an advocate for yourself.
    2538 days ago
    Hi, my name is 4DOGNIGHT, and ... well - don't brutalize yourself.

    This is a challenging time of the year, and the first step is to recognize it, which you have. The second step is to make a plan, and you're starting that.

    I'm not on WW, I just am logging all my foods, and making careful decisions - if you plan your day with these parties/events in mind - you WILL overcome and be successful.

    Try 5-6 smaller meals a day - small regular snacks - then when you get to the party have a little shrimp or crab dip, and maybe some proteins from the meat/cheese tray, then focus on the veggies.

    The bartender will probably be happy to make you a screwdriver, (hold the vodka), or a sparkling water.

    If these are stand up & walk around social events, keeping a glass of water in your hand makes it harder to pick up a plate of yummies. If they are sit down events, use the smallest plate you can find.

    You can do it.
    2538 days ago
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